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  1. Gaming PC build

    @safc49 you could save some more cash by getting the non k version as the FPS increase isn't worth it. Don't have to take my word for it, there should be plenty YouTube videos showing you OC'd vs non OC'd comparisons. Another option would be Rizen as all the CPUs can be over clocked. Worth checking out some of the open case systems if your interested.
  2. Conditioner for Minoxidil

    @faangs what did the professionals at Belgravia do and how much did it cost?
  3. Pulled lat muscle

    I pulled my right lat muscle as I hit bottom of a squat. Doesn't hurt too bad as it's quite bearable outside of the gym but this has put me out of action. I can't actually feel the pain when I press my hand against it, but when I move i can feel it at the right side of my lat near the spine. It's bout level with my nipple. it's been since Friday, any tips on speeding up healing this injury?
  4. Business ideas

    Service industry Jobs are suppose to be good beginner startups due to the lower overheads.
  5. @js77 the crowds out on the beaches would show how much people really care about this issue. The stay at home directive was what messed up retail and tfl and the fact tourism from abroad is pretty much non existent adds greater burden. Boris is trying to get everyone back to work to help prevent any more redundancies but with the corporations digging their heels in setting dates as far back as next year it looks like a colossal task. Even when staff do head back its going to be a double edge sword with the covid issue.
  6. Laptops, what's good?

    Tbh, it's long been known Microsoft and the graphic card makers drip feed their wares. If you wasn't concerned about reselling you could probably get 10 years out of your desktop. If it's for simple tasks i.e. ms office, emails etc you could probably run it til the CPU burned it's last transistor.
  7. @js77 I think what gets people's backs up is when some where like China who wore masks even before the pandemic and now wear visors and masks drinking through straws in their local still suffered a spike when the lock down was lifted. The only guarantee seems to be isolation and distance and I don't think theres enough cash in the kitty to do that for 2 years.
  8. Taking orals pre workout?

    @Iridium there was a study done that showed 600mg added approx 25lbs at the end of the cycle. It didn't say how much remained after the excess water weight left their frame after the course tho
  9. @Jamiewilliamsss the work you had done was pretty impressive considering the amount they had to replace. Leaving it to grow patchy definitely didn't do you any favours, would have used a razor.
  10. The Death of Supplement Shops?

    I think supplement shops as well as other certain shops will still run for a couple more decades yet due to either asymmetric information or old dogs refusing to learn new tricks.
  11. PT Career?

    Create a WhatsApp group get the clients to buy your own brand supps and pre-prepped meals. Sort out challenges for them to complete. There is probably more to it.. I only discovered this through two people I know of. They do one or both of the above and seem to be doing well cos the guys I know are spending a mini fortune on it.
  12. Rogan says he looks better bald even with the scar on the back of his head from the failed attempt at a hair transplant. Think there are two important lessons you can take from this; 1/ transplants are not always a guaranteed success. 2/ your own opinion might not matter
  13. @js77 recall a woman shot a guy breaking into her house. The family of the guy complained she didn't know what it's like to live in the hood and how hard life is lol. The Nazi comment was a bit extreme
  14. Have you been yourself?
  15. The mayor was trying to be seen to do something. Fact is tfl do not have enough BTP officers to ensure everyone wears a face covering.