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  1. Fast heart rate???

    Have you put weight on in the last 6 weeks? If so then your heart is having to work harder than it was before. Are you doing cardio on cycle?
  2. Jackson is a former power lifter and no doubt is immensely strong and could lift with immaculate form if he wanted to, he obviously prefers this style of training. Worth bearing in mind a lot of pro BBs physiques were built training with great form, doing heavy compounds, then as they get further in their career they adjust their workouts to maintain that mass, focus on weak areas and importantly, minimise injury risk. Like when you watch a pro BB workout on YouTube and they basically pump up using a few dumbbell movements then every machine in the gym, at a certain stage it’s more about maintaining mass whilst dieting rather than building new mass. I know you asked @El Chapo but thought I’d chip in!
  3. 100mcg of t3 when you started with nearly 4 stone to lose is ridiculous. You should have left it as something to use further down the line when you actually need it. Well done in the weight loss so far though.
  4. Hcg fu**ing kills

    Could be Coronavirus from Chinese raws I’d get it checked out
  5. Video training log -Big Als

    Do you not do full deadlifts? Rack pulls as high as that cant really be classed as deadlifts. Good bench,. Squats are prob a touch high if you were in comp, not quite parallel.