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  1. That's a shame, brother. I look forward to the day the Danes leave the EU and we can negotiate a true free trade deal between our two nations that isn't stifled by EU politicians grasping to retain political power.
  2. Seriously buddy, that's not what it means. It's not even what the article you cited claims. The article claims that some specialist EU based retailers have chosen to stop delivering to the UK. It doesn't say how many have taken this step, or whether the few companies that have taken this step intend to do so indefinitely. "Many EU businesses which currently sell goods to UK customers will have already registered for UK VAT under existing rules and HMRC is working very closely with those who haven't to ensure they can comply with the changes." I'm not a big online shopper but in the past 5 minutes, I've chosen three EU based online stores entirely at random and tried to order goods from them...scented candles from Luxembourg, clothing from Germany, and a funky little egg poacher/omelette maker from France. All three still deliver to the UK no problem. We officially left the EU a little over two weeks ago. I very much doubt you seriously expected things to be perfect from day one. If you did, i'm afraid you're in for a big disappointment. But if things aren't perfect....if the UK consumer is negatively impacted as a result of government regulations (concerning imports or anything else), we have the ability to hold the government to account at the ballot box until they act to pursue our best interests - a luxury we never enjoyed under the EU.
  3. TRUMPS fate

    Totally agree. Trump may be a complete helmet, but the mainstream media (acting almost exclusively on behalf of the Democrat party) have sewn more division and incited more violence than a hundred Donald Trumps ever could.
  4. TRUMPS fate

    Both perfectly reasonable conclusions to draw, buddy!
  5. TRUMPS fate

    Don't get all precious on me, dude...of course you're allowed an opinion. Just like I'm allowed my opinion that West Brom are the best football team in the world ever - but I hope anyone with a modicum of objective, unbiased thinking would call me out on that! Incitement is a very specific legal charge in the US. It basically is encouraging others to commit a criminal act, and whether Trump did this or not is not a matter of opinion - it's a matter of fact. Telling the crowd at his rally they're all gonna march down to the Capitol and 'peacefully make their voices heard' cannot reasonably be deemed by an impartial observer as incitement. You're right in saying his speech probably did impact those in attendance, and you're also right that previous speeches and tweets stoked the fire of perceived injustice, too....but I'm not aware of Trump ever, in his entire presidency, calling for anything more than peaceful protest.....or, for that matter of him failing to condemn political violence on both sides of the aisle. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. In a similar way, when 10 cops were shot after Obama had given multiple speeches criticising the police, no reasonable person could conclude that he had incited people to kill cops. Were his words foolish, ill advised, and did they inflame racial tensions - yes they did. Would the killings have occurred if Obama hadn't endorsed anti-police sentiment - possibly not. But it's unreasonable to suggest that Obama encouraged cops killing because quite simply he did not. And yes, Trump is a fool with a big mouth, but in fairness, when you've been part-quoted, misquoted and taken out of context literally every day by the mainstream media for 4 years, there's very little you can do to control that! In the end, you'll probably be proven right and he'll be impeached for inciting violence. This impeachment has nothing to do with incitement, though. They're impeaching him cos they can't fcuking stand him, plain and simple. Unfortunately for Trump, this isn't a legal trial; if it was, it wouldn't even get to court. It is a political sideshow where opinions matter more than facts. Since the Dems now control both Congress and the Senate, it'll be rather like asking a load of baggies fans who they think is the greatest football team in the world ever. The majority would probably say West Brom. ....doesn't change the facts, though!
  6. TRUMPS fate

    With respect, brother, selectively editing what he said is a pretty sh1tty thing to do and something that the MSM has been guilty of for his entire presidency. I don't particularly like the bloke so I've got no axe to grind either way, but fair's fair. Yes, the specific quotes you've selected could possibly be interpreted at incitement to violence when taken on their own, but when put into their proper context in a speech where he encouraged his supporters to do nothing more than 'march down to the Capitol and peacefully and patriotically make their voices heard', they suddenly seem quite reasonable and innocuous. Let's be real...the a55holes who stormed the Capitol may have felt upset and betrayed at what they perceived to be a rigged election, and Trump is definitely guilty of propagating this feeling, but actually inciting violence??? No reasonable person having heard his speech in full could conclude that.
  7. UK voting system.

    ....calm down, Adolf...
  8. Vegan backlash...

    They'll maybe spit out their tofu, but Vegans be too weak and sickly to attempt any real kind of backlash!
  9. Who plays a musical instrument?

    Word on the street is that @vetran plays a mean rusty trombone...
  10. tek bek kontrol

    Our birth rate is a consequence of our population density and ability to support our current population. For example, if we're cold, we don't just continually produce heat. If we did, we'd die. We produce heat only to a sustainable level, then heat production stops......then when our temperature drops, we start producing heat again. Homeostasis exists undeniably in all human systems. You believe we've 'beaten nature' ..... i believe nature will have the last word.
  11. tek bek kontrol

    They are great qualities, buddy....and i think we should insist upon them! I don't see declining birth rate as a problem, though. Nature has a way of finding a natural level for all things. If you look at population density, GB is pretty high in relation to other developed countries. If our native population isn't increasing in number, maybe that level has been reached??
  12. tek bek kontrol

    ...perhaps an immigration policy targeting those people who have a high regard for and earnest desire to be part of British society, who bring skills, qualifications and a strong work ethic to the economy, and who have no problem respecting the laws, institutions and customs of this nation would be a good place to start?? We're very lucky to have many such people from all corners of the globe come live, work, and fully integrate into British society...and we should fcuking treasure them....because we also have many others who don't fit the above description.
  13. It was a partial tear of the supraspinatus, mate. Yes, i remember having a spasms whilst i was healing...this was 15 years ago, mind. I'm an old croc of 42 now and had about 18 months of frozen shoulder in my late 30's. I had to get a super soft memory foam mattress as lying on that shoulder was painful as fcuk. The pain would wake me up at night. That's kinda cleared itself up now, and as long as i get it warm and full of blood before i lift anything heavy, it gives me no problems...in fact it's probably as good as it's ever been.
  14. Tore mine many years ago playing rugby. Not the worst pain i've ever had but was in major discomfort for a couple of weeks...i couldn't find a position that allowed me to get to sleep. I couldn't move my arm more than 12 inches from my body...not because pain stopped me trying - it was kinda like my arm was paralysed. It took around 3 months before i regained full range of motion, and around 6 before i was pressing anything decent. I still feel it in the winter or if i miss the gym for a couple of weeks.