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  1. Galenika test E serbia

    You seem to know the galenika well. What colour are the original amps dots ? I’m reading red or blue. I have some and bought from a known site. They should be good to go but you never know.
  2. Keep us posted on how you get on. I recovered a few years back but stupidly I went back on and now I trt and blast. Have you done any blood tests ? ive just seen that you will keep us posted in 6 weeks time. Good luck
  3. I don’t think you will feel anything till your 10th week however I was cycling for times like yours and the only problems I had was loss of weight but my sex drive was always good.
  4. Galenika test e

    That would be an interesting post to talk about if you get the test done. I do use ugl gear but it does concern me if it has metal in. I’ve been cycling and on trt for 20 Years so I think I need to be more careful these days.
  5. Galenika test e

    That will be great mate and I remind me did you get it from the same place or is it the same serial number and sane type of stamp ?
  6. Galenika test e

    I’ve always used mainly pharma gear. I’m just hoping these are pharma grade and are what they say they are. I’m on self trt so I wouldn’t want to keep jabbing ugl gear wondering about metals inside the oil.
  7. Galenika test e

    I have the one the right
  8. Tren a sleepers

    Bad idea using sleepers mate. Took me just 21 days to get addicted to Xanax and it’s similar type stuff .
  9. TRT - Blasting

    Personally I would get 6-12 months of trt into you so you know your dialled in correctly then once you mastered that then figure out how to blast between bloods. I have no science or experience but I would add the extra gear in to make up the dosage you require for your blast and stop blasting 30 days before your bloods test from the dr so your levels will drop to your trt dose.m so you get your true levels. I’m sure you do t want the dr to suspect your blasting gear.
  10. Galenika test e

    Keep us posted on how you get on. Cracking fakes if they are fakes. I’ve seen lots of fake Iranian test which was hard to notice if you didn’t know what you were looking for however this is the first galenika I’ve ever bought so I have no idea what I’m looking for.
  11. Galenika Testosteron Depo - Real or Fake?

    I have blue dots
  12. Galenika test e

    Did it have the score on the neck of the vile
  13. Galenika test e

    So I’ve got them got and the packaging is better Than some of my other pharma grade. The best way to find out is to inject and blood test but I’m not blood testing till another 3 weeks. Has anyone used these with the batch number 052022 cheers
  14. What labs ?

    Galinika ,German remedy, interpharma, ( pharma test ) E nexus mast nexus primo british dispensery anapalon
  15. Potential low test

    Hopefully you will be in range then you won’t need trt. Show us your bloods when they are processed.