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  1. has anyone thought about suicide?

    Never thought about suicide I have many thoughts on murdering my mrs though
  2. just get some sterilising tablets the ones they use on babies bottles I’ve done this many times I also have a dremel that I use to resharpen my pins with to
  3. What would you spend 1400kcals on

    Here is a 1000 kcal drink in one mouthful for less than 10p the orange juice just makes it taste nice
  4. Hope this helps some of the hard gainers on the forum
  5. Yes I was quite expecting abuse of the smaller guys on the forum
  6. I get my mrs a bottle of wine get her p*ssed then steal money out of her purse
  7. It takes some doing I’m struggling
  8. What is the best city to live in?

    Just took this pic outside my front door the church in the back ground is great budworth Cheshire it is reputed to be the most scenic village in England and the war of the worlds was filmed here last year
  9. I would love to be 32” again
  10. Selling some of my gym equipment

    Don’t bother trying to sell them on ukm no one lifts weights on here mate there all p*ss heads
  11. Funniest thing you ever saw in a gym?

    I saw a fat guy eating a pie peddling like fck on a stationary bike and the gym owner was going mad at him because of all the crumbs he was dropping on the floor
  12. In trouble for flirting

    Let me put you straight his mrs can go on a night out and get a sh*g within an hour he has to order stuff of E bay for his
  13. Best sandwich

    Cheese and onion crisps and meat sandwich for me