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  1. Best labs currently

    Hahahahahaha! Yea it’s been a while. Can’t say I ever used Inone myself, a couple of mates did and there was no complaints.
  2. I actually think Test, Deca and Mast is a really nice combination. You could easily do 1ml of each (700mg total per week) and grow really well with minimal sides.
  3. Bac Water

    Cheers mate. Thanks mate.
  4. Is anyone finding it increasingly hard to get hold of bac water? Im running really low and my usual source hasnt had any for ages. Anyone else having the same problem?
  5. Rohm Sphinx or NP

    Ranked for me: 1. NP 2. Sphinx 3. ROHM
  6. I really like Mast in a cycle so i'd probably opt for that.
  7. A single cycle would be perfectly fine, chances are you might want to do another one but who cares, the main thing is you can absolutely keep the new muscle you have aquired with the right training and diet that got you there in the first place.
  8. First timer

    Well remembered mate and i couldnt agree more, people are skipping a whole part of their progression but not utilising an oral only cycle and going straight to injectables, it's ridiculous. My first cycle was 40mg Dbol per day and i put on a stone and a half and kept over a stone of it. Then i had proper time off, something in the realms of 6 months then finally plucked up the courage to do an injectable cycle which was 2 shots of Organon Sust per week, even then, because i hated jabbing i was mostly doing 1ml per week and still grew like a weed. The next cycle was 2ml per week of Sust with Dbol and the trend continues of slowly adding compounds in rather than going balls deep with a first cycle of something idiotic like Test and Deca or Test and Tren.
  9. I have used Hyge extensively over the last few years, the highest i have used was 8iu on training days so 5x per week (40iu) and one things for sure, that is overkill in terms of side effect, the positives were great, i was round and full all year, pumps were awesome in the gym and i managed to stay lean even with a diet that wasnt really that tight at the time. I now use 4iu every other day (workout days) and once again it is keeping me nice and lean considering im nearly 19st @ 6ft 2, recovery is excellent, sleep is great (i take it pre bed) and the extra strength and size that i have achieved on a very basic low dose cycle is brilliant, so i would personally highly recommend it. There is one small caveat, water retention even on 4iu eod is quite noticeable and always remember, what works for me wont necessarily work the same for you, my results are based on years of experimentation and research with regards to diet and training to know exactly what works for me.
  10. First Use..

    My first cycle was Dbol - 40mg a day and i absolutely blew up. Just be mindful that you need a good diet and training plan to accompany any gear.
  11. Deca, Eq or just Test

    First of all you have a wicked physique already mate! Secondly this is a no brainer for me, Test and Deca all day long, i think EQ is absolute garbage which is reflected in how much people have to take to notice anything. I personally have added in Hyge recently and that stuff is a game changer, but that will depend on how much money you have to burn.
  12. Inone Pharma

    Late reply but from what i hear its a reliable lab.
  13. Test e npp eq cycle

    I would drop the Letro immediately, there is no need for it in any cycle.
  14. Currently using NP - Test 400, NPP and Mast E very good stuff indeed.