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  1. Cycling at 20% Bodyfat

    By extreme I mean you seem to be implying that everyone at high BF only cares about strength and ignore all other factors. Even by law of averages, how often do you see a fat and strong person at your average gym compared to someone genuinely shredded? What's easier to achieve, former or the latter?
  2. Cycling at 20% Bodyfat

    Now you've turned to another extreme, out of say 10 gear users with 20% bf, how many you reckon are at higher bf on purpose compared to those who are chronically unable to put down the fork?
  3. Cycling at 20% Bodyfat

    I don't disagree, nothing wrong with higher BF if you know what you're doing, I'd argue vast majority of those cycling at higher BF lack discipline to cut and stay lean
  4. Cycling at 20% Bodyfat

    The advice of getting to under 15% bf before running a cycle isn't directed at strongman competitors If you're an average gym goer who's at 20% bf you most likely lack training and dieting discipline and odds are your cycle will be a waste
  5. Bullion Pharma

    Lovely, another lab pusher
  6. Last time I was at one of their partner labs, the nurse who took my blood sample was a genuine 10/10 stunner, worth the trip in itself
  7. DG primo

    TEC chat is raving about it
  8. It's been known for years finger pr**k tests are extremely unreliable, should've done a bit of research beforehand mate
  9. Perhaps, but what sort of business strategy is it to prey solely on gullible morons, and even then surely no one is stupid enough to spend another £££ on bunk shite in the vain hope they'd perhaps been unlucky last time round
  10. No one really sells bunk gear deliberately, not anymore at least and all ugls get their raws from the same place. The word spreads immediately over the internet and it's just so easy to find another source and - ugl's rep is how they gain and retain customers, slightest doubt they sell bunk gear and they're done. Anavar used to be often faked yes, but years ago when you had no choice but to trust whoever you manage to find to sell you sell you gear.
  11. Did you just travel back from 00s? This is one of the biggest myths out there alongside sust being superior blend to test e.
  12. Gyms opening!!!

    Three kings - TTM - never tried mast before, looking forward to it
  13. Yes, if you're a good responder to exogenous testosterone, if you're not or/and the gear is underdosed, at 300mg you may end up shutting your natural testestorone production for little extra benefit than you'd enjoy staying natural Bit like going to a supercar track experience and driving around in an Audi TT all day
  14. payment for gear

    It's probably more difficult to find a rubbish source than a good once considering you can get vial of test e for less than £30 from a trusted seller - how low price wise would someone deliberately selling bunk gear have to go not make you think this sounds too good to be true
  15. Black Friday Deals

    ah, might be worth a look in this case