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  1. BBC salaries...

    Its why know one buys a licence anymore...whole organisation is a fvcking cluster fvck of lefty scum.
  2. Goodbye BLM

    Who gives a toss what happens in America, im glad i live here, its a privilege for most people..blm never really got off the ground here thank fvck.
  3. 60mg tbol is nice, doesnt aromatise either.
  4. Keith floyd... dead now though, guy was class.
  5. Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.

    Anyone who thinks tyson will just ponce around the ring for the money is deluded. Theyl go full out for the win imo.
  6. I wouldnt want to look like that tbh, ide actaually be gutted if i had his genetics srs...zero xframe going on, crap delts, wide midsection...fvck that.
  7. Remember that fat c**t in 'the office' they sit at computers all day and eat crisps.
  8. Ah ok....yes. ide imagine alot of gh is not stored properly in fridges etc, i could be wrong again lol...it can degrade over time and become less potent....gh is always a minefield..
  9. Why would you fake 12iu? Plus are they cheap....
  10. Do you look at girls in the gym

    To focused in the mirror on myself... If they want to look at me thats fine, just dont invade my space.
  11. Train your brain

    Chess is the ultimate intelligence test....
  12. Fragrance

    Cant go wrong with lynx...
  13. How far would you drive to the gym?

    20..25 min drive tops..more time means your preworkouts are kicking in to early...post food goes in late, just a pain in the ass.
  14. Work trousers

    Levis do stretch sports jeans, ive got a pair...really good tbf...comphy as fvck...anything cheap is gonna look s**t mate tbh, look like ya ma made them for you from old curtains
  15. Not satisfied with urine results

    Go private if you value your health.