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  1. Covid vaccine.

    Oxford vaccine is 90% according to sky...70% on bbc , theres alot of bullshit attached to these injections Im still not convinced with any of them..im sure the government will pressure the media to talk it up by the end of today.
  2. Eat large quantities of beef n rice or chicken..see how fat you get
  3. I remember my e2 was 320 or so and took adex ed for 3 weeks and brought it down just over range at 190 something..that was with accord adex the generic i had before that was obviously fake, didnt work..cant remember the brand. Ypur joints can hurt like fvck at that dose but e2 can still be high.
  4. Anadrol

    Very effective in this situation, used many times like this in extreme cutting phases, theres no better drug for this imo for keeping hold of tissue, allowing productive workouts pre contest.. etc
  5. Get one done before you start prep and say one 2, thirds way through or more, there no right or wrong way, but bare in mind your levels will be all over the shop, especially closer to the end. Hard dieting and intense training will scew your blood work massively and chances are youl ignore them anyway to finish the job and get on stage anyway...medichecks is cheap and quick you can get a full panel and maybe hormones done for around a 100 quid give or take.. personally i wouldnt bother with multiple tests and just get one done at the begining.
  6. Test E - Npp - Dbol

    Tamoxifen if u feel you need anything yet...be strict af with diet.
  7. ROHM pct tabs

    Mate ive used these caps in the past..when they were not tabs...the sex drive off them was insane!
  8. Rohm orals

    Yeah just recently gone to rhom used in the past , but have used chiron last couple of years, they only do oils now so needed a new supply.
  9. Guys I'm gonna start gear

    Make sure your creatine is not out of date or short dated...dont be a pauper of ukmuscle.
  10. Rohm orals

    Im on 50mg and 10s mate no joint issues so far..deffo not winny in there..same effects as chiron..so pretty pleased..
  11. Super noodles or pot noodle

    Not sure prob not much really, but there a quid for 2 nice portions, dab a bit of hoisin sauce on...gtg...taste better than most ive tried
  12. Super noodles or pot noodle

    Tesco do tubs of high protein noodles, actually taste good tbf and seem good quality...low in fat.
  13. Rohm orals

    Ive got the new rhom dbol its potent stuff, felt full af just after a few days use, the var same...not used the oxy ..imagine its gtg.