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  1. It will soon blow over just as quick as when mc Donald’s fetch a new burger special out
  2. Pubs are back open

    So how many have you smashed up tonight
  3. Pubs are back open

    Hope your wing mirrors are okay in the morning guys
  4. Best labs currently

    It’s like comparing burgers ,would you pay a bit more from a butcher and get it straight from the abattoir or save a bit of dosh and go with Lidl
  5. Best labs currently

    I think he done the right move ,anything to get rid of you pecking his head
  6. Best labs currently

    Pharma sust is far superior than ugl sust, I can pull a good 5 out on pharma before lunch ,ugl is a mere 2 go figure that one out
  7. Do you look at girls in the gym

    There was none of them in the 80s
  8. Do you look at girls in the gym

    In the 80s mon wed fri was men’s night ,tue and Thursday was just for women ,sat and Sunday it was mixed
  9. Or are you proper into your benching and curls
  10. I would start a fund and offer help to other ukm members that have been abused
  11. It’s looking like it ,my lawyer has been digging deep and has told me 98% of the forum are poorer than me ,that came as a big shock