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  1. Steak steak steak

    Well spotted it’s actually rump I had to slip it in as I had already eaten one of the sirloins
  2. Steak steak steak

    Asda are doing 3 sirloins for a tenner it’s better than Aldi prices as they are selling 3 medallion s for a tenner and they make your jaw ache there is a price war on the way and it’s started
  3. Chicken chicken chicken

    It’s quicker than having a wank mate
  4. Best movie you ever seen!

    Ben hur sparticus wizzard of oz
  5. Chicken chicken chicken

    This is the cheapest way to buy chicken and cut the breasts of yourself
  6. she is Indian then sorry my bad ,he calls himself deano so what the fck is he
  7. Strange forum this....

    You have managed to beat the system blue I wouldent of thought this of you I always had you down as a good honest decent guy
  8. Strange forum this....

    I once gave a like to a member and I got a pm saying do you really like me so since then i don’t really tend to dish them out very much
  9. These pakystani girls are hard work spent a fortune in her shop this week
  10. I think he must be watching the cctv cause everytime I call in now he comes down and stands at the till with her
  11. I reported a misogynist

    Don’t want no trouble
  12. Maybe start a conversation about onion bhajis
  13. It’s going quite well she has told me her name ,she said please call me geeta
  14. Proper pleased with my work
  15. Worst job you ever had?

    I used to dig holes for £19 week and was happy as fck mind you I would rather much prefer to be sat on a nice comfy recliner in an office getting told to fck off by someone on the phone