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  1. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    Legs last thursday: Extensions to warm u. Pendulum Squats: Worked up to 60kg x 15 reps: Hack Squats: Worked up to 120kg x 15 reps Single Leg Press: 160kg x 8 on right leg and 10 on left leg - this was a savage weight! Single Leg Extensions: 20 on right leg and 22 on left leg: Then finished off with lunges until you drop, managed 60 continuous bodyweight lunges - absolutely brutal.
  2. Bodybuilding and sustainable weight

    I dread to think what that is!
  3. Current: 1.6g Test 400 1.2g Deca 250mg Dbol Total - 3.05g per week
  4. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    Legs tonight so i'll try to get some videos up of the pain.
  5. Hygetropin Real or Fake

    Ok, your Hyge may well contain Gh but the one you have is not the original. What to look out for: Should just quote "Hygene" on the box where yours quotes the website ending with ".cn" Also on the originals there is a pinwheel design on the top of each vial. As i said, its a copy but that doesnt mean to say it contains no GH.
  6. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    Back on Tuesday went like so: Deads: Worked up to 220kg doing dead stops then strained an intercostal muscle (ribs) so only managed 3 reps......awesome! Bent over Rows: Worked up to 140kg x 15 reps - moved the weight down due to rib and ensuring form was spot on, plus i wasnt feeling at my best, didnt really know why. Lat Pull Down: Full stack x 15 reps - really controlled reps Close Grip Pull Downs: Full stack x 15 reps again perfect form Plate loaded seated row: 130kg x 18 reps - 3-4 reps were rest paused. Dumbell Pullovers: 38kg x 15 reps - can defo get more on this now, love the exercise and the stretch on the lats. Biceps were pretty standard after back, nothing to shout about.
  7. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    Hahaha, thanks mate.
  8. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    Christ......ignore the "back on Tuesday" i accidentally had that in there
  9. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    Back on Tuesday: In black? Why thank you x
  10. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    Another pic pre training so no pump:
  11. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    Much more energy in the gym mate and much better pumps too. Cheers mate. I have Wednesday and Sunday off. Gear currently - around 1.5g Test 800 Deca, 50mg Dbol pre workout, 8iu Gh on workout days. I love the stuff mate. Been using it for a couple years now, literally just grabbed Hyge as my source messed up my order so took a Lily instead haha. Would 100% recommend Hyge.
  12. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    Condition check at 19st 9lbs/275lbs
  13. Yea used it right the way until now mate, just thought id end the cycle on this as its the same gear and just to see what its like really, plus it saved me ordering more from NP and paying for it haha.