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  1. Making boxing safer

    I think they should keep it as it is and maybe get rid of the ref
  2. FFS she's doing my head in.

    That’s great if I said to my mrs I’m going for a walk she would say “well fck of then “
  3. Day 14

    Well it’s been two weeks now since you’ve last seen a woman’s sweaty ass on the running machine ,anything else your missing
  4. Day 13

    Took dog for a walk then nipped into town got some meat of butcher then went veg shop then nipped in Aldi for some strawberry plants for greenhouse it was very quiet no one about and peaceful I don’t actually want this lockdown to end ,what about you guys
  5. Day 12

    She thinks I like it on here ,little does she no I carnt be fckin doing with any of you
  6. Day 12

    Have you tried lying on you arm till your hand goes knumb it’s a far better experience
  7. Day 12

    Doesn’t give you a blow job either
  8. Day 12

    How is your lockdown relationship going ? my mrs is getting a bit fed up of seeing me now, she keeps saying ,why don’t you fck of in the kitchen and go talk to your ukm bum chum mates
  9. Fox's

    Fetch the foxes round my garden could do with some shoes
  10. Day 11

    I no how hard it’s been for some of you guys to get hold of some weights,I have a pal that goes out in a boat crab fishing and he said he can get me loads of these if your interested
  11. Don’t delete, let it slowly disappear in the archives ,this thread could help others ?
  12. I want to help you ,when you make a post you will see all these options at the top ,just click on the one I have put an arrow to and then take your pick
  13. Day 10

    Anyone ventured out of the house today , if so where have you been ?