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  1. Diagnose My Apple Tree

    Looks like you've got a touch of apple scab, brother. It's fungal, and a bastard to get rid of. Prune and dispose of infected branches/leaves/fruit as soon as evidence of infection appears as it'll only spread to the rest of the tree. You're unlikely to eliminate it completely tbh.
  2. Kell Brook v Crawford

    I like Brook...he's a quality fighter... but the Spence fight, perhaps even more than the GGG fight, really took it's toll on him. He's not the boxer he once was. It appears he's gone from being legit competitive at world level to something of a journeyman for the top tier guys to earn a pay check until they can make a fight with another big name fighter. He also hasn't got Ingle in his corner this time either, who says Kell is 'in the twighlight of his career.' This says it all, really. Hope he retires with his health in tact.
  3. ...trying to not be such a fat ba5tard, mate.
  4. 1) no gear 2) no supplements 3) carbs only pre and post training 4) moderate cardio 3x per week 5) train every day full body - include oly weightlifting/strongman stuff 6) limit sugar intake
  5. Electric smart meters

    I work for the leccy board and regularly move electricity meters for customers. My own meter was changed for a smart meter when i switched energy providers. It makes no difference at all. I'd be just as happy with an old meter as a new smart one.
  6. Winter coat

    No mate, i do not.
  7. Winter coat

    We're in gen con, mate. Who actually lifts here??
  8. Winter coat

    It's nice that you still think looking 'good' is important, buddy. Once you pass puberty, this should cease to be an issue for you!
  9. Winter coat

    I work outdoors all year round but i don't wear coats. I paid about 16 quid for a thick Lonsdale hoody about 5 years ago. Still going strong!
  10. 40 dead from Covid in UK yesterday.

    40 dead FROM covid, or 40 dead that tested positive for covid ..... from a test with a 1% false positive rate??? There's a big difference!!
  11. Fight over game of pool

    I'm gonna politely decline.....no offence!
  12. Fight over game of pool

    ...nothing interrupts date night, eh fellas?
  13. Best Childhood Console Game

    Street fighter 2 on SNES Desert strike on Mega Drive Tekken 3 on PS2 Zelda on N64 Shenmue on Dreamcast
  14. It was me. I did it cos i just don't like your face!
  15. Looks like a mild case of dyshidrotic eczema. Tiny fluid filled blisters, quite an intense itch, maybe followed by patches of dead skin flaking off where the blisters used to be. It can be seasonal (caused, they think, by certain allergens - e.g. types of pollen) but also can manifest itself during periods of stress.