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  1. Test400

    how do you know the raws are decent/accurate tho, you'd need those testing before making anything? i could be over thinking TBH, im climbing the walls with lockdown.
  2. Bullion Pharma

    lol, i instantly thought the same, looks like a pikeys aftershave. Is it a new Joop EDT for Christmas? lol Bullion for lower end pikeys, Triumph for the slightly more classy gypo lol
  3. Test400

    surely its too accurate for a UGL. not one med on the 4/5 Chem Tox sheets i have on this lab is overdosed either. They're all about 1-2g under, non are 1-2g over. not a cat in hells chance an UGL, any brand UGL, made in some lockup can hit those dosage numbers. just smells too fishy for me. not bashing the brand, i just find it extremely dodgy when test results like this appear. When somethings too good to be true, it usually isnt.
  4. Test400

    my mate just rang me about this lab, saying its 'amazing'...... hmmm lol he also whatsapp'd me about 5 Chem Tox reports including the one above (must me legit) lol. looking at the results... Dec 300 - 297.7mg TT400, as pictured above Tren-e 200 - 198.7mg Primo 100 - 98.9mg etc etc. Now im not a biochemist but im gonna bet my right bollock and say there is absolutely no chance an UGL can get doses that accurate to the stated label dose?! Even pharma giants like Pfizer, Bayer etc are allowed 10% margin on dosage. So theres zero feckin chance a UGL is that accurate. I smell BS
  5. anyone jumping back onto a decent cycle now gyms are reopening, and hopefully staying open regardless of this BS flu? im cruising till NY then starting a cycle in Jan. Think im use slow release this time as Sust and NPP EOD was a nightmare towards the end, forever pinning.
  6. Aaron lambo

    Aaron Lambo.....never heard of her.
  7. Covid vaccine.

    this is why id never download any app thats Government run; https://www.rt.com/news/507799-australian-contact-tracing-spies-privacy/ seems the Ozzys are taking control to the next level.
  8. SG injectable Superdrol

    well from the looks of things others who are using an injectable SD dont seem to be getting the problems my friends mate had. That guy probably bought some dodgy homebrew or an absolutely shite brand. i remember WC oil Var lol. Never used it. I know a few used the WC 200mg Test-Prop and that was a crippler lol. Think most had 1ml and binned the remaining 19 lol
  9. SG injectable Superdrol

    i have no idea what brand it was but a friend of mine said someone at his gym jabbed some injectable SD and gave him massive lumps. My mate said you could see the lumps in his quad and delt through his clothes! This guy tried to sell some to my mate days before too lol. Feck that. I didnt know they did an injectable SD till he told me.
  10. Covid vaccine.

    so it begins, vaccine could soon be mandatory to do things.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-55048438 breaking international law and human rights
  11. Gyms allowed to re-open after lockdown

    im hoping this time the government will learn and listening (feckin high hopes) and keep leisure open regardless on any future lockdowns. people need sports to keep healthy and focused. Plus i think this 2nd lockdown has done a massive amount of mental damage to people. i spent a few hours with a mate yesterday who suffers from mental health. Been in a bad way these last few weeks. Told me he was tempted to buy and neck a bottle of Rum and jump in his car, do 150 down the motorway and just ram the car into the barriers, finish himself off. He would of as well if it wasnt for his care worker/doc talking him out of it. these lockdowns have caused more damage than good.
  12. Sphinx

    nah its nothing to do with raw supplies its more behind the scene stuff.
  13. Sphinx

    personally i think Sphinx have gone tits up. heard for a good source Spx have or are packing up. would explain all the negative feedback ive heard about meds lacking punch. Probably stretching raws and cashing in. avoid. shame as they were a decent lab in the past.
  14. Anyone used any recently? Got a freebie box of Test-e yesterday, jabbed 2ml last night. Got a little bit of discomfort in my site, glute, but tbh id rather get some slight pip than nothing at all. Packaging is spot on, very well made. Amps are all the same height, got exactly 1ml of oil out of each amp. Amps snapped off easily so zero need for a amp opener, or cut in my fingers. Code checked out too. Looks like a well made posh UGL. I'll use 1ml ew till Jan, see how it goes. Anyone got any recent feedback?
  15. British Dragon (blue dragon logo)

    treated myself to a box of BD test-prop this week. Jabbed 2ml yesterday afternoon and im sure it gave me a buzz a few hours later. went it well with a little pip starting about 6 hours later. Woke up with some discomfort this morning but after some Aspirin its taken the edge off it. libido feels better, tho i did 2ml test-e last week and that increased it too. getting a sense of well being from it too. tempted to use BD test in my next cycle, whenever that'll be with all this lockdown BS.
  16. Covid vaccine.

    look what Jeremy c**t has now said; https://www.rt.com/uk/507421-jeremy-hunt-freedom-pass/ being forced to have any treatment, including a vaccine in illegal under international law, or maybe that law doesnt exist anymore, nor do your human rights. even the WHO, which are a bunch of overpaid arseholes, have said making/forcing people to have a vaccine will only make more people refuse and fight against taking it!
  17. Covid vaccine.

    yet another video removed/banned by the 'experts' at FB. really fecks me off! https://www.rt.com/news/507374-facebook-censor-oxford-masks/
  18. Covid vaccine.

    just read on the a news site that YouTube has censed and removed the video i posted with the ex Pfizer top man who was giving his professional and honest OPINION on the so called pandemic. It seems that someone with 17 years as Pfizer no1 guy for diseases has been silenced for speaking the truth! what happened to freedom of speech???!
  19. LOL...i have plently of pharma cialis and kamagra jellies in hand this time. ive also got Deca in case i dont fancy EQ and my balls disappearing on week 5 lol. I dont fancy running NPP again next cycle. Jabbing 3x a week for 13 weeks was a ballache. Would prefer to use long esters and jab twice a week max. Cruising till Jan and then see what the crack is in terms of whether the bastards will keep gyms shut through another Jan lockdown.
  20. i heard NP had a break for a bit but have been making again for a while, but not for masses. NP are a great low key lab making quality basic meds, so tests, tren, var etc, not a huge range but what they make is excellent. just got some NP Test-e and EQ in for a cycle in Jan, unless theres BS plans on lockdown again. Rumours are that restrictions are gonna be eased around Xmas and Boxing Day for families but they'll punish us with a lockdown in Jan. Utter BS.
  21. ive signed the petition, just hope it doesnt fall on deaf ears on the 23st. at the start of all the shite they put adverts on TV encouraging people loose weight and exercise to help fight 'covid'. yet now they close places to train and stay physically and mentally healthy, its all BS. the transmission rate from leisure is extremely low, so why they shut them i dont understand, very poor judgement, or part of a long term masterplan to control us all. keep bars shut, open everything else.
  22. TBF Sphinx have been a decent lab for a few years, but within the last 6 months things have happen behind the scenes and its all gone to s**t.
  23. theres loads out there with decent reps. suppose it depends whats available to you but Neuro Pharma and Rohm are good labs.
  24. just what ive heard, and tbf it kinda makes sense on why me and others reckon the quality has dropped off recently. had a mate running Spx cyp for ages, worked well for him. Opened a new fresh bottle and after a few weeks said hes weight dropped, even with the same diet etc, and felt his drive and concentration lower. He also came off his AIs which he always has to take as he gets gyno badly, and even without AIs his gyno didnt happen, so he knows its under dosed cyp. another mate on Spx Sust said he didnt get that short ester kick, but a few weeks down the line he gains started to come, so he thinks it might not have even been Sust in the bottle. and my missus was on Spx Yohimbine for ages, had to switch her over to Rohm as Spx was out of stock, soon as she used the Rohm her weight dropped each week by massive amounts, so i reckon the Spx Yohim was under dosed too. think the labs gone south. I wont be using again.
  25. British Dragon (blue dragon logo)

    true, they have stole the name, but then again the old BD doesnt exist anymore. woke up this morning with a good tingle in the old pork purse, was tempted to blast one out but think i'll save it till later when the missus is home lol. gonna ask what else, if any, BD he has. Test-Prop would be a good thing to try, see if my libido shoots up.