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  1. I’m about to squat heavy :(

    I’m very disappointed in your spelling I hold the title of being the thickest fcker on this form mate
  2. The voice ,strictly come dancing ,love island ,Simon cowell and his sh*te and then that pair of knob heads ant n dec , forum seems to lose a lot of traffic when these programmes are on
  3. I’ve noticed you’ve logged on after a I’m a celebrity get me out of here has just finished
  4. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    No I’m not a tw*t but I do steal money out of her purse to buy steroids with
  5. Anyone used deep heat , what’s your opinion on this product apart from the lovely smell
  6. Week 1 10 mg d/bol day week 2 20 mg d/bol day week 3 30 mg d/bol day week 4 30 mg d/bol day week 5 20 mg d/bol day week 6 10 mg d/ bol day
  7. New addition

    Wait till your mrs starts throwing her washing on it
  8. Buying for women is frigging hard

    I agree but our lovely flubs is soooo high maintenance
  9. Buying for women is frigging hard

    Don’t buy the fat cow anything
  10. You guys in gen con are a load of nob heads I expect the mods fckin hate coming in here to sort all the trouble out @Pscarb @Mingster @swole troll I’m sure they have better things to do
  11. I don’t want my warning points reduced I’m one of the lads now ,every fckin dealer on the forum is pm ing me now trying to sell me stuff
  12. Yes and then you reported me to admin you nasty little brat
  13. Be nice to me mate and I’ll be nice to you
  14. The gym owner never mentioned anything about nolva he just said eat loads of burgers with them
  15. It took me another 12 months or so to have the bottle to inject I did a few more d/ bol oxys and winny cycles first
  16. A spider has set up home and laid its web all around my outside light ,when I turn it on at night it attracts midges and stuff not sure what to do 1 , turn the light on and let him have a right feast or 2 , leave it of let him starve and save the lives of all the midges what would you do I value your opinion thanks
  17. my toilet is upstairs mate and I have go up some stairs for that
  18. I only just noticed it when I turned light on to go for a p*ss in the grid
  19. I would have no problem discussing my steroid abuse on a date as long as they tell me what colour panties they are wearing
  20. Just wondering how many he got I got 3 for calling someone a paki [email protected] I dident think that was serious either
  21. Will the person that reported him please stand up ,I applaud you on this one that was utter filth
  22. I hear many a driver pipping there horn at me and I just think you angry irate pufter no need for it I’ve only gone in the wrong lane at a roundabout and cut you up what’s the big deal ,the only time I use mine is when I’m sat outside house and get so fckin angry waiting for mrs to to come out of front door and get in