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  1. I like you now, let’s have a Skype wank together
  2. I’m self trting I would never want to have low testosterone whilst trying to recover from anything. I’m the happiest I’ve been and low testosterone or zero will be mental torture as well as physical torture if you were to get this virus. My mental health is what fights everything in life. A positive mind set is everything.
  3. TRT dose...again

    I like 125 mg per week. I also need an ai as well. 125 mg puts my test at 35nmol the day after my injection.
  4. I e just researched this and high testosterone lowers immune system and more men are dying than women. I suspect high testosterone but maybe men drink n smoke more. I’m on trt levels you keep myself right.
  5. I see you have a sense of humour. I like you now. my mood swings are On the happy side this morning. I took my aromosin last night thank you. Last night I was a little emotional and angry. Any chance you can send me a cock pic in my inbox so I can wank over you ?
  6. But taking this statement lightly. I want to die with high ugl testosterone in my blood So I can be a horny fucker on the other side to be met by 10 virgins. but yeah I have a better understanding after I did my own research and from what some of the lads have said. good information
  7. Ok so it seems higher testosterone Negativity effects the immune system from what I read already. Too low can also effect the immune system however if it’s low like the females it seems your immune system is stronger. So having low but not zero low testosterone we have a better chance of survival. So if your blasting lads I would come off. Interestingly more men are dying than women so I wonder is that linked to testosterone or maybe men drinking and smoke more than woman. Well I’ve did my bit so now I’ll concentrate on other subjects like better foods and vits. Thanks to the lads for the more positive reply’s. The arse whole comments fuxk yous. I think my trt is a little high at the moment so im a bit bitchy. I’ll dial myself in hopefully this week and I’ll be in a better mood, stay safe lads and stay in doors
  8. I’ve not read how long they put you in hospital but good point
  9. Cheers for that. I had a serious accident at work few years back I cold turkied for 20 months. I won’t do that again the depression was the worst days of my life. Individual depending. Anyways low or no testosterone effects the immune system.
  10. Just making sure i have optimum levels of nutrition and vitamins mate. I’m just trying to get more answers from maybe some knowledge people who may have researched this subject. It seems lower testosterone does effect immune system. Just did a bit reading there but thanks.
  11. I feel s**t after day 10 I feel the drop after 125 mg test e injection. We’re all different.
  12. Yeah that’s a valid point.
  13. I’ll give you some credit on that. Hey I had no idea how long your in hospital on average so Good info. Well in that case I’ll just jab 250 test