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  1. bulk powders fined

    Not saying they’re a victim at all but to claim they’ve underdosed their stuff seems a little unfair without proof or any tests. I don’t even use them it’s just seeing everyone jump to conclusions and claiming to have known all along that these kind of companies are bad just makes ya laugh. Supplement companies get told all the time they aren’t allowed to use certain words and phrases. They’re idiots for continuing to do so if they’ve been warned so many times
  2. bulk powders fined

    Being Done for wording on labels and underdosing products seems worlds apart to me. Very easy to get f**ked for certain wording on products loads of companies have had to change labels etc.
  3. Stinking of roids

    Not since wildcat
  4. McGregor /cowboy fight

    I imagine getting your nose broke like that would stun and daze the best of people. A move nobody would ever really expect as it isn’t ever used
  5. McGregor /cowboy fight

    Hate him or love him that was unreal. Didn’t predict the head kick coming from McGregor
  6. McGregor /cowboy fight

    This....if he made it a ground game he wins comfortably I think. But he claims he wont and he will stand and trade so unless he gets that head kick ko I think McGregor might get the win.
  7. Up and left? Looking through every image online of where it should be it’s more to the right. Up and left takes you to a standard glute injection surely...
  8. Sterile vials ?

    Only saw 1 on there from uk and it had sh1t reviews
  9. Sterile vials ?

    eBay still the best place for these?
  10. Do you have pre cycle bloods to compare? the ones you’ve posted look pretty good for having just come off cold turkey as has been said. Dean is right in saying you need to wait until it all clears hence him having f**k knows how many qualifications in stuff like that. To generically say 21 days is bullshit
  11. Carpel tunnel maybe?

    Doesn’t sound anything like cts to me at all. Been there had that and had the surgery to correct it too
  12. Ahhhh makes sense. Somebody must have picked the houses phone up mid order. F*ckers
  13. Does he also just so happen to stock sis products that he wants you to buy