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  1. Boxing - fights I'd like to see

    In 1986 when Iron Mike beat Berbick to win the WBC belt, Mike was 20yo and George would have been 37yo. George actually made his comeback in 1987 at 38yo but Mike was virtually unbeatable at that time and would have demolished George at this time. If the fight was in 1973 when George lifted Frazier off the canvas, knocking him down six times and KO'ing half way through the second round, then the fight would have been epic!! Two fighters in different eras IMO.
  2. Gary Lineker - what a scumbag

    'Apparently' Lineker is a serial shagger, pumping anything that moves, immaterial if the lady or himself is married. I have great respect for unmarried and unattached serial shaggers of course, as long as the lady is also unmarried and unattached. I have complete disdain for Lineker's antics though.
  3. Boxing - fights I'd like to see

    AJ v Fury. Loma v Tank. Bud v Spence. In that order. Joyce is a very tough opponent for DDD and may upset him.
  4. Sober October..?

    Each to their own but no drink for me and there hasn't been for years.
  5. Blood Test Results - Test Prop

    I tend to stick to Chiron now but have used a few Nexus products and they done the job. Of course, I don't want to get drawn into the above argument, just posting up my thoughts.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/318582687580/posts/10156839800602581/?sfnsn=scwspwa&extid=sXYWq3qmm9vhki57&d=w&vh=e Ben Shapiro.
  7. EBay no refund

    Not seen you for a while mate, welcome back, hope you are well. BTW, I agree with your statement wholeheartedly
  8. Luton council closes gyms need a new gym

    Nortons, WGC.
  9. I've been here ten years and I don't remember having any warnings but, as I was always pissed until 2015, I wouldn't remember any anyway.
  10. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Fur-lined M&S slippers mate, I wear them in garden and for DIY!! Mother-in-law gets me then for Xmas some years
  11. Where do you buy your sups ?

    Keep working hard then for next 2 years. There is no magic bullet.
  12. Where do you buy your sups ?

    I have some whey whenever I feel like it. No supps otherwise. People would spend their time more optimally by sorting out: intensity of work outs, exercise selection, diet and lifestyle choices (I suggest no alcohol/drugs/smoking, lots of rest/sleep/hydration). To be fair, most people train like phaggots!!
  13. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Defo makes sense and people have stated it before. I haven't done it though!! It was all the heavy SQ and DL allied to the immense amounts of food to get me to 20-21st whilst competing I think. Guinness too TBH the main issue is the apnea so when/if I lose the 20lbs, I should look better and have a slimmer waist too. Cheers!!
  14. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Critique of my first year of bodybuilding (01/07/2019-01/07/2020) Because of my stubbornness I have fooked up the first year of BB. I mistakenly thought that leaning out at 252-255lbs would alleviate apnea symptoms and allow me to take gear again. I have tried so many combinations of gear/food/diet to try to get away from the apnea but have had to come to the realisation that I will have to strip to 230s. I have trained hard and consistently, even through lockdown. I have lived the life by eating well, no alcohol/drugs/smoking etc but the lack of sleep has snookered me and left me spinning my wheels. I am still learning about BB of course and am bound to make many mistakes over the coming months and years. Here is a pic from 30th June at approx 258lbs in the evening. I look fairly decent for 46yo but still have the same issues which are lack of muscle on upper back and arms. I haven’t been able to train legs for a few months either but I think these are still pretty big (apart from calves!!). I have entered a transformation comp with a few of the lads off TM until the end of the year and I am determined to do well in that. I will start working with a coach on September 1st to try a different approach to diet and training too. First stop mid 230s. I still harbour distant thoughts about competing but it could be a while away yet.