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  1. Your an angry little cvnt..prob 12 stone soaking wet brah
  2. Most pro bbs will only eat chicken egg whites beef so must be a reason, they promote whey but dont drink it... if they use slin they will use a hydrolized whey or aminos in their drink..thats about it. Proper foods more filling stops you getting hungry, if you dieting for a show youl take a serving of chicken n veg over a shake all day to fill you up, less chance of getting constipated too lol...whey just bloats you and makes you look pregnant, for alot of people anyway.
  3. Males massaging females

    When your gaining your qualifications in college your taught basics especially draping for females, once you know its not a problem...key part of level 3. The basics.
  4. Ugl / pharma test

    Yes begs the question why take gear if your not going to eat and put the effort in.. eveey cycle i did i gained 2 stone, no ai though but loved the look, but never looked fat like, come off and lose 1 stone and repeat..fvcking easy..i did eat everything and anything back then as i was a skinny kid lol. The size and strength did go on easy back then, as apposed to the last 10 year stint..its been incredibly hard to make good gains .
  5. Ugl / pharma test

    Dissagree totally sorry mate no one wants to train for years and stay small...food was the same in the 90s less supps and mass monsters like yates and dillet was the fash, people cant get big anymore and thats the truth..ive seen them trying , i feel sorry them tbh...its prob why bb forums are dead these days in the uk lol
  6. Ugl / pharma test

    I get what your saying and its a fair point...but in the 80s and 90s gyms round my way were full of monsters, everyone was just bigger in general compared to now, people seem to struggle to get big these days and have to resort to using slin to get the mass on...im only going on whst ive seen... kids are ramming everything in hoping to get built but its a rare sight these days to see blokes over 18 stone and 20 inch arms..it was alot more common back then.... Shering testoviron and pronobol 5 is all you needed..crazy times.
  7. Ugl / pharma test

    Pharma grade raws will always be better than the stuff people get from china..has to be, no contest.
  8. Harry and Megan TONIGHT 9PM ITV

    Didnt realize sky were so anti royal from what ive seen today, they even show clips of cnn news for info lol, proper woke organisation.
  9. Nurses moaning about pay rise

    More wages less service all part of the same budget, teachers will want more now for going back to work lol...public sector sucks..10s of thousands losing their jobs and these lot moan...couldnt make it up.
  10. Yes seem strange, impossible really? Maybe they sent him the wrong results.
  11. Stay on it long enough and it creates satalight cells for future growth, thats prob the best reason to use...can keep you leaner off season.
  12. Im doing half a mil of the same stuff atm, i dont get hot flushes anymore but did when i was younger, i used to put it down to e2, water retention and carbs...my diet these days is very low carb btw, and i take a low dose of ai day after jabs..
  13. Nexus test e 300 pip

    I get no pip from rhom..i think its just peoole spreading bullsh1t haha..im using their new label 400 and hep with zero pain..ive never had pip from rhom tbh. Nexus must be a s**t lab, alot of their stuff gets complaints around the forums from what ive seen...not seen a decent physique either of anyone using it. Most of the top competitors in the uk are using rhom , ignis atm.
  14. fake pregnyl

    I tested two different boxes today..im shocked tbh both are fake lol..gutted...put 500iu on the second pen too..must be some shitty peptide in the amp..although when i bought profasi years ago there would be a ball of fine fluff in the amp not a solid looking peptide like substance..why are good sources selling this shi1t?
  15. He seems obsessed with the police,he must have some previous form.