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    m575 got a reaction from invisiblekid in Luke sandoe dead at 30   

    both Ben Chow and James hollingshead who were probably the closest people to him have both said it was his choice or something along those lines so yeh there doesn’t need to be any more confirmation than that Really does there. 
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    m575 reacted to swole troll in Luke sandoe dead at 30   
    I agree with what you are saying

    however if one has mental health issues prior to using drugs can you blame the drugs for the mental health issues? 

    of course not, you can say you 'think' they made things worse (as you've said) but they can never be the cause of the mental health issues if they were there prior to the person ever using the drugs.
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    m575 reacted to G-man99 in SG vs Nexus vs DG   
    Pro chem was also quality back in the day 
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    m575 reacted to BLUE(UK) in How big do you have to be before the average person thinks you’re a bodybuilder?   
    I’d put you both in the brickies Labour category and the YMCA club in the evenings. 
    Nice socks. 
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    m575 reacted to stuey99 in Is Southern Ghost Legit?   
    There is no such thing as deca dick IMO 
    There are libido issues caused from raised prolactin when running tren or deca
    Just as there are libido issues caused by raised estrogen when running test
    If you suffered ed on a test only cycle due to poor estrogen management you wouldn't say you had "test dick", would you???
    As long as you have at least a trt dose of test you should be able to run tren or deca as high as you like, as long as both estrogen and prolactin are kept in check
    This is all a matter of looking at the characteristics of each compound you're using and the possible side effects
    There seem to be a lot of guys on here at the minute spouting alot of very outdated bro science mate...and alot of very, very poor advice
    It's a shame...cos UKM used to be one of the only forums that didn't really get that 
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    m575 reacted to Pscarb in Francis Diet / Scott Francis Honest Review   
    I don't know you tell me, i am a coach and I approved the post and commented on it first?
    I personally know Scott and the BS he comes out with and the people he has ripped off, the story the OP has posted is not unusual for Scott, in fact, it is more commonplace than many think. i am still shocked that he is still getting away with it.
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    m575 reacted to Pscarb in Francis Diet / Scott Francis Honest Review   
    Well, I guess I come into the "so-called coaches" group you speak of.......i have seen hundreds of client reviews like this even worse from females......
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    m575 reacted to Pscarb in Francis Diet / Scott Francis Honest Review   
    I have allowed this comment to be posted by approving it, I have done this because everything this member says in this email is 100% correct........No one in their right mind would ever consider working with Scott.
    I also agree with what the member has said about Josh Mchale who is a great coach.....
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  10. Haha
    m575 reacted to stargazer in Amount of guys probably getting ripped off due to coronavirus   
    Yeah that's me, iv'e already scammed 280 twats this last 2wks, i don't have a business anymore but at least i got scammer status, eroids would be proud .
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    m575 reacted to stargazer in What's to stop Covid-19 spreading to nearly everyone?   
    The public, we are the only ones that can stop it infecting everyone, but TBH if the stupidty of bulk panic buying is anything to go by we are all doomed.
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    m575 reacted to Mrmotivator in deca and lasting longer   
    Try finishing while on Tren...... still trying as we speak and it's been a week.
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    m575 reacted to stargazer in HCG & Nolvadex   
    I didn't, it's stuff i know from years and years of research and the study of endocrinology.
    Though i'm sure if you put the correct parameters into google there is plenty material regarding tamoxifen/hcg/leydig cells and spermatogenesis.
    Me and another MOD used discuss this stuff at length many years ago, i think i even wrote about it in one of my stickies.
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    m575 reacted to sean m in Worst thing you've done to a work colleague?   
    Worked in a garage with a angry guy. 
    Every time he got cross he'd kick the metal box the drill was kept in. 
    So I screwed his steel toe boots to the wooden floor in the tea room  and welded the drill box to the leg of the work bench.
    He grabbed his boots went mental stormed out to get a screwdriver  kicked the drill box and broke 3 toes.  
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    m575 reacted to swole troll in Is DNP know to effect mood   
    imagine being depressed 

    now imagine being depressed whilst hung over in a tent in the middle of summer wearing a woolly sweater 
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    m575 reacted to PSevens2017 in Benching without gloves   
    Gloves don’t prevent wrists from snapping, cuz. Need to wank less and start strengthening grip. 
    Give up lifting. It’s not for you. Start dominos instead. Thanks i
    Where’s the thick, pulsating, protruding  roider veins?? Tattoo looks like it belongs on someone at The Blue Oyster Bar. No wonder you’re struggling with grip.
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    m575 reacted to CarrotTop in The New ROHM   
    Haha wouldn’t surprise me! Only a few weeks back there was rumours they were shutting up shop!
    Now there’s a completely new design. Why now? 
    Bought out maybe? Who knows, but honestly I don’t care as I don’t use it. Just like to gossip!
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    m575 reacted to fakenattymatty in China's ban on raws Jan 2020   
    I don't think a licence exists to allow raws to be exported to Dave from Bristol brewing deca in his mams loft
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    m575 reacted to stargazer in The New ROHM   
    Got my Rohm today with the new labels, very smart, looks much more modern.

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    m575 reacted to SuperSi in bulk powders fined   
    I used to post on here a reasonable amount 10-15 years ago. I'm the Commercial Director at Bulk Powders. 
    I wanted to provide some context to the recent prosecution; the press release is a little misleading, as it suggests the prosecution was to do with the nutritional value of the products. That's not the case; all products were tested and found to meet label claim (two had more protein than labelled; one had more fibre, It was natural batch variance on nut butters). 
    It was to do with statements on the product descriptions. For example, we said that Pure Whey was low carb. It is low sugar (5g sugar per 100g), but technically there is no European approved claim for low carb. Similarly, we said 'high bcaa.' There's over 5g BCAA per serving (this isn't in doubt), but technically there's no European approved high BCAA claim. 
    The protein element was on a handful of nut butters. We used a 'source of protein' claim, based on the grams of protein per 100g. For example, Hazelnuts have 16g protein per 100g. However, the claim should be based on % energy. When the product was tested, it had 19g protein per 100g and 11.4% energy from protein.  The threshold for source of protein is 12%. 
    Clearly we've made some technical errors, which were changed long ago. However, the test results from Trading Standards showed that what was in the product is what was on the label. For those of you that have been members for some time, there used to be a thread where a group of members tested loads of different brands for protein percentage and amino spiking. We were consistently one of the leading brands for label accuracy (quite possibly the top brand, if I remember correctly) and nothing has changed. 
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    m575 got a reaction from Robbie in bulk powders fined   
    Being Done for wording on labels and underdosing products seems worlds apart to me. Very easy to get f**ked for certain wording on products loads of companies have had to change labels etc. 
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    m575 reacted to faipdeooiad in bulk powders fined   
    I don’t read it as that - they’re being done for making unsubstantiated marketing claims. Unless I’ve missed something?
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    m575 reacted to Robbie in bulk powders fined   
    No where in any of the press releases does it say they lied about what was in any of the supplements.
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    m575 got a reaction from jjtreml in Stinking of roids   
    Not since wildcat 
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    m575 reacted to halfbar in Best place for a full blood test?   
    If you're spending £100 a week on gear then I can do your bloods for free right now:
    They're f**ked.