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    Djibril reacted to Cronus in Tried Tbol on its own before Test came   
    I don't think aas is for you mate. 
    You also sound like a bellend 
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    Djibril reacted to Cronus in Tren only cycle   
    You need to test, tren on its own will just put too much muscle on you too quickly 
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    Djibril got a reaction from Crackerman in ROHM new batch   
    2 days after jabbing a cypionate ester libido and mood already up? You ever heard about placebo?
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    Djibril reacted to Simon90 in Doing a cycle around work rota   
    What is your training and diet like for the 2 weeks you are away? 
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    Djibril reacted to swole troll in When to take Anti Estero?   
    What's an anti estro? 
    Without being pedantic, I genuinely do not know if that is suppose to be a SERM or an AI.
    If the former then generally post cycle unless you have unmanageable gynecomastia formation on cycle.
    If the latter then you're already using one in the form of anastrazole. 
    Either way seems you went on ill equipped in regards to knowledge. 
    I suggest you read the first three of these threads linked in the OP of this one: 
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    Djibril reacted to ElChapo in AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo   
    Been a while since i read up on Ment (no personal experience), but friends have ran it and they liked it. Very potent, but it's a progestin, so it may cause gyno like trenbolone in some users. People are always looking for the next best anabolic steroid, i like to recommend the basic stacks and a focus on the important fundamentals (caloric surplus, progressive overload, rest/recovery).  Not sure about doses anymore since i forgot what was usually taken, but if i recall correctly, it's very potent, so doses are pretty tame compared to other AAS.
    Halo is supposed to increase aggression and power. I was not impressed, but some powerlifters swear by it. 
    Insulin should only be used by advanced bodybuilders who already have a solid level of musculature and are trying to get to that freak level of mass and development. You need to be extremely careful as you can end up in the hospital and even dead in a hypoglycemic coma. It's no joke and not worth it for most people. Most guys don't want to be big enough to ever need insulin. It should be used with HGH for their combined synergistic effect.  MK677 could possibly be used, although i would rather stack it with metformin since they are both milder versions of insulin/HGH.  This is experimental territory and all theoretical though.
    In real practice, trenbolone is not that much more potent than deca/nandrolone. I would say MG per MG they will work almost as well as each other. Tren dries you out more which gives you more 3D look and the appearance of more muscle/fat loss. Some guys respond much more to either compound. Some guys get crazy results from trenbolone and others not so much, only way to find out is to experiment.
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    Djibril reacted to G-man99 in Anavar cramps   
    Potassium and taurine help with cramp issues
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    Djibril got a reaction from Tropicana in What Lab for Anavar ?   
    Just curious, Are you getting paid on vials or cash m8?
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    Djibril reacted to boutye911 in Test level on Dunning gear   
    The way you put a capital letter at the start of every word makes me want to commit mass murder. 
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    Djibril reacted to Baka in AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo   
    @ElChapo Is 2iu of HGH ed in the late 20's useful for injuries , health in general ?
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    Djibril reacted to stuey99 in New triumph   
    I guess he'll probably drop you a message once he cleans your dribble off him 
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    Djibril reacted to Shergar in New triumph   
    Your inbox should be flooded this morning buddy
    I like your lack of subtlety 
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    Djibril got a reaction from Baka in BlastinG year Round?   
    @Clubber Lang have you done a ct scan score on your heart, etc?
    I wouldn't base my health solely on blooodwork sp cially after so many years blasting
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    Djibril got a reaction from Baka in BlastinG year Round?   
    @Clubber Lang have you done a ct scan score on your heart, etc?
    I wouldn't base my health solely on blooodwork sp cially after so many years blasting
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    Djibril reacted to Simon90 in New triumph   
    Just started using their test undec 2 days ago, best gear I’ve ever used, absolute rocket fuel I tell ya, potent as f**k! 
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    Djibril reacted to Towel in RU58841. Miricale breakthrough in preventing on cycle hair loss?   
    Someone had to say it 
    fu**ing head and shoulders would give him gyno.
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    Djibril reacted to CaneCorsoX2 in Cutting Cycle Review   
    I'm going to sound harsh, but I think a reality check is due here.
    Tbh if it was my 4th cycle and I was 180lbs in your condition I'd be a little disappointed. 
    Training or diet is off. 
    To get 'lean/shredz' you're going to need to lose a lot more than 8-15lbs. 
    Before you add more peds, I'd suggest re-evaluating your diet and training. 500mg of test only is more than enough for you to diet on. 
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    Djibril reacted to sitries in 300mg primo worth it   
    I’m currently cruising on 125mg test and 200mg primo and loving it. Gona double doses soon for 8 weeks and then double them again for another 8 weeks before dropping back to the cruise doses. To be honest I’ve never felt as good as I do to right now on gear. 
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    Djibril reacted to stuey99 in Superdrol & Anadrol   
    I don't think it will do you any harm mate 
    Just questioning what you'll get in terms of extra gains in return for possible extra sides
    I know I'm getting old and boring lol but when I look at someone running test, deca and mast...then orals on top...
    My thinking these days is...what are the orals gonna give ya on a risk/reward ratio that the 3 injectables aren't 
    I can see the reasoning for one oral here, but purely as a kick-start 
    Just my thoughts...not saying they're right or wrong...just putting them out there
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    Djibril reacted to Bensif in New triumph   
    The above example is a different scenario as you have a variable changed. Let’s put that aside.
    Impurities fall into three categories; organic impurities, inorganic impurities and residual solvents. The presence of any of these (and they can all vary based on what has happened during the compound synthesis) can and will affect things such as bioavailability. With pharmaceutical manufacturing processes there is a set criteria for the presence of these and the tolerances.
    Il give you an example of where a compound can have 2 forms, that are essentially the same compound with Drastically different characteristics; polymorphism. If you do a little reading on this it will probably be more informative than anything I write. Basically polymorphism is the existence of two or more chemical compounds that are identical in terms of chemical content but have different chemical arrangements. Whilst this isn’t necessarily my original point (although it is linked in drug manufacturing) it is a good example of where ‘test is test’ can actually be false.
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    Djibril reacted to TERBO in Dianabol for a begginner   
    20mg a day for 6 weeks is a good starting dose, this was my first cycle and made great gains with no bloat.
    Use nolva alongside @ 10/20mg a day if worried about gyno, then do a PCT with clomid @ 50mg/nolva @ 20mg a day for few weeks.
    For recovery add in Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Ashwagandha etc.
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    Djibril reacted to Simon90 in rohm var 10s gone yellow?   
    My bellend is purple but doesn’t mean it’s a grape mate. 
    colours change all the time it’s g2g 
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    Djibril reacted to Cronus in New triumph   
    Not sure, probably the same reason why my s**t sense of humor and sarcasm is wasted in this thread 
    So what we saying about the Orals and gh big man? 
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    Djibril reacted to MrLulz in A drug you wont ever touch again ?   
    Those suggesting that mdma is different now to how it was 20-30 years ago - it isn't. You're different, not it. Mdma loses it's magic. Repeated usage, especially heavy repeated usage, alters your brain chemistry, potentially permanently. It's not even about tolerance, or if it is, it's a tolerance that never leaves you, whether it's a year since you last took it or 30 years. 
    A 20 year old kid using pure mdma for the first time now would get the same loved up euphoric experience you got in the 1990s.
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    Djibril reacted to js77 in Cruise amount   
    I didn't think you did tbh.......... was about to call you every kunt under the sun!!!!!!!