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    gavzilla got a reaction from gully_22 in Hoarding   
    I do it and just realised that I must have a hoarding issue with gear. My lass says I’m like a pharmacy. I think it more of a collector of some type lol! I even give my lass the back ground and reputation of each  lab lol! 
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    gavzilla reacted to swole troll in Eostrogen control DIM, indole 3 carbinol, Calcium d-glucarate)    
    About as effective as using DAA to increase testosterone.

    Part of the associated issue with lipids is driving oestrogen too low, yes some aromatase inhibitors can have a direct negative impact on the lipid profile but provided oestrogen is within a healthy range this effect is fairly negligible and switching to exemestane would resolve this. 

    Also perhaps a bit pedantic but I feel it's worth being very specific if not for you then to those that are less well read;

    Yes AIs are technically a cancer medication, as their primary use is in the treatment of breast cancer, but their MOA makes them perfectly applicable to any excessive oestrogen related issue

    Many seem to associate AIs with the word cancer almost to highlight some sort of unspoken about deleterious effect on health but it really is just down to using it in the correct dosage as part of your hormone management, just have you have chosen to do with testosterone. 

    If you left it in the hands of your body it would regulate testosterone and it's downstream conversions just fine

    You havn't, therefor you also need to take charge of the other aspects of your hormonal panel.
  3. Haha
    gavzilla reacted to Big Ian in Hoarding   
    Yep, massive hoarder here, I’ve hardly bought anything in the last year compared to usual (actually promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything lol) and I still have enough for Between 5 and 10 years lol
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    gavzilla reacted to fakenattymatty in Hoarding   
    Yes, for some reason I had a thing for buying injectable orals, even tho there the same dose and I’d much rather swallow a pill than inject 1ml to get the same mg dosage... never opened any of them lol
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    gavzilla reacted to PsychedUp in Hoarding   
    I'm the exact opposite. There's only been two labs I've used for the last 2 and a half years or so, and I only started using the second one because the first lab shut up shop. 
    I only ever buy enough for my blast and cruise at a time, 6 or 7 bottles or so generally and I always use it all before I get more. 
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    gavzilla reacted to SuperRips in Hoarding   
    Its an addiction mate, I need to stop else ill get busted and accused of supplying lol 
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    gavzilla reacted to Sasnak in Hoarding   
    You are not alone. I buy odds and sods all the time. Then I find something I really rate but have had it for a year so no guarantees it’ll still be as good if I get more.
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    gavzilla reacted to pornstarnextdoor in Hoarding   
    I constantly switch between labs as I get paranoid it's not legit mate! Bloody annoying. I try to avoid reading about specific labs now and use my own judgement. If someone plants those seeds of doubt I start questioning even the most legit of sources. 
    Edit: I'm not saying my gear isn't legit, not that I have an issue with it.
  9. Haha
    gavzilla reacted to gully_22 in Hoarding   
    Has anyone else got an addiction of buying gear from different labs you know you are not going use for ages.
    Think i have about 25 vials of test from 8 different labs that I have yet to try - even if i know a lab is good I just have an urge to try another one.
    Someone tell me im not the only wierdo who does this.
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    gavzilla got a reaction from sean m in Are you guys still squirting steroids in you whilst we are in lockdown   
    12 nmol originally amd raised to 16nmol 2 years later. Stupidly I went back on gear and now I trt.
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    gavzilla reacted to Clubber Lang in SG/ROHM/SPHINX/INONE   
    as mentioned its probably old stock.
    i can see them restarting later down the line, they miss the $
    quality was poor at the end. My missus was on Spx Var and Yohimbine, and when i moved her over to Rohm Yohim and Hygene Var the difference was night and day.
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    gavzilla got a reaction from Drew1975 in Are you guys still squirting steroids in you whilst we are in lockdown   
    Trt for me 180 mg test e
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    gavzilla reacted to Iron Horse in High Prolactin after stopping testosterone   
    Correct. Was cruising for 8 weeks, before that was test and deca.
    Weird i know, prolactin has always been level over 2 years of blasting and cruising.
    Will re-test in 4 weeks and hope its an anomoly
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    gavzilla reacted to MarkRippetoe in RU58841 - your experience?   
    Please be careful with this drug.
    I took 25 mg for 10 weeks and I completely lost my sex drive, and I cannot get an erection.
    I started taking it off cycle, while on TRT, to see its effects.
    I've been off it for 9 days so far and no improvement
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    gavzilla reacted to topdog in Dunning Labs   
    So like you been “dun ning over” ?
  16. Haha
    gavzilla reacted to Dave11 in SIS Labs test depot 300?   
    With all the decent gear out there why the fck would anyone consider sis
  17. Haha
    gavzilla reacted to Philfg in Msj valium yellows   
    I love the E'sand billy in the 90s but stayed away from the valium. 
    I remember a work mate saying you could wake up in a cell, not know what you've done and then be told you killed someone last night and you'd have no recollection.
    That was enough to put me off ever trying. 
  18. Haha
    gavzilla reacted to MrBrightside in Msj valium yellows   
    Ahh glad it wasn't just me. Thought he might be police. 
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    gavzilla reacted to Bensif in How do you run masteron?   
    Lower Masteron. Really don’t know anyone with a well developed physique, competitor or not, using more than 300mg masteron especially in the offseason.
    Last 4 or so weeks of prep it generally goes up to 700mg but this is purely for hardening effect from pushing androgens.
    Really don’t understand what anyone is trying to achieve using this in high doses in a growth phase. Pointless when there are better alternatives, using less oil volume and costing less.
    I use and recommend 90-150mg purely for hormone balance, nothing more.
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    gavzilla reacted to swole troll in Health markers test after cycling   
    The lack of renal and liver function testing is probably why it's cheaper than medichecks 'mot' as it were.
    With kidney health being one of the most important markers to monitor I'd advise everyone to spend the few extra quid to get a broader picture of overall health.
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    gavzilla reacted to GMO in Older guys and test   
    its not always pharma mate  though 175mg ew is 1m omna e10d ,    i dont like going past 10d as i feel a noticeable drop off.   if im using multidose vial is just half ml of sust 250 /300 per week with a slin pin. as much i prefer using pharm grade life is easier and less ups and down and i dont forget jab days as often lol
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    gavzilla reacted to js77 in Might do my first Thigh injection tonight but nervous   
    Make sure you use a short blue NOT a long. I suffered from a haematoma using a long blue and smashed a deep vein to pieces. The pain was unreal and lasted for days. 
  23. Haha
    gavzilla reacted to Spieren in Anavar 50mg nexus or SG??   
    I’m on Var atm. Saying it’s for girls has really bothered me..!
    Its not so much what you said, it’s the way that you said it.. 
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    gavzilla reacted to GMO in Older guys and test   
    after over a decade of trt ive come to prefer sust over test e for trt, 125-175mg ew, im 39..been on trt since i was 24/25.  .. 15 years on the needle.    ffs, i remember saying im only doing this one cycle and that it .
  25. Haha