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    yeah they were a very good lab, but i did start to notice over the last year or so standards dropping and people moving away. also the massive delay from sellers paying for products and Spx actually delivering became shocking. People were waiting for up to 3 weeks sometimes. Not good. most Spx users have moved over to Rohm, more so since Rohm up dated their label design and made the packaging match the quality of the meds.
  2. Same, ive just bought a load of supplements from Italy and price and service was exactly the same. Ive not seen any changes in the supermarkets either, plenty of everything. My brother in law is a manager at BMW and he says nothing has changed, in fact hes busier than ever with people spending money on new luxury items instead of holidays aboard. I think a lot of the time people hunt for problems to moan about.

    as mentioned its probably old stock. i can see them restarting later down the line, they miss the $ quality was poor at the end. My missus was on Spx Var and Yohimbine, and when i moved her over to Rohm Yohim and Hygene Var the difference was night and day.
  4. WhatsApp no longer encrypted from Feb?...

    yeah Signal had tech issues after Elon Musk told people to drop WhatsApp and use Signal.
  5. Var effect on Kidneys

    Yeah i use it when im on a proper cycle. Its a very good product, one of the best.
  6. Var effect on Kidneys

    If your after a little peace of mind, then something like Strom's SupportMax taken along side PEDs could help; https://www.stromsports.com/collections/strom/products/strom-presents-supportmax

    Sphinx has finished, shut up shop.
  8. WhatsApp no longer encrypted from Feb?...

    ha, WhatsApp are now back tracking on their new privacy rules, delaying it due to millions leaving. https://www.rt.com/usa/512708-whatsapp-facebook-users-flee/ Signal got 40 million new users last week lol
  9. What happen to the protein muffins?

    I remember the BodyBuilding Warehouse protein muffins, toffee ones were nice. A bit dry but a nice off plan snack.
  10. Test-Acetate vs Prop

    hmmm, i might try it then. currently im running Test-e with a ml of Prop the day before my 2x day training blocks, added the prop for a punch. Might swap to the Ace and see what happens.
  11. been given 20ml of Sphinx Test-Ace, never used it before so wondered what the difference is over test-prop? Is Test-Ace faster acting and has more PIP?
  12. Attention lazy bastards

    4.4million people now waiting to starttreatment. Was 2 million mid-late last year, and pre-covid were only a few thousand. how many people will go terminal from cancer cus they cant get in for a screening? We are being culled, 100%
  13. ROHM

    i think they do, its on my list, but i havent seen a pic of it in the new label tubs yet. was never that popular TBH
  14. Attention lazy bastards

    they shut gyms down but lowered VAT on junk food.....sensible thinking!
  15. TRUMPS fate

    100% on all that. I honestly hope Trump runs again in 2024 to bite the Rats in the ass, as theyve done nothing for the American people in 4 years of all this BS. Imagine how good American could been if the Rats spent as much effort on their States working with a President that brought jobs back to the US, lowered taxes for working class, improved trade tariffs for the better, America would be booming! But, Trump isnt part of the political elite (swamp), hes an outsider and it scares congress. A person who doesnt take no for an answer, doesnt take a wage, and helps the working people of the country. They dont like that. I dont understand why people are against Trump, from what i saw he had the lowest unemployment rate (pre-covid), stock markets at its highest, better trade, didnt start any wars but reduced military numbers abroad, lowered taxes for the working class, backed law enforcement, continued the work of past Presidents (Obama) strengthening the boarders, worked on reducing prescription costs, the list goes on. So with all the above, can some liberal please tell me what he did so wrong? And why do you think a man with dementia who has done nothing in 47 years of politics is going to do better??