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  1. The Death of Supplement Shops?

    I think supplement shops as well as other certain shops will still run for a couple more decades yet due to either asymmetric information or old dogs refusing to learn new tricks.
  2. PT Career?

    Create a WhatsApp group get the clients to buy your own brand supps and pre-prepped meals. Sort out challenges for them to complete. There is probably more to it.. I only discovered this through two people I know of. They do one or both of the above and seem to be doing well cos the guys I know are spending a mini fortune on it.
  3. Rogan says he looks better bald even with the scar on the back of his head from the failed attempt at a hair transplant. Think there are two important lessons you can take from this; 1/ transplants are not always a guaranteed success. 2/ your own opinion might not matter
  4. @js77 recall a woman shot a guy breaking into her house. The family of the guy complained she didn't know what it's like to live in the hood and how hard life is lol. The Nazi comment was a bit extreme
  5. Have you been yourself?
  6. The mayor was trying to be seen to do something. Fact is tfl do not have enough BTP officers to ensure everyone wears a face covering.
  7. Should have read all the posts one pretty much put that reason to rest already
  8. Autism

    @MFM wouldn't that type of tunnel vision/ disinterest be more stress/depression? Burden of responsibility and high pressure work load can't be a great combo if you don't enjoy it
  9. iv had a 3 year lay off and it took 6-8 months to get back to what i was pushing. taken a month off and was able to push the same weight. Id expect a 3-4 month detrain would probably take equal or less to get back what you lost.
  10. Melatonin

    @pinting have a trial of different dosages. Some swear by 10mg but for me I'd probably be comatosed. I use the 3 mcg slow release and just like another poster has mentioned if not agitated can knock me out for hours. Just had one last night and 11 hours later here iam lol
  11. Gyms reopening.

    They are going to reduce the hours... So anyone that needs to use the gym will have to come in later, earlier or not at all. So this idea will either over crowd a time slot or make f**k all difference to it anyways but Puregym looks like its doing all the right things. Reminds me of TFL, they close certain stations, reduce the number of trains but without f**k all open and most unnecessary jobs placing their worker on furlough there will be less passengers however, the ones that need to use the trains will have to cram onto the few trains they do have available.
  12. 4th July I read a news article from a Google feed last night. Mentioned gyms (specifically) along with barbers Whether it does open on that exact date and how long for til the second/third wave hits no one can be sure.
  13. Anyone know about eBay returns

    @drwae https://www.ebay.co.uk/help/selling/getting-paid/resolving-unpaid-items-buyers?id=4137&query=1736&st=POPULAR_TOOLS Changed the wording to "automatic customer service agent" but i think you can get it to put you through to a human.
  14. Connor Murphy's 40 Day fast

    He broadcasted a video not too long ago saying he was going to kill himself. Fitness guru that claimed natty, lost his gains and is going bald, has a mental break down broadcasting that he doesn't want to live any more and now considering a 40 day fast...
  15. Vaser Liposuction For Flanks

    @faangs on the plus side it might not be much visceral you could just be bloated. Could give them a call to see if they'd be able to give a professional opinion. good luck.