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  1. Hello elchapo hope you are doing well. Are there any supplement in particular you would recomend for a 73 year old. For energy purposes I told her to have a bloodwork panel done, shes very active for her age, all day doing agricultural work so that aint helping much i guess
  2. My levels were at 340 at 28 years old and i managed to build some muscle that way too, so i doubt its a low test issue. Make sure your training is intense enough and you are paying attention to your diet
  3. I've read @swole trollrates highly anavar at no 100 mgs daily
  4. Ditching whey altogether

    why would you notice any issues dropping whey? Given that you will be eating the same amount from other sources, even better if its coming from whole foods. As @shergar stated, its a matter of practicity and makes it easier to reach certain total of grams per protein. Btw idk what through the roof prices you are talking about, even if you are a cheap c**t , plenty of bulk companies offer even isolates at very affordable prices and most likely cheaper then most other protein sources
  5. Redcon1 Breach BCAA - Offer

    Bcaa are a waste of money
  6. Unless someone tested them all and you get the exact same batch theres no way to know. Just pick the labs that been around for long enough and have mostly good reviews, ie. Rohm
  7. HCG estrogen spike

    Well, aromasin worked great when I was on 250mg test and 1500 iu HCG. I had extremely oily skin to the point i would wash my face with a special oily skin cleaner and a couple hours later my forehead looked like someone rubbed me with olive oil. Half a tab aromasin twice a week sorted it in a couple of days.
  8. ROHM new batch

    @Thedynamitekid 2 days after jabbing a cypionate ester libido and mood already up? You ever heard about placebo?
  9. ROHM new batch

    Just pin it , if you are not sure a few weeks later, since its testosterone, you can just do bloodwork and stop guessing. As per the batch. Looks ok to me, i do have some which are identical to yours
  10. Keifei

    Highly used in my country. Fairly good lab, j would definitely recommend it
  11. BlastinG year Round?

    When theres a reason or a symptom it can be too late in my opinion.. Im not saying you have anything ofcourse, just because a lot of people read these forums, there should be precaution. Ive had a full heart/kidney check before i did my first cycle which wasn't even a cycle at the beggining but TRT and now im planning on checking my heart every year as a precaution..
  12. BlastinG year Round?

    @Clubber Lang have you done a ct scan score on your heart, etc? I wouldn't base my health solely on blooodwork sp cially after so many years blasting
  13. Injections getting harder

    I use 25 G 5/8" for quads , lats and used to do delts also which im currently giving a break
  14. Cruise amount

    Lol didn't meant to say that. The exact opposite actually. I said even Peds not being addictive in the sense of missing a dose and going mad , like heroin does. Once you start using peds, its a mindfuck, 9 out of 10 will not stop .
  15. Cruise amount

    As crazy as it is to push cocaine or mdma every weekend for years on end. While its not as addictive as heroin, it fu**ing is lol. You pull the plunger of taking AAS and you will do crazy s**t to your body even if you do it for fun like most of the people on these boards.