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    Clubber Lang got a reaction from MrBrightside in Face Masks Mandatory from 24th Of July?   
    or in a pub while on a table with 6x people lol. Its BS.
    4 months late too!
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    Clubber Lang reacted to Shergar in Anyone tried keifei PARABOLIN BLEND - 200   
    OP something is a miss
    If the codes checked out then it is NOT the gear, they are a solid solid lab and I have ran that stuff before and it is very good
    You say the test also is not doing anything? Well there you go...
    Out of the ones listed above go with dimensions or Rohm for the tren but in all honesty keifei will do the exact same as those two will
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    Clubber Lang got a reaction from Zeus2020 in Anyone tried keifei PARABOLIN BLEND - 200   
    Rohm has always been good for me, but im hearing more and more positive things about PharmaCom.
    I have some keifei Sust and Cyp rdy for next cycle, never used before so hope its good. My guy buys directly from them so should be.
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    Clubber Lang reacted to Ares in Eddie halls new house   
    Wicked! I wonder what his s**t smells like! 
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    Clubber Lang got a reaction from Zeus2020 in Anyone tried keifei PARABOLIN BLEND - 200   
    did the codes check out on the boxes?
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    Clubber Lang got a reaction from Fatboy80 in Clubbers Cycle....   
    Home training going/went well TBH. Took some pictures for my coach for the first time since lockdown started and even im surprised at the condition ive managed to keep. Softer round the edges and thickness around some areas has dropped but overall hes extremely happy, and so am i. I know other clients have really let the ball drop which hes f**ked off about, but me and my missus have knuckled down and hes over the moon. Excellent position to get back into the gym and both of us start a cycle within a few weeks of the gyms reopening.
    I think my coach is going to recomp me for a few weeks, lower food to make things more sensitive when i start my next cyce, but says i wont need to recomp for long due to condition ive managed to keep.
    Next cycle i ask him for size and volume. Im hovering just under 18st at the moment, 250lb, have been through lockdown so a nice stable weight. I wanna go for size now which he agrees so looking forward to training again in a gym and putting some weight on.
    Asked him for a joint friendly cycle, as i have trouble with my right knee, tho it has improved over lockdown and starting a new range of joint support meds has helped too.
    Mentioned to my coach of perhaps a Test, EQ and NPP cycle. He replied all 3x are a bit over the top, but Test & NPP will be excellent. So thats what im using. I was very surprised at the doses hes getting me on too. Hes a believer in hard work more than stupidly high doses of steds so i was expecting something like 500mg Test with 300mg NPP, but no, he came back with 750mg Test and 600mg NPP each week! Jackpot! lol. 
    Cycle will be;
    750mg Test EW (my choice of test, so im thinking either Sust or Cyp. I have 50ml of both Keifei Sust and Cyp. Heard Keifei is excellent and never used before)
    600mg NPP EW (got rohm new label 100mg/1ml)
    25mg Proviron ED (Hygene)
    12.5mg Aromasin EOD (Hygene)
    Will split the 9ml of oil into 3x jabs of 3ml. 
    Cant wait now! 
    Might have a school reunion on Oct 3rd, so if i start my cycle at the beginning of August i'll be juicy as f**k by October lol. Class of 96! I missed my last reunion about 10 years ago, was gutted, so def going to this one, if it happens. I was about 12stone max when i left school, so gonna roll up fu**ing huge! Just gonna abuse people i didnt like at school, speak my mind, then feck off into town for a piss up lol
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    Clubber Lang got a reaction from PSevens2017 in Show me yours and I’ll show you mine   
    my new neighbour, believe it or not, gave me 3/4 of a box of Tigers lol. He cant use due to current health reasons so gave them to me. Never tried them but i'll get the missus to try one for me lol
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    Clubber Lang got a reaction from Shergar in Time 4 Nutrition...   
    If you order on say Monday, you'll get Friday. Its quick, they use UPS.
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    Clubber Lang reacted to drwae in Show me yours and I’ll show you mine   
    A lot of online sources have malay at the moment. Its strong stuff I have worked up to 3 tabs a day and I'm losing at least 1kg a week, somehow I've lost 2 in the past week
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    Clubber Lang got a reaction from Ironman TS in Time 4 Nutrition...   
    Raspberry, Toffee and the vanilla coconut are bang on!
    i wasnt keen on the chocolate and peanut butter one.
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    Clubber Lang reacted to anna1 in Show me yours and I’ll show you mine   
    Really? That’s weird 
    I had to give mine away , I couldn’t handle them 
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    Clubber Lang got a reaction from Fattynomore in New Triumph Range...   
    lol, to me that means it went [email protected] and now trying to claw users back. 
    same old story with a lot of UGL really.
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    Clubber Lang reacted to strawberry123 in any feedback for Intex Pharma....   
    Massive water retention, blatant moon face, face was red like beetroot with blood pressure and nipple issues 100% not superdrol 
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    Clubber Lang got a reaction from G-man99 in Curcumin, is it worth it?   
    I know Supplement Needs sell theyre own, and they also sell JP's. Loads of Amazon as well, just need to do the research and find out which is best in terms of the dose of extract they use.
    another product which is worth Googling and reading up on is Boswellia. Its a strong anti-inflam for chronic inflammation.
    I was using Strom Support Max for knee joints, but the my pain seemed to be coming more from the tendon and ligament below my knee. So starting reading up on anti-inflams during my time off work during lockdown, and Boswellia kept popping up, amongst other things.
    JP does a product called Join In, that contains Boswellia, and since switching from Strom to JPs my tendon/ligament pain has massively lowered. 
    Im also continuing to take Collagen Type II, and also having read up on things ive started to take AAKG, as it improves Collagen  synthesis. I take 3000mg of AAKG everyday. It also improves training performance too. And its cheap.
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    Clubber Lang reacted to stuey99 in any feedback for Intex Pharma....   
    Nexus is spot on mate. Used for quite a while and rated everything very highly. There are 2 labs head and shoulders above all the other current labs I've used, and Nexus is one of them
    First time I used was their test e 300 and I defiinitely felt it was overdosed (and no I can't back that up with bloods before some nugget jumps in lol...hence why I used the word "felt")
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    Clubber Lang got a reaction from hondastu in Galenika test e   
    i havent and wouldnt use pharma steds these days. Just not worth the risk. Why put all the effort into your diet and training then 3/4/5 weeks into a cycle your juice is dog shite.
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    Clubber Lang reacted to BLUE(UK) in Gyms reopening.   
    What you’re forgetting is that those making these rules up live in a different world. 
    Pub for them is a light lunch and a couple of drinks wearing a pair of boat shoes overlooking the Henley Regatta, the golf club or private bar in the House of Commons. 
    Gym for them is where the strange ones go to some spa type place to take their rentboy to share amongst each other. The only one that may have stepped into a real gym was ‘two jabs’ Prescott. 

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    Clubber Lang got a reaction from Pscarb in Best labs currently   
    theres no answer to the question as everyone has a preferred choice, or choices.
    ive been using a mixture of Neuro Pharma, Sphinx and Rohm for years now. I have got some Keifei stuff for my next cycle, which ive heard is very good, cant wait to find out.
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    Clubber Lang reacted to stuey99 in Galenika test e   
    It's cos they get it into their head that cos it's pharma it must be better lol
    Like guys who say this or that lab's tren is "proper rocket fuel". No...it's just tren bro 
    People beleive what they want to believe and what they're conditioned to beleive in alot of cases rather than actually doing that outdated activity known as "thinking for yourself" 
    Put it this way...if someone offered me a choice of 30ml pharma test for free, or 30ml of a decent ugl...I'd choose the ugl. At least you know it's gonna be legit
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    Clubber Lang got a reaction from Ironman TS in TTM   
    been furloughed for 3 months doesnt help either lol. Thankfully im back working from tomorrow. Shops are starting to reopen so maintenance work is coming back in. At the moment it feels like ground hog day every day! 6am alarm, up, walk dog, breakfast, remember to have coffee lol, and then home train. Then its house cleaning time, shopping, prepping food while the missus is working. Ive become a house husband! Have to make sure i hoover before shes home lol.
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    Clubber Lang reacted to stuey99 in TTM   
    I've gotta ask...
    Mon/thurs is exactly the same injection frequency as mon/fri
    Both a gap of 3 days then a gap of 4 every week
    Why do you think one is more even than the other??
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    Clubber Lang reacted to js77 in Galenika test e   
    A couple of Polish pals told me that Jelfa  haven't been produced Omnas in years.
    I last used them in 2008!
    Personally I'm always sceptical when any source has 1000's of a pharma AAS in stock. Years ago UK/Portuguese Sustanon,  Testoviron/Androtardyl from Schering were available but never came DIRECT from the supplier and it was always in limited amounts. Admittedly i don't know anything about Galenika but i assume it must be a a similar outfit to AP. How else could an online source get hold of that many units? It doesn't make sense to me.
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    Clubber Lang reacted to Cronus in New Triumph Range...   
    Criminal mastermind here
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    Clubber Lang got a reaction from Ironman TS in Best joint supplement   
    yeah i was very surprised at the Nordic OIl taste. Did you get the hint of lemon one? I was expecting to gag but its actually quite tasty.
    AAKG i just use a bulk supplier, BBW. You get 30% off from BBW on their own brands, or if you catch it right on pay weekend they usually always do a 50% off.  I stock up then. 
    AAKG is pretty good for training too. Increased pump an performance.
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    Clubber Lang reacted to anotherandy in White lives matter   
    OK but BLM is an offshoot of the black panthers, a black supremacist group, who's slogan is black lives matter. Why don't the same rules apply? 
    All races have a tarnished history because people are people.