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  1. Hygene pharma

    def increased muscle volume and density, but when i increased from 25 to 50mg my knees have gotten very uncomfortable to the point were from today ive lowered back down to 25mg. It was leg day and TBH i do have a lot of knee issues anyways. Gonna carry on using 25mg ED for the rest of the week and see how things feel. If my knee pain drops i might stay on 25mg, but if pain remains the same and its just general fecked up knees i'll go back to 50mg. have a female friend whos splitting a tab, so she how see gets on with them. dont think its winny, she what she says.
  2. i know a few people with bad spots etc that use Witch Hazel, if thats the correct name/brand? Facial, body scrub stuff from Boots.
  3. Contact Tracing details can now be shared

    Police are just tax collecting to refund the Governments furlough scheme.
  4. Contact Tracing details can now be shared

    does make me laugh at all these sodding liberals have been banging on about this and that, yet when something like this happens, another freedom taken away, they dont realise or complain.
  5. Inone ?

    never used myself but know a few who did and they rated it. a lot of people snubbed it cus its very cheap, but those that did try it went back for more.
  6. Anybody buy Halal meat?

    i refuse to buy Halal meat, dont agree with the way the animal is killed. Do you honestly think in a slaughter house theres someone saying a prayer to each animal before its throats cut? No. Probably be some audio track on loop. i even refuse to go to KFC as all their meat is now Halal. i know Denmark has banned the killing of animals by this method, animal rights. Too right. and why the feck do non muslim people have to change to suit muslim needs and beliefs?! Feck off.
  7. Test e (sphinx)

    Spx test-e has always been a decent test TBH, still a popular lab if your not getting what you want from it then try another lab or look closer at your diet and training.
  8. Abdi Ibrahim Anapolon: Real or Fake?

    i bought some of these last year i think, wasnt 100% sure on them as the box was slightly different from that picture on the official website, so i gave them away and bought a decent ugl Nap 50 instead. i never touch pharma steds these days, all fake, not worth the risk, time or effort. Buy ugl
  9. New Lockdown Monday Announcement

    im in Notts and its all down to the feckin students that we're going into lockdown. Notts Uni in one week had 425 cases, following week 700+! Masssive spike in 18-22 year olds in Notts, bloody students coming back here and not distancing, which we all knew they wouldnt. So big outbreaks on campus yet the whole of Nottinghamshire is to be placed in lockdown. All students should be punished! lol TBH i say let everyone free, you cant hide from it. Just be aware its out there. People are going to loose their jobs, cant pay rent, could loose houses, all cus of virus that on a 7 day average kills 8 people!
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54475243 14k average daily cases, yet 7 day average of deaths 56, thats 8 people a day. More people die from suicide each day in the UK, 16. the numbers just dont add up, and dont justify crushing the economy and making millions unemployed. next you'll get people moaning that funding has to be cut to services without realising that a strong economy funds things. Millions without jobs, less money for the government to spend.
  11. What is your favorite steroid?

    its a water based form of Tren. Was mental stuff. Ive never felt anything like it. Was hit from every direction in terms of increases in strength, stamina, aggression, recovery, libido, was amazing stuff. PBs went through the roof on that stuff. never saw it again, and ive never seen it from any other lab either.
  12. What is your favorite steroid?

    Best sted ive taken so far in my long sted life, Alpha Pharma Androxine! Feck me i could conquer worlds on that stuff.
  13. on average in the UK heart disease kills 460, and cancer 450 per day, based on 2019 data. these numbers will jump massively over the next year or so as people cant get treat in hospitals due to covid BS. I know a friend who cant get a cancer screening appointment! since covid and closing of hospital wards, near 1 million women have missed or had cancelled breast cancer treatment. Thats fu**ing wrong!! covid deaths is about 20 something down on UK daily deaths, and its a big feckin drop in daily death numbers that far down. also covid death toll is registered within 28 days of infection, not a daily toll like that of cancer etc. if the media gave the public a daily death toll of cancer, strokes etc they'll see how piss poor covid is. 10s of thousand of people will die from lack of treatment than covid.
  14. Intexpharma

    been quite a few posts on Intex, do a quick search, but i think you'll find most people will say the same as above, its works but nippy.
  15. Taurine

    Beta Alanine goes will with taurine too my current pre-workout stack is; 1x serving pre-workout (Flexotor) 3g Taurine 5g Beta Alanine 4g Creapure (1g in Flex so 5g total) 1x serving AAKG. During hot summer days i had 3g electrolytes as well. Never get cramps now, even after deads. if you suffer badly from cramps then Stroms HydroMax is highly rated https://www.stromsports.com/collections/strom/products/hydramax