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  1. Fake dating profiles

    Both these options are very tempting but it also could lead to a lot more agro so hopefully, the account gets put to bed and nothing else comes of it. Fcking pain in the ar$e all this sh1t.
  2. Fake dating profiles

    Do i dare even google that site on my work computer?
  3. Fake dating profiles

    Clearly no one thinks im sexy........apart from you perhaps?
  4. Fake dating profiles

    Shots fired!
  5. Fake dating profiles

    Thanks mate me too! could you imagine.......nice to meet you......."now get in the fckin boot of my car" Think its different over here. Think you only get caught if you post up pics of people naked etc they are coming down hard on it though. Ive emailed already so i hope it works. It feels weird though to know that someone is using your pics to impersonate you plus you just dont know who it is, could be your next door neighbour! Thanks mate.
  6. Fake dating profiles

    I'll do my best.
  7. Fake dating profiles

    I'll pm you.
  8. Fake dating profiles

    Site seems to be a small independent place and that they dont reply to non-members. Fck signing up and doing that, i just want it gone. Hopefully they realise and take it down as ive sent links to my social media profiles to show that its not my name and therefore the pics shouldnt be used as its not me. i just hope i dont get some straggler turn up at my door thinking they've arranged to see me!
  9. Fake dating profiles

    These are quite old pics so nothing like i look now. Physique then would have been achievable mate.
  10. Fake dating profiles

    Thanks. Jesus Christ! Im not 100% that would go down so well, at this rate she'd probably accuse me of doing that anyway, so i'd be twice as bad off!
  11. Fake dating profiles

    Well at this rate i'll be single as the gf knows and clearly isnt happy about it! Then again it dates back to 2015 so technically it would have been way before her anyway but thats not really the point :lol: Hope it didnt cost you too much haha!
  12. Fake dating profiles

    Has anyone ever had a fake profile made using your own pictures etc Im not gonna say where it was but its been found and its dating back to 2015 and im pretty fcked off to say the least. Pretty sure the pictures were taken from here too as the pictures used arent even on my phone. Thoughts/advice? Ive reported it to the site but without signing up i dont know whether they take the profile down while its under review etc anyone with experience of this?
  13. Favoured current labs?

    Personally use NP but heard good things about Triumph and Spinx but i cant say i have used them yet.
  14. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    Pretty much every exercise mate, i go for more reps generally on back and legs, they are more like 12-15 sets of failure, whereas the rest is 8-10.