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  1. They will send you to the Doctor and check your lh and fsh and will tell you to come back in18 months. My Endo did thisand he seem happy my test levels were 16 nmol which didn’t sit right with me so I injected 500 mg testosterone that day as I was not happy not being at the top range
  2. I’ve used loads of gear out of date you wil be fine
  3. Beer on cycle

    I don’t session it every weekend but I’ll have a few beers and on the Odd occasion I’ll have a bender. Im usually still in the gym by Monday however I have noticed since I’m 40 I don’t mind missing the Monday gym session but I’ll make up for it on a Tuesday. I’m just saying that 2 beers is not going to mess your cycle up. I’ll drink on a cycle but I don’t hammer it daily or nightly just a few at the weekend with the lads. Just depends on how your mates socialise or your life style. Anyways I’m 40 and I’ve still got abs so you will be ok.
  4. Beer on cycle

    Eee dear me. Heway lad it’s just a drink ffs. I drink 8 pints a week and I’ve still got a 6 pack and I’m 40. Enjoy yours self and get it in you. However if your going for a show then fair enough but if not then enjoy yourself. I eat half 3/4 clean during the week then I’ll enjoy a few cheat meals at the weekend with booze. Just train hard drink easy.
  5. Lockdown plan

    Lol lol lol! Well I dropped the tren a and continued with the tren e at only 200 mg with 300 mg of test and my mental health has improved. I’ve just upped my test to 500 mg now so let’s hope I stay content. I think my mental health is a number of things as I’ve been great whilst I’ve been off work hanging with my kids and my girlfriend. Anyways I’m going back on the Tren ace as I was enjoying the rapey sex and my lass enjoys too lol! The tren ace was changing my body rapidly. I’ll do a few weeks on the ace probs 150 mg per week only for an aphrodisiac purpose.
  6. Pinning delts...

    I’ve always injected 2 mil in my delts with no issue
  7. Lockdown plan

    I’ve got a home gym so I’ve slightly upped the dose to compensate and continue the rest of my 7 weeks that I’ve got left of my cycle
  8. Galenika Testosteron Depo - Real or Fake?

    Brill. I just need to compare my gear to yours. Hopefully mine are the same as yours.
  9. Forced to stop cycle

    My exact response too. In fact I love walking into shops with out a mask just so I’ve got an excuse to have confrontation with people. Lol!
  10. Southern ghost

    Sg is good lab, I had m bloods did on them and there test e was spot on
  11. Hygene pharma

    Where does this lab come from
  12. Galenika Testosteron Depo - Real or Fake?

    So may discrepancies over this gear. I’ve got 20 ml for my trt stock. Has anyone got a definitive answer if I’ve got the real gear. I bought the gear from a good rep site cheers
  13. Need some advice, TRT or HCG.

    Did you do bloods before taking gear
  14. That’s a better way I would be consistent. Don’t eat before your test. I wonder why your eostrogen is So low. My eostrugen just on 125 mg test is like 200 nmol
  15. Rohm (advice)

    Can you send me your price list ?