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  1. These were done with a match stick a pin and a jar of Indian Ink from the paper shop ,I have no idea why people don’t do there own tattoos instead of paying someone, although I’m quite an artistic person Ken
  2. Carnt remember it’s 45 years old lol, a Jesus cross and the sun shining over it
  3. I would probably jump in with these ,I’ve never had no trouble since I got these done
  4. It was rife a few years back Is this still going on ? just be careful what you say chaps or the mods will pull it ,just a yes or no will do
  5. Will vet go away?

    @safc49 you need to calm down
  6. Will vet go away?

    Your not going to let this drop are you if I say I’m sorry will you fck off
  7. Will vet go away?

    These things happen at times just deal with it no good going crying to this lot as they don’t give a fck
  8. Will vet go away?

    I’m not going anywhere flubs not whilst your still posting fresh home made bread pics up
  9. £50 fckin pound for that load of shite silicon or no nails would hold that crap up
  10. These two straight through its eyes
  11. I think I'm getting married!

    She told me some weirdo came in today with a loaded trolley full of lentils
  12. I think I'm getting married!

    Where abouts is this co op ,my mrs works in one
  13. Penis Reduction Operation

    It’s awful when you’ve got a considerable sized chopper my mrs won’t let me go anywhere near her bum but there is no way I’m paying to have someone slice some of it off
  14. Good to no I will go easy on you for now and see how it goes