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  1. Yohimbine hcl your experiences

    my missus has used it twice as instructed by her coach. She used 1x 15mg tablet (Sphinx) everyday. she also used Clen as well, tapering up and down dose over her cycle. obv used the above with an excellent diet and training plan with loads of cardio. from what i can gather Yohimbine is mostly used by females as they can have more stubborn fat cells etc. The only fat burners our coach had me off before lockdown was 12.5mcg T3 ED with Clen, again tapering Clen dose up over the weeks. personally i wouldnt bother with heavy stims, they actually turn your body catabolic, so you run the risk losing muscle tissue.
  2. ROHM new batch

    lol, journal will continue when door work and gyms reopen. Cant see that till August due to this spineless country.
  3. Booking a November holiday?

    lol, it gets better every time i watch it. 6min 4 seconds in....boom! lol She got burnt! which muppet at the BBC had the idea of going toe to toe with an Ex-Supreme Justice ?! lol! and yes its all common sense. Everything he says is right. Virus will still be here long after lockdown is lifted, the % of people dying are the old with serious underlying health issues, and life is worth risking.
  4. Best joint supplement

    AAKG is great for collagen synthesis, as well as training performance.
  5. Booking a November holiday?

    100% go! im sick of this lockdown BS. watch this, brilliant!
  6. lol, yeah feck it, early winter bulk starting in autumn .
  7. Best joint supplement

    looks perfect bud. if you havent tried the lemon tasting Nordic oil you'll be surprised how nice tasting it is. let me know how you get on with that combo. Its been about two weeks with my JP Join-In plus other bits and touch wood ive only had to take some iburprofen once this week. The discomfort im getting from my knees has really dropped off. once supplement i do rate is the AAKG. I seem to train better on it, at home, gives a better pump too. Fairly cheap as well off bulk suppliers. Im waiting on a 50% off BBW own brand code and will grab another bag of them. Missus even uses them on her training days now.
  8. ROHM new batch

    my gym owner is trained/coached by JP and hes open about his cycles, and yeah they do high amounts. think my mates last cycle was really high in EQ and DHB plus test and about 16iu's of Ansomone ED!
  9. ROHM new batch

    lol, i wouldnt go that far lol
  10. A new challenger has entered the arena (clap for the NHS)

    LOL!!!! TBH, he can play better than me so fair play to the guy lol
  11. ROHM new batch

    The Test Hep is a lovely med, potent and smooth.
  12. Melatonin

    my missus using melatonin sometimes before bed, and shes also used it in the afternoons if she feels a bit edgy from work or feels her anxiety is up. she just has 1ml and its enough to chill her out. i get her the Yamamoto Nutrition Melatonin, pharma grade; https://www.yamamotonutrition.com/eng/melatovil_pr31280 Ive used the Flex Lewis Regexil pre-bed sleeping aid, that puts me into a very deep sleep. That product has both Melatonin and GABA in it; https://www.yamamotonutrition.com/eng/regexil_eu_version_pr31405
  13. Im always sceptical about Primo as its a very expensive raw yet UGL sell it so cheap + i dont trust pharma Primo being legit these days either. Thats why i never run or ran it. Ive seen a lot of UGL Primo's tested and coming back as Bold or Mast. using NPP might be worth considering, keeps you lean, safer on the hairline than others, and its cheap.
  14. i think summer will be over before gyms reopen lol. I dont see any point in running a proper cycle unless you have extremely good home set up or own your own gym. better planning a winter bulk i reckon.
  15. Cooper pharma and hygene gear pics

    box looks correct tho. What do the vials look like? Black tops? the code, you only get 1 chance when you enter it. If you enter it again it will say fake as the codes already been used. then again, my 100iu boxes has two website addys on it. Has www.hygeneanabolic.com under the pharma.com one.