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  1. Chiron do a 500mg smooth too.
  2. Man and Van - decent income ?

    You couldnt trade with a van charging 15 bucks an hour ...youd go bust in a week...joe public aint got a clue about business never will.
  3. Madeline McCann

    Of coarse the police use the media its a massive tool in there arsenal even victim press conferences, the police have phsycologists to analize them as they speak...the parents are innocent imo but guilty of neglect and their paying for that surely...newspapers have always worked well for the police on gathering info, theyl get many phone calls now ide imagine from photos of him and the camper..
  4. Madeline McCann

    Its more than theory mate, theres a massive growing mountain of interesting evidence atm, the germans are sure at this point...for whatever reason, hes involved, plus every news paper has it on the front page today...its mounting against him...
  5. Madeline McCann

    Yeah remember him, had a hard time....germans seem convinced with this guy though..
  6. Madeline McCann

    Looks like the Germans have found her killer, amazing after all this time finally a break through...
  7. Some notice would be good for the front loading phaze...
  8. Londoners didnt march for lee rigby
  9. Space X is a lie

    Space ex...christ it was like watching a cheap firework going off..pathetic
  10. 2020 worst year ever ?

    Euro 96 was worse...i still vomit thinking about it...fvcking bunch of chockers.
  11. Saw a guy in cargo shorts the other day with a beard and tattoos on his calves, he didnt look hard, looked overweight tbh and was vaping
  12. I dont think anyone is sticking to the rules in England given the high death rate, worst in europe...so it will blow over in the media im sure.
  13. Do you vape by any chance
  14. Cannabis Vape Pens

    Tats, beards, vaping....whats next
  15. My mate told me about this from a local source. Hes no expert but he said 3 weeks before lockdown he could deffo feel it working and libido...so im just giving it a shot based on his feedback really..he grabbed another bottle same time i did...