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  1. Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen

    yeah, but now they have plummeting cases while countries that enforced lockdown have cases rising again. end of the day its all BS. show me graphs of the actual ratio of deaths to population % i wanna see a breakdown of Covid-19 deaths with age, and those with underlying health issues included heard on Friday a massive 77 people died from Covid in the UK, 77! OMG, lock the country down again! 800K people die each year just from suicide worldwide. Thats 2,191 a day. Heart disease kills over 7 million worldwide, thats 19k everyday. Covid 19 is a media made disaster!
  2. Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen

    its the BBC buddy, full of shite theres no way they'll shut bars, people need the jobs and government needs the $. dont understand what schools have to do with pubs anyways.
  3. Face Masks Mandatory from 24th Of July?

  4. Clubbers Cycle....

    Completed a full 4 day training plan now, all good, but my fecking legs are battered! Was fine till i went on the new Adductor Machine, omg, DOMS from those have ruined me! Struggling to walk at the moment. Felt i could have lifted more on legs after finishing, but soon as i got home and showered the pain and tightness started to kick in. Did my 2nd Upper Sesh today since gyms reopened, so lifting more than last week, but still finding my feet. Im doing 1-3 warm up sets of 8-10 reps, then a Top Set (max weight) for 8x, then a Back Off Set with a slightly lower weight for 10-12+ reps. Working well but need another week or so to find out my Top Set weight. PEDS start Monday!! Been given the go ahead. 750mg Test of my choice ew 600mg NPP ew 12.5mg Aromasin EOD 25mg Prov ED Think im gonna respond like feck as im already looking quite big from just getting back in the gym. Strength is very good considering ive only been on 200mg test ew for the whole of lockdown. I think the lockdown has done my body some good and helped recover and repair.
  5. Pharma tek!

    lol, this thread is BS should be deleted to stop people wasting theyre time lol
  6. mine are 19" wait till on back on cycle, soon get to 20 lol
  7. Do you cycle or blast and cruise?

    in the past ive ran 500mg EW as a cruise, with some deca for joint issues, so basically ive ran a cycle as a cruise sometimes. coach dropped me to 250mg test EW with 1ml deca as he said the above, my cruise is a cycle. After a month or so i lowered deca to 0.5ml and eventually dropped deca completely, as i was taking joint supplements that seemed to help my knees. i dropped to 200mg through lockdown as home training was limited, and was off work. But if gyms were open id have kept with 250mg test EW. next cycle with be 750mg Test (sust) with 600mg NPP EW. 25mg Proviron ED with 12.5mg Aromasin EOD. Cant wait, i'll respond like feck to this cycle due to having 4 months of piss weak juice lol
  8. Best joint supplement

    ive always had bad knees, well right knee, and im hitting 40 next month. Since getting a coach hes actually worked with me to get a good leg session that is as comfortable for my knee/knees as possible. found over lockdown when doing squats with a borrowed olly bar that Seated Squats work well for me. Knees after doing those feel better than a regular squat. So will be trying some Seated/Boxed Squats on a smith machine last this week + everything else on the list. was actually getting somewhere with my legs at the start of the year, we'd adjusted things and going well, always struggled with quad size, and then Covid came and shut everything down. Wank. have to pick up where i left off now, but excited about things so hopefully i'll start to get some size and shape back in the next few months.
  9. Do you cycle or blast and cruise?

    i use to do the time on time off approach when i started steds, but after a few years the time between cycles go shorter and shorter to the point there was no point running any PCT as by the time PCT finished id be starting again. So, i just blast and cruise now, and have been doing for about 15 years. Me and the missus dont want kids, we're both into our training, so i continue to B&C. lockdown has been the longest cruise ive done, ever, and at the lowest dose, just 200mg test EW. But now gyms are open i'll be blasting again soon, just need a week or so to get use to the equipment and new training plan. i'll never come off test, will do TRT through a GP or myself later in life. Test in an older men has health benefits, so TRT is highly recommended, for all males, not just old sted heads.
  10. Best joint supplement

    yeah you have to give it time. Im very happy with how my knees are at the moment compared to the past. But, lets see how they are after doing some proper leg sessions now the gyms are open. Im hoping they'll be fine. Should be with the amount of stuff im taking for joints lol
  11. Gym re-openings

    very happy. nice to see some faces again TBH. was a strange feeling on Saturday when i went tho. I was about 3 exercises in, resting between a set, and it didnt feel like id not been there for 4 months. Everything just slotted back into place. give it another week or two and people will forget all about a 4 month break. Was a bizarre feeling. i dont think you'd feel as comfortable as quick in gyms with 'zones' and machines taped off cus theyre too close to each other, or plastic screens and having a time limit to train. Bollocks to that.
  12. Gym re-openings

    no booking in at our gym, straight in. everyones just been told to use common sense and spray/clean down the equipment youv'e used before moving on. Plenty of bacteria spray and paper towels around. no screens, no one way BS, no 'zones', feck that, just crack on. even saw people training in pairs and a few in 3s. been talking to a few other people that train else where in town, one place kicks everyone out every hour so staff can spend 10mins cleaning, then allowed back in! another gym i saw on facebook this morning has a mist machine that covers the whole gym in a giant cloud lol. Talk about over the top! our gym has people from other gyms coming to us cus they cant be arsed with the above. just stay clean, clean down your equipment and train. Easy.
  13. Rhom anavar-Legit?

    still not getting on with the Rohm Hep?
  14. 14 Days Quarantine for Spain reinstated

    i fancy Majorca for a break. Use to go there when i was a kid. Nice Island, very clean with decent beaches, and its only about a 2hr flight? feck Covid, id go to Spain tomorrow if i could. Covid is going to be here for years.
  15. Rhom anavar-Legit?

    Theyre fine. The 50mg Vars are a chocolate like colour. The 10mgs are pink.