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  1. Forgive me but why would you want to stop your testosterone injections ? Help us understand your situation. What were your blood markers ?
  2. Really depressed

    Hi mate, I self trt and I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve cycled gear for 20 years so your not alone. You will be fine but that prolactin will probably be your problem. You could use caber but I don’t have experience with prolactin issues or watched blood work change from caber. You will need to look into as this as prolactin looks like your problem. You will be fine stop over thinking things. I did this for years when I first realised I was shut down from years of blasting. I fixed myself by doing my own bloods. I have to adjust sometimes I dont have it perfect. I feel I can always improve my overall well being but I feel and look much better on trt. Your moods could also be down to over thinking, telling yourself that you damaged yourself, feeling guilty on yourself. If you listen to your thoughts and recognise this, this is ruminating words to yourself, change your words and don’t be so hard on yourself. Hope you get fixed mate and keep the faith
  3. Sustanon/Protocol/Help

    I think your on 50 mg a week ? If so I feel that’s too low but that’s for me personally and I self trt. I also use arimidex for my trt dose and I aromatise easily. I use the following. 150 mg sust one jab per week and I have just changed my e2 control to using 0.25 arimidex only on injection day. I do my blood work regular. My sex drive is good and everything else is doing as it should. I have used steroids for 20 years and I have self trt for 4 years. My blood work looks good and better than my friends who do not touch steroids.
  4. Nexus Test E 300

    Same as mine. Had bloods taking on their test e and they are good to go and dosed correctly.
  5. Great news mate. I have not seen any fake test e from Pakistan before. I had a good idea they were genuine. The oil is thicker and the amps are hard to break if your not experienced in snapping these types of amps. Use a file to scribe the neck before breaking, you can use a pen top to slide over the breaking part of the amp or buy a amp breaker. enjoy
  6. Ok well try my protocol it should work but I dont think it’s a good idea for 1 night to have sex.
  7. Libido taken a hiding

    I think you just need to listen mate. Keep off gear for 18 months in total
  8. re-using barrels is it safe ?

    Probably not the best thing to do but I’ve did it a few times with no problems.
  9. Libido taken a hiding

    Ok if your not a troll so let the nhs do there bloods properly for you. Once you get these blood results put them up and we can all help you. in the mean time your probably shut down. Your not broken but if you jab more gear you will knock yourself back so do not touch any gear or proviron. your worst case situation will be how you feel right now but you should recover just be patient and stop over thinking it. your options are to wait 18 months to fully recover then if that does not work then you can use trt but you want to avoid that. I am a self trt user. If I could be natural again I would so don’t be like myself and many others on here. use the following supplements zma before bed vit d 20,000 iu l arginine Korean gonsing 10-20 mg cialis every 3 days
  10. Maybe tren a and test prop very low dose with hcg and viagra for a few weeks to build up in your system for a aphrodisiac effect. This could most probably work. I would say 50 mg x 3 times a week using tren a and test p then viagra on the night. Seems a lot of hassle though. What’s your plan and what are you planning to f**k ? Just being nosey.
  11. Clomid .. REAL OR FAKE?!

    Most feel like s**t from clomid so if you feel like s**t then you have proper clomid.
  12. Libido taken a hiding

    If your not a troll just stay off gear and you will recover if you have only did 9 months worth of gear however if you blast more gear into you then your decreasing your chances to recover and more mental health. get your bloods taken, get a full trt plus from medichecks then show your results. This will show your not a troll and experienced lads on here will help you.
  13. @Sasnak may be able to help you as I’ve seen him mention e2 spikes when drinking alcohol and Ive also read something myself in a book about e2 spike when drinking alcohol. A lot of alcoholics do have bitch tits a fat hips so there is something in it. I drink less alcohol these days as I aromatise easily and wondered if it was from my bottle of red and few cans at the weekend so I stopped drinking and changed it for a joint. My next bloods will help me understand this more for my own experiment.
  14. Libido taken a hiding

    How many cycles have you ran ?

    I’ve ran tren once in the whole of 20 years of steroid use and it was very powerful on the mental health. it effected every area of my life and mainly in a negative way. Now I’ve not had any experience with eq as it effects the blood count too much for me so I stayed away from it however from what Ive read and from lads i know it give them anxiety. If you have no experience with either then I would advise you to not stack them unless your one of the lucky ones that has no side effects amd have experience with both. Just sick with the test unless you have ran experienced cycles with it and want to add something else then try tren Ace so you can get out of it with its short ester if you experience mental effects which you can’t handle.