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  1. Alpha pharma

    AP was hard to get hold off for ages, apart from theyre Clen which is easily available, but after Baltic Pharma got busted AP just disappeared too, so probably all linked. Again theyre Clen is easy to get, other than that i have seen or heard of anyone getting hold of theyre oils or sted orals etc. TBH id personally stick with a different UGL now, for oils and sted orals. Clen is still potent as ever tho.
  2. TTM

    Neuro Pharma ttm is good. Lads i know are having to lower the dose slightly, finding it too potent.
  3. Sphinx Halo

    WC halo was decent, knew a few powerlifters blasting it pre-comp. heard sphinx orals are pretty good, T5s especially. Tempted to try theyre Var and see if i get terrible pumps like i normally do from decent var. remember Halo is extremely liver toxic, only use in short spells.
  4. Sphinx and Balkan??

    Sphinx are getting more popular around my way. know a few lads using theyre oils and a few on theyre orals. Theyre T5s are very good, dont double drop! not tried Sphinx Var myself, usually use NP now, but id give Sphinx ago next time round. Soon see how good they are as i get terrible Var pump.
  5. anadrol kick in time

    id say 7-10 days as well. Im the same with dbol. End of 2nd week and bosh....lifts instantly shoot up. 100mg oxy, especially if all taken 1.5/2hr pre-workout should give huge pump. If your not getting that i'd say theyre under dosed.
  6. Mental sides from tren

    cant use tren these days, i become a c~~t on it and i know it so have to stop. I end up raging about everything and/or saying things to friends, and the missus especially, that i shouldnt. I'll say something and think you nob lol. So when it kicks in and i know its effecting me i do stop it. used loads in the past without this issue, or not as big a issue. Only thing i can put it down to is as ive got bigger over the years when i take tren i think i can say what i want, when really i should keep my mouth shut. saying that i think last time i used tren it was 1g EW.....that'll turn anyone in a c~~t ? lol
  7. overdosed on Synthol? my friends trainer, Miloš Šarčev, nearly killed himself injecting that stuff, got into a vein and fcuked him up badly!
  8. tough one. personally i think you want your body in the most anabolic state when training, so consume orals 1.5hrs 'ish pre-training. i only split dose on non training days.
  9. Swole Troll's last minute meet prep (short log)

    lol, yeah they were proper nightmares!! Felt real, felt fear! Only ever get dreams like that on tren, and why its always the same style of dream with the metal Terminator in i dont know. Not even seen the films for years so its not like it was a recent image ive seen and dream is bring it back in REM sleep. havent had tren for a long time now. Not allowed it, i get in a 'man period' mood all the time lol
  10. Aburaihan Test E 250mg Real or Fake?

    the 'tea cup' logo on the box with the 'handle' should be on the amp too. Fakes dont have the 'handle' on the 'cup' so to speak. i got some last year, discovered this, they were bunk. They had something in them, as i got morning wood the day after jabbing, but after that, nothing.
  11. Galenika Test-e

    not yet. I have a box to use, but currently using 4ml NP test-e EW, so if i switch i wouldnt know the difference. Need someone to use them from the start of a cycle. Got a mate whos gonna cruise on them for a few weeks after a 1 rip cycle, so see how he gets on. Might jab 4ml Gal tomorrow instead of the NP, just to see if theres any PIP etc. Oil is thick as feck! Def needs soaking in hot water first lol
  12. Cooper pharma from india Amps

    couldnt have been lifting much to start with then
  13. Gh dosage for women ?

    been on it for months. Think he uses the 8iu hyge vials, so has half a vial each jab. I see her BF in the gym and he says shes just enjoying the feeling from it, sense of well being, better skin, hair, energy levels etc. if i was using it do it EOD to avoid natty GH suppression.
  14. Gh dosage for women ?

    got a friends missus taking 4iu mon-friday. Hyges
  15. Got Randomly started on.

    on camera, or that could be seen clearly on camera lol. last person i proper hit in anger i thought he was going to die, honestly. He didnt move for minutes, was KO'd on the floor, eyes open, rapid breathing, never seen a chest move like it. He ended up waking up, thank fcuk, then starting again. He got nicked, then starting being violently sick everywhere, back of meat van, at the station. A copper came back about two weeks later and told me the guy ended up having to have a brain scan for swelling later that night. Asked if i saw what happened with a wink wink, obv i said he fell. Case closed lol. Copper said he face is still black now. Never saw the guy again. TBH thats what you get when you jump me from behind and pull me into a head lock. Next time hold me tighter, or just dont do it lol. Wish it was on camera cus it was a cracking shot. And the step over his body slowly towards his mates was class lol