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  1. Work trousers

    I think you misunderstand. All of the City Gents who have an 19.5" neck have a 52" waist Therefore I am slim compared to them. I wouldn't class myself as slim at all TBH. I have a pic from a few weeks ago in picture thread if you are interested.
  2. Work trousers

    Since I stopped competing I have lost 30+lbs too so walk about at 255lbs now. I cannot remember what I was wearing when I was heavier.
  3. Work trousers

    I don't think I have ever measured my chest mate!!
  4. Work trousers

    The shirts are from TM Lewin mate.
  5. Work trousers

    Outside of work I will wear shorts 99% of time. For work, I buy off peg suits from M&S and then get them altered by a lady (brought in at waist for jackets and also trousers). I wear 19.5" slim fit shirts too
  6. White lives matter

  7. White lives matter

    Pump as many black birds as you can day.
  8. Not satisfied with urine results

    Code JUNE10 for 10% off.
  9. Not satisfied with urine results

  10. White lives matter

    How to make yourself a better person (should be motto for BLM):- Stop playing the race card, stop being victims, stop being criminals, stop dealing drugs. Stick around and be a father, get a job, make yourself useful to society.
  11. White lives matter

  12. Pharmacom labs website state:- We use 5 to 10% pharmaceutical grade ethyl oleate in our oils. Switch to a lab using another carrier and let us know whether the irritation goes away.
  13. It wasn't just me with the irritation, it was a number of lads. But what you state above could be true, I am not involved in the manufacture or sourcing of materials for the process.
  14. I didn't get any irritation issues from WC which used guaiacol either.