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  1. Calories too high?

    I for sure hope this is a troll.
  2. No they are not. Arenis is a great lab, go ahead and give it a shot op
  3. Is that a genetic thing or is something i should look at, and if so what exactly? On a day to day life i can say my digestion is pretty well on point, i never had any issues Found a good study although extreme long, there are many issues that can cause T4 malabsorption, will look a bit further into it just out of curioscity https://academic.oup.com/edrv/article/40/1/118/5198605 Conclusion Gastrointestinal malabsorption of oral T4 is more frequent than previously reputed and may account for a significant fraction of refractory hypothyroidism. On this ground, an accurate individualization of hormonal treatment helps in the detection of gastrointestinal T4 malabsorption. Although the site of T4 absorption is the small intestine, gastric pH emerges as a major prerequisite for the efficacy of tablet T4 treatment. An increased need for T4 should induce the endocrinologist to start a diagnostic workup, based on the clinical features and on the prevalence of gastrointestinal disorders. Despite the growing number of studies, some questions are far from being clarified. The pathophysiologic mechanisms of T4 absorption at the intestinal level are not yet completely defined, as shown by a number of patients in whom the cause of an increased need for T4 remains obscure. In particular, the intestinal transport pathways, the actual contribution of the enterohepatic recycling, and the role of microbiota composition in the absorption of T4 in humans are issues for future studies.
  4. Thats interesting. I was taking 5000 iu for a long while then increases up to 10000 daily which i was talking for 3 months yet my levels are still under 40 ( always with a fatty meal and from a reputable company NOW foods)
  5. Test e with caster oil

    Greek Normas Test enanthate are made with Castor oil though i guess not that easy to find and they are not cheap either, 6,5 euros in the pharmacy per 1ml ampoule
  6. Ive been searching for EPH lately too, have only found a UK UGL website selling the Kaizen one, anyone tried it?
  7. Addings to what was mentioned above regarding fouad abiad kidney health, he has said numerous times that he had uncontrolled high blood pressure for many years and as we all know that can put your kidneys in a really bad state.
  8. Lucky ive got test E probably from an older batch and been running it for half a year now and never had any sort of PIP or issue anywhere ive pinned.
  9. Dianabol any good?

    Listening to many videos of Broderick Chavez, he doesn't always recommends test as a base. He says dianabol, boldenone, as any other compounds that belong to that chain can be used as a base. He gave the example of old era bodybuilders that did not use test but dianabol and primobolan for example. Dianabol was manufactured as 5mg tabs in order to be used as TRT
  10. Keifei is a great lab
  11. Not saying its the solution for everything mate, just personal preference
  12. 3 times a week or even EOD with slin pins. Its Not a forum thing, less fluctuations have many advantages long term. Look at dr Robert Stevens whos most Trt patients are on Every day protocols. Same with many good Usa trt clinics. To each his own though, whatever suits you the best
  13. relaxofine for gyno

    I tried 12 weeks of 60mgs pharm grade raloxifene daily and i didn't notice any difference on my pubertal gyno. Surgery is the only way, was worth trying though so there's no doubt that it could've worked
  14. Bayer testoviron and danabol ds ( blue hearts)