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  1. Testosterone 300 mg is a good start at 10-12 weeks do your bloods and do it properly and you will be great full 20 years later if your a hard core trainer and turn to the dark side as you won’t come back.
  2. Dianabol any good?

    I hope this was in the 90s and early 2000 mind ?
  3. After a 8month cycle

    You will recover mate just stick with it don’t do anything. The first time I noticed a drop in libido was 10 years of cycling. I did eventually recover but stupidly I went back on and now I need trt. I never used a pct and I always felt fine apart from a drop in strength and size. I don’t think everyone needs a pct as pct causes me mental health fot some people. Libido was always fine but obviously when I went back on I would become very horny. Have a look into supplements, sleep, diet and get a trt plus blood test. Don’t be shocked if it’s things are out. It takes me around 3-4 months for my blood markers to go into healthy ranges. zma koreen gingsing L arginine vit d 10,000-20,000 a day cialis be patient and have faith. You will be fine mate try not to worry. Plenty lads on here to advise you. 8 months is a baby cycle of test e.
  4. After a 8month cycle

    Well your still early doors to recover. What kind of cycles have you done ? You should get your bloods done before doing anything. If you start adding pct meds then you won’t get a true reading.
  5. Nexus GTG

    Exactly just like him
  6. Bayer test e

    I’m not racist but it will be pakis.
  7. Bayer test e

    Yeah pharma gear is quite thick it always has been. The only time I get a slight pip from pharma gear is pharma sustanon. I remember injecting the Bayer testoviron a while back and the syringe exploded and I lost 500 mg of test. the oil squirted all over my curtains and my Lass went off it even though the pin was stuck in my delt ??
  8. TTM

    You flirt
  9. Nexus GTG

    They have everything, I was a little excited but then alarm bells went off. I bet it’s some nasty little Nigerian that made the site.
  10. TTM

    Ok well have a nice sleep. Good night sleep tight x
  11. Bayer test e

    I draw up with a green and pin with a orange. Actually I think I injected with a blue. I use green on my ugls. Anyways It’s good gear mate. It’s the only gear I would touch for years. Then they got hard to get and found a better pharma. The ones you have are spot on mate. I would love to get my hands on them.
  12. TTM

    Ha ha ! Ok I’m sorry. Can we just be friends ?
  13. @Sasnak if my eostrugen is at the high end it effects my moods and libido. When I bring them mid range everything improves. Everyone is different but for me I can’t have high eostrugen in the high levels. I’m not correcting you but just adding information. His libido is good but it could effect his blood pressure for him but mine is good. As you know everyone is different. I’m not disagreeing either.
  14. TTM

    I didn’t disagree with you, I said I’m not so sure and I was going to research it. Can’t remember my exact words. Now I understand how sustanon works in terms of dosage etc explained in more detail by bensift. do you want me to say sorry ??? well I have a ego and I’m not sorry and I don’t like it that you were correct.
  15. TTM

    I’m sorry mammy. Please don’t tell daddy ?