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    Bish83 got a reaction from safc49 in Gaming PC build   
    @safc49 you could save some more cash by getting the non k version as the FPS increase isn't worth it. Don't have to take my word for it, there should be plenty YouTube videos showing you OC'd vs non OC'd comparisons. 
    Another option would be Rizen as all the CPUs can be over clocked. Worth checking out some of the open case systems if your interested.
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    Bish83 reacted to BUFFMAN in What are new rules   
    Imagine joining the army thinking it’s going to be all machine guns and camouflage in the desert, only to end up having to disband an 8 person barbecue in Tunbridge Wells. 
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    Bish83 reacted to CaneCorsoX2 in To masteron or to not masteron   
    Dutasteride won't help. 
    Dutasteride reduces the conversion of test to dht. 
    Masteron is already a dht derivative.
    Thus you'll lose hair on duta taking mast. 
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    Bish83 reacted to Seppuku71 in 15 year old students f**ks his married teacher   
    Fcuk me, you would though wouldn't you?  What a dirty bitch, i'd have loved her to have been my teacher. Good girl, she deserves a medal. If it had been a male teacher and a young girl though, i'd have said string him up.
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    Bish83 reacted to Test-e in Business ideas   
    Absolutely. 90% fail. 
    The software needed to locate the stocks and read the graphs is about $600/month. 
    Bull flag strategy on 5 & then 1 minute candles is easiest to follow and thus works best. Wait for the pullback.
    At the same time check the level 2, find your entry point, set your order and wait till time of sales shows a nice area of green coming through, or perhaps a big buy order. Use hotkeys to place order.
    Look to sell with a bull flag at high of day but take 50% profit once you've hit your 2:1 risk to reward ratio. Use hotkeys to sell.
    Trade doesn't go your way nearly immediately? Bail out. Your setup may have been good but market didn't react as expected.
    If you're accurate with a 2:1 risk ratio more than 50% of the time, which you absolutely should be with a good strategy, you will make money. 
    If you're getting emotional, shut the laptop down and walk away. 
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    Bish83 reacted to Baz-- in CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!   
    You get one yourself.
    They will keep the other cats away from your garden and go next door when they need a s**t.
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    Bish83 reacted to M.I.A in CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!   
    Mate you couldn't beat an egg so stfu
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    Bish83 reacted to SwoleTip in Old age!   
    This is why i do stretching and work on cardiovascular aswell as lift. Want to always feel agile, athletic and strong. 
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    Bish83 reacted to PSevens2017 in How does been on gear feel?   
    Probably had no choice tied up and locked in the basement with you 
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    Bish83 reacted to daringhorse in How does been on gear feel?   
    It's a difficult one. And it requires a lot of brutal honesty. They give not just physically altering benefits but they run the gamut for everything else too. Steroids are among the most abused drugs out there, and for good reason. And when you've got drug abuse in any context you've usually got a lot of denial and refuting of the facts as well to cover for what lays behind habitual use of drugs. Whereas the benefits of using them in the gym makes them more than ideal because you can accelerate physical development you also have to accept people use them for other reasons too. And so it depends completely on your personality. You'll get people who have their lives and lifestyle choices in check and feel fine taking gear. It doesn't get in the way of their lives and probably even amplifies it. And then you'll get those who are predisposed to mental health issues, emotional issues, low self esteem, unstable personalities, trauma, anger issues, come from bad upbringings, have escaped the net of support from peers, family, government etc and you'll find that even though they can't admit it the gear becomes a crutch for them to just feel normal everyday, like any other drug addiction then when it gets so bad. So do they feel good? You can probably say with a high degree of confidence - no they don't. They mask it but they don't feel okay.
    Gear is one of those things where it can change your life because it does change you, especially mentally. If you're introverted you might become more extroverted because of the increased self esteem from having excessive amounts of male hormone running through your body. If you're not sexually active you might become a born-again ravaging maniac. You might start taking more risks which itself opens up more opportunities in life that otherwise might have happened. Those opportunities could be bar fights on one hand or job interviews on the other or new relationships. It can swing in all directions. Which direction depends on you. You will get people who have difficulties with anger before they have a drink and then drink and turn into complete and utter d*ck heads and it's no different with gear. How do those people feel? Well if you're angry most of the time and can't control yourself chances are you aint happy. On gear that emptiness is just going to be masked.
    You've also got narcissism that comes along for the ride. Delusions of grandeur, over inflated importance/ego, antisocial behaviour etc. Again, depends how you use that energy. I've met lots of people who have big personalities amplified by their lifestyle choices and they do fine. But you also meet the nut job out of the lot who you can tell is battling demons that don't need feeding high doses of testosterone.
    So it can feel like a lot of things because people are complex and everyone has their own story. It can feel good or it can feel like sh*t. If you read about steroid use/abuse you'll see quite a lot of sobering twists on what if you just scroll through mainstream forums doesn't get mentioned all that much. It all depends on you. If you haven't taken gear yet I'd be brutally honest with yourself and work out what your expectations are and whether you're simply looking for a shortcut. A lot of lads out there are seeking shortcuts, and not just in the gym. But you can't run from your own shadow and it will catch up with you eventually. If you end up not wanting to come off, wanting to take more, wanting to be on forever, enjoying the mental side effects too much, losing touch with what it feels like to not be on gear etc then there's more than a desire to get big and strong and look good in the mirror behind why you are doing it. And if that is the case then you've got work to do outside of the gym and it involves being able to accept who you are when you're not on 500-1000mg a week of some test based compound. How do you feel now? You tell me.
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    Bish83 got a reaction from Iridium in Taking orals pre workout?   
    @Iridium there was a study done that showed 600mg added approx 25lbs at the end of the cycle.
    It didn't say how much remained after the excess water weight left their frame after the course tho
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    Bish83 reacted to AncientOldBloke in Terminator   
    It's cos you survived the attempted termination when you were a mere fetus.
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    Bish83 got a reaction from EpicSquats in Laptops, what's good?   
    Tbh, it's long been known Microsoft and the graphic card makers drip feed their wares. 
    If you wasn't concerned about reselling you could probably get 10 years out of your desktop. If it's for simple tasks i.e. ms office, emails etc you could probably run it til the CPU burned it's last transistor.
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    Bish83 got a reaction from js77 in What's the updated thoughts on coronavirus 6 months in   
    @js77 I think what gets people's backs up is when some where like China who wore masks even before the pandemic and now wear visors and masks drinking through straws in their local still suffered a spike when the lock down was lifted. 
    The only guarantee seems to be isolation and distance and I don't think theres enough cash in the kitty to do that for 2 years.
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    Bish83 reacted to TRT in Laptops, what's good?   
    always lol at people getting £1k+ macs to browse bbc news, check their emails and then watch some netflix. 
    you mugs just want the other sheep to see your little apple logo in starbucks.
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    Bish83 reacted to invisiblekid in Stretching/mobility/flexibility/yoga   
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    Bish83 reacted to invisiblekid in Stretching/mobility/flexibility/yoga   
    Mobility/stability are what you need.
    Take a look at Andrew Lock on Instagram. He does some great mobility/stability/activation posts & techniques.
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    Bish83 reacted to Jackoffblades in What's the updated thoughts on coronavirus 6 months in   
    No one knows. This is the most confusing contradicting mild cold, flu, deadly disease, symptomless virus that has ever existed 
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    Bish83 reacted to Jamiewilliamsss in Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?   
    I shaved my hair every day the only time my hair was like that was just before my op I left it for a week so they could see the real extent of my hairloss that photo was the night before my op in turkey and I was wearing a cap that day 
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    Bish83 got a reaction from Jamiewilliamsss in Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?   
    @Jamiewilliamsss the work you had done was pretty impressive considering the amount they had to replace. 
    Leaving it to grow patchy definitely didn't do you any favours, would have used a razor.
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    Bish83 reacted to drwae in How good would I look if I did gear?   
    What does your mummy think about that?
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    Bish83 reacted to Lowkii in How good would I look if I did gear?   
    After one cycle? You'd probably look like Ronnie Coleman. 
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    Bish83 reacted to Cronus in How good would I look if I did gear?   
    I reckon after 7 weeks I'd def would want to bum you x
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    Bish83 reacted to js77 in Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?   
    Jesus!! And thought time had been unkind to me. 
    Hes aged 40 years in just 23. Absolutely no similarity whatsoever in those 2 pics.
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    Bish83 reacted to SwoleTip in Manlet holds his own against big lad   
    that reminds me, watched a funny as f**k video the other day regarding small guys taking on bigger guys. proper cracked me up