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  1. Southern Ghose Tren E gtg?

    I’ve been hearing mine in a pan I’m only 2-3 weeks in and no pip.
  2. I’ve been f**ked up on here a few times and had good advice, their stories and experiences etc but comments like that just makes it worse. As you said We’re all taking a risk including “ own fault “ boy. “ it’s your own fault “
  3. I bet you wear a mask in your car.
  4. I hate it when people have that kind of attitude towards people asking for help. “ it’s your own fault “ “ you only have yourself to blame “ cocks
  5. Anadrol/Oxy’s

    Well I’m just agitated all the time. I’ve had this type of feeling Loads of times when my oestrogen Is out of balance. Although oxy doe not convert to oestrogen, it still has some effect so I’m blaming it on oxy and not the tren. I was running 150-300 tren a for 3 weeks and felt awesome and I’m on tren e now but it wouldn’t have kicked in yet. I’ve used Oxys loads of times, I always fill out nicely and my strength goes up. I prefer this over dbol although I’ve not experimented enough with dbol to come to the conclusion but I aromatise very easily so trying to dial in sounds a pain in the arse.
  6. Anadrol/Oxy’s

    I’m using it now, 2 weeks in and I’m agitated most of my day. I can’t work out of its the tren or anadrol. I’m using 50 mg a day but if I was to guess, I believe it’s the anadrol that’s got me agitated as I feel like I have oestrogen sides which for me is agitation. I was using tren a for 3 weeks and I felt great till I added the anadrol.
  7. Im not feeling angry today but I do feel horny. Can I tren f**k you ?
  8. The good thing is I still have empathy. I’m still trying to relax from today. Ive front loaded with tren a so I’m probably on 700 mg of tren now at the enth might be kicking in slightly. This post just tipped me over the edge lol!
  9. I’m glad I’ve made someone happy. I’ve upset a few people today. I’m stopping the front load and I’ll let the enth kick in, I’m turning into a right cock.
  10. Injections getting harder

    Absolutely mate it’s going into scar tissues. I struggle to get Needles into my shoulders now. I’ve started to use the orange pins as they are thinner. Don’t ask me the sizes but they are easier to inject. I remember years ago I would inject with the green needle lol! You be been injecting for 20 year mate so I bet you have less scarring tissue than me.
  11. I’m only on 350 mg of tren with other gear and I only read part of it and you give me tren rage. I don’t normally post nasty stuff but I feel like I want to punch your head all over. I would hate to be on 3 g of tren as my feelings would be worse. I hope this feeling I have is just something else as I’ve got other things on my mind. But 3 g of tren ??????? Ffs mate you don’t even look like your on 5 mg of winny. Actually I’m feeling bad for saying this to you now. At least I have feelings. I’m feeling better now that I’ve been nasty. I need to adjust something at the end of the week if I feel like being nasty like this to strange posts. im sorry
  12. Blood Count - Thick blood

    I donate every 3 month.
  13. Aburaihan Bloods

    Your oestrogen level is the same as mine if I don’t use a ai and I get bitchy
  14. New triumph

    Thoughs are on here too.