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  1. Quitting test e

    You will be fine. Get out whilst you can your just 19 years old. You will recover no problem. I never needed a pct till after 10 years of cycling and now I’m on trt for the rest of my life by the looks of things. Maybe cycle when your older and built up your own natural shape but once you start you never want to stop. Do your research
  2. Arimedix

    Hmm! I wonder if this is what’s happened to me as I’ve come out of my blast and into my trt. Sex drive is non existent at the moment. I’m sure it’s eostrogen rebound. I forgot about that happening. I’ve switched to aromosin for cholesterol reasons. Will get bloods done soon anyways.
  3. Arimedix

    I forgot about aromosin taking longer to bounce back. Arimidex has a rebound effect which im I’m not ? sure what that means. Can you refresh my mind ? Thanks
  4. Arimedix

    Aromosin is the best for least effects on cholesterol
  5. Ok lads I’m sick of chicken what other ideas can I have for chicken sauces, marinated, easiness ect ect ? cheers
  6. NPP vs Deca

    npp gives me faster mental health. Just depends on how quick I want to loose the plot really.
  7. Ai protocol

    Run your cycle for 4-6 weeks to see how you feel. If you feel good then leave it in my opinion. Get your bloods done to see where your at. In my case I seem to need a ai even on my trt for my libido and moods.
  8. Sphinx pharma pip

    Would be interesting to see blood results from Sphinx I’m not entirely convinced of dosages ect as last year I was disappointed in their oils and I have quite few in bottles in my stash. I found their Oxus to be rubbish and so did my mates.
  9. Sex a no go after test

    It can take up to 18 months and in some cases 3 years from my own experience but I just trt as I’m addicted to blasting a few times a year so when I come off I look terrible So I just trt now. Supplement the following Vitd 10,000 - 20,000 iu every day to increase testosterone zma for sleeping and testosterone creatine mountain size n strength koreen ginsing penis sensitivity horny goat weed drink less alcohol. I took a month off with trt and I noticed massive improvements l arginine and cartinine for sperm volume it really works cialis on weekends when you plan to have sex use medichecks trt plus
  10. But if he’s feeling fine I wouldn’t use an ai.
  11. Giving blood on cycle

    Yes the same as iron levels
  12. Giving blood on cycle

    I donate once every 12 weeks but it seemed I tanked my ferritin levels last time I checked. I’ll blood test myself soon again to see where I’m at.
  13. Exactly mate I’ve been a bit of a mess over the Christmas I had full blown mental health from Deca. I took Xanax to help me but I ended up having withdrawals and I went down a bad path lol lol! It wasn’t funny at the time but believe me Deca and Xanax withdraws are a serious situation. Oh and everyone in my head was shagging my girlfriend ( probably was anyways ). I’ll never do Deca again lol! I only got 6 weeks into of 400 mg of it as well. I think it took me 6 weeks for my brain to settle.