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    Barker got a reaction from zak1990 in Women taking Viagra?   

    Oh god i bet that could get ugly on stage if there was a hot judge!
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    Barker got a reaction from Fat in Supaturk strong bench!   
    Some very childish and disrespectful comments on here from people i did not expect them from, quite shocked. Like it or not the 'Aesthetics crew' all have great physiques, probably a lot better than 50% of the members on here. Lots of jealousy about them. Should we not idolize Mentzer because of rumors he was gay? Should we not idolize Lee Priest because he has a tattoo on his face?
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    Barker got a reaction from Fatstuff in Guess my body fat V2 (PIC) (No racism or it gets delted again ffs)   

    This should be an absolute staple in any bodybuilders diet well done man.

    Mmmmm tupperware boxes.
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    Barker reacted to DaPs in Terminate my account   
    Could you terminate this account please.

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    Barker reacted to dtlv in Bulbine and ssri? Sides?   

    I can't help on longterm effects - no idea without a long term study... but in the short term the data from those rat studies breaks down like this:

    After seven days of oral dosing of BN at both 25mg/kg and 50mg/kg, male rats showed the following changes to sexual parameters -

    Increased testosterone,
    Increased LH,
    Increased FSH,
    Increased progesterone.

    Prolactin levels did not change,
    Estradiol levels dropped,
    Testicles showed an increase in size.

    In respect of behaviour, the male rats showed increased libido and had more sex and the females they mated with. The number of litters they had was the same, but I'm assuming the litters were larger because the study claim increased fertility, however this is not clear in the abstract of the study.

    When sperm was analysed, its quality did not appear different to other rats so the increased fertility is assumed to be because of increased incidence of intercourse.

    After seven days at 100mg/kg -

    Testosterone levels dropped
    Progesterone levels dropped
    Prolactin levels did not change,
    Estradiol levels dropped
    Info for LS, FSH is not clear, but they are not mentioned as being elevated in any way which makes sense given that testosterone dropped.

    For the issues with toxicity, after seven days at 50mg/kg and 100mg/kg the functional index of the liver was reduced by 39% and the index of the kidney by 21%, and this indicates reduced function of those organs.Upon examination, physical changes to some of the structures within those organs was noted. Electrolyte, creatinine and uric acid levels were normal.

    At 25mg/kg the above toxicity effects are not recorded.

    I should point out that there are other similar studies that show the same dose dependent response to bulbine in rats, and all the studies show very similar results in respect of both the positive ones (increased test, reduced estradiol) and the negatives (liver and kidney issues at high dose). There is also at least one study that shows high dose worsening the LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio.

    In all honesty when i looked at this stuff earlier this year, while the effects on test are remarkable (much higher than DAA), with the degree of potential problems with dosing and impact on the liver and kidney I was surprised that this stuff is allowed a license to be sold before further research on humans.

    One last thing, before anyone says "yeah but this was rats, not humans" I would say that the data is still worth taking seriously. Rat studies are often rediculed, but they are actually pretty useful as rat physiology is very very similar to humans in respect of hormonal and dietary responses (pigs are most similar to humans for immunity, monkeys for brain function, but just about everything else its rats, lol), and if something can be demonstrated to work by a particular process in a rat, then it will work that way in a human to. There is one difference worth being aware of though, and that is that while the physiological processes in rats and humans may be the same, the magnitude of effect is almost always greater in a rat than it would be in a human.

    This general observation suggests that the elevation in test shown with the male rats is likely to happen in a human, but it is most likely to be to a smaller degree.
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    Barker got a reaction from dtlv in DTLV74...what DOES it stand for   
    Decided to love vagina! (previously gay for 74 years)
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    Barker got a reaction from MikeSV in www.bodybuildingwear.co.uk   
    Just a name and shame making sure people steer clear of this company. http://www.bodybuildingwear.co.uk

    On the 27th of October i ordered a vest from them for about £18. Around 11 days later there was no sign of the vest so i emailed them, including my order number. They replied in an informal manner and asked for my address and what vest it was i ordered which they should know anyway from the order number. Bare in mind the 'tracking' thing on the website said it had been dispatched the day after i ordered it.
    Here's how the emails went anyway.

    On the 27th of September i ordered a vest from you. My order number is '*******-******'. On your Help and Support page it says allow up to 5 days for delivery, well it has been over double that and i haven't seen my purchase yet. Can you tell me where it is and what is happening with it please?

    Can you send me your address please and we will resend today what vest was it and what size

    My address is:
    16 ****
    *** ***

    The vest was the Powerhouse Gym one in black and silver, in size large.


    It has been another 8 days since i sent my last email, i still haven't seen my vest despite you saying you would send it when you got my address.Are you going to send it or not? If not id like my money back please.

    Has anyone else dealt with these before? Pretty peed off.
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    Barker got a reaction from MRSTRONG in Good luck to our very own EWEN on his comp tomorrow   
    Make sure your form is in tip top condition mate and good luck x
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    Barker got a reaction from MattGriff in How much can you decline towel grip one arm cable in the mirror tricep kickback?   
    Ive got a better technique, head stand on a bench with your legs at a 37 degree angle then start your kick backs. i can manage 14 reps with 15kg on this and it's proven to hit all 7 heads of the tricep.
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    Barker reacted to fitrut in www.bodybuildingwear.co.uk   
    send complaint to Consumer Direct, heres the link: https://ssl.datamotion.com/form.aspx?co=893&frm=complainform&ri=NW&to=advice

    I had similar problem but with another company, sent them few emails, called them-nothing. once sent complaint to consumer direct and they contacted seller-refund was in my account in couple hours. I do understand sometimes things go wrong, but if they ignore you or lie to you there is no other way than reporting them.
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    Barker reacted to Mr_Morocco in Eletrictioan help (again)   
    whats it for? looks like ure using outlet for cooker, if its a cooker or whatever it is make sure its connected correctly at the other end aswell. Turn breaker/fuse off first of course
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    Barker reacted to MMAallday in 1 line story - you write the rest   
    and hardgaining realised being gods rent boy and getting knowledge from muscletalk was better than being on uk-muscle
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    Barker got a reaction from Breda in 1 line story - you write the rest   

    Just shut up and leave, cheers.
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    Barker got a reaction from Robx in Parents think Protein shakes are steroids ..how can i tell them otherwise?   

    Post cycle therapy, after your 6 week cycle of protein you should take cod liver tabs 3/2/2 to get your balls back online.
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    Barker got a reaction from Mighty.Panda in i-Phone facebook...   
    Yeah chats come up in your massages now, so if you're popping up on chat to her, it'll go in her messages inbox.
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    Barker reacted to bdcc in How much tuna is ok?   

    Good question, I don't know why you are being mocked so much so I will throw you a life line.

    Tuna is one of the more common fish to have high levels of mercury in it. This will depend on where the fish was caught.

    If you are worried about mercury levels you can have heavy metals tested via urine without much hassle. You could also eat other fish with lower mercury contents however in the grand scheme of things, your diet would have to be top notch for this to be something to worry significantly about.
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    Barker got a reaction from Tombo in Body Pump   

    No i fry my chicken in chunks in EVOO, if you're an ecto like me it wont touch you.
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    Barker reacted to Zara-Leoni in jodie Marsh dating a Bodybuilder   

    Not one thing you ever post, ever convinces me you have more than half a brain cell between your ears.....

    Correct, her trainers name is Tim, that isn't him.
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    Barker got a reaction from Zara-Leoni in jodie Marsh dating a Bodybuilder   
    be like waving a flag in the channel
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    Barker got a reaction from expletive in My turn to brag!   

    Just benched 100kg for 2 reps. Sooo happy

    Normally do 90x4 as my heaviest set. But ive started a strength routine which means i do the same weight for 5 sets, 5 reps (stronglifts 5x5). Only on 75kg for today.

    But thought id see if i could do 95. Did 1 rep and it wasnt too bad. So thought fvck it im doing 100. Loaded the bar up, psyched myself up (lots) and banged out a rep, then got cocky and did another! Okay my ar5e did come of the bench a bit but whatever! So pleased been waiting so long to get those triple figures!

    Bear in mind i dont have a spotter and work out in my garage alone so its a little scary trying a weight ive not done before!
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    Barker reacted to Massevil in Social skills   
    i would be on the floor from laughing

    you wouldnt put me there

    and dont lie, if i said that to you in person you wouldnt hit me so no need to act big and bad on the interwebz

    obviously i wouldnt randomly walk up to you and say it

    we would of been talking and stuff, n then id say it like an icebreaker ha

    its good to be cheeky

    obviously not with you lot though
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    Barker got a reaction from Effloresce in Hypersexuality   

    No because i do not have a girlfriemd, nor a booty call, nor anyone thats remotely interested in me. May have had a bit to drink sorry
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    Barker got a reaction from Rubes in I'm going to try Stronglift 5x5   

    Download the .pdf and excel files from the stronglifts website mate they have all the info.

    I think he suggests for absolute noobs to begin with just the bar so they can nail form. I thought about starting a bit heavier than reccomended but thought my body could maybe do with a bit of a de-load, didnt realise how boring it would be! Although dont get me wrong its going to be great when the weight picks up i can tell.

    Another thing i dont like is i used to train 4x a week but now its only 3 and i feel horrible and lazy for it! But im addicted to working out and thouroghly enjoy it so im bound to miss it even if it is just one day haha
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    Barker reacted to shane89 in ideas on how to start a convo with this girl i dont no??   
    or say if its really bad weather out side just go up beside her and just say softly and quietly "can i tickle your cvnt with a feather" she says "what??!!?" you reply " typical country weather"
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    Barker got a reaction from Conscript in which cologne are you wearing at the moment?   

    This legit? Good prices but dont wanna be spraying some old blokes p1ss all over my neck...