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  1. Cruise amount

    Lol didn't meant to say that. The exact opposite actually. I said even Peds not being addictive in the sense of missing a dose and going mad , like heroin does. Once you start using peds, its a mindfuck, 9 out of 10 will not stop .
  2. Cruise amount

    As crazy as it is to push cocaine or mdma every weekend for years on end. While its not as addictive as heroin, it fu**ing is lol. You pull the plunger of taking AAS and you will do crazy s**t to your body even if you do it for fun like most of the people on these boards.
  3. What Lab for Anavar ?

    Just curious, Are you getting paid on vials or cash m8?
  4. A buddy of a friend of mine has bloodwork running test and Eq with his usual AI dose and his e2 levels were tanked. It is something highly talked on reddit, i guess the more bloodwork people do, the more we can learn if it does work like that.
  5. Dimensions yohimbine

    I've only taken one pill to check it out along with my preworkout and definitely felt it. Jittery feeling and cold sweats. Will try again at some point and let you know
  6. Microwave rice bags?

    Not worth it in my opinion You can literally for 20 pounds get a rice cooker which will get it perfect every time. You can pay more and buy an automatic one, set it the night before and have it freshly cooked when you wake up before leaving for work. Id give the extra cash for higher quality meat. Fish eegs and vegetables
  7. If i were you i would seek for proffesional help. Therapy can help in many ways you cant even imagine. Now in regards to what i do , if you care so much let me inform you ive been on TRT which was not caused from steroid use, and first step after dialing in was to increase my dose to 250mgs and now a bit more, slowly but surely. What im trying to say to the OP is that if a Pct is on plan, then 250 mgs of test, which if correctly dosed will get your test levels to maybe 20-30% bit higher then high normal then you will have to go through the ups and downs of PCT. It is my opinion and i will give it regardless if you like it or not
  8. I wouldn't suppress myself for a 250 mg test cycle but thats me. @daringhorseprops to you if anyone read that book you wrote there mate.. take some spaces next time
  9. Tudca source

    Premiumraws does tudca. Ive seen they do offers from time to time, otherwise seems a bit expensive to me.
  10. How to take AAS safely?

    Moderate doses of test and primo. Do your cardio, mantain healthy levels of body fat, control your BP. Stay away from orals and 19 nors. Nobody can guarantee anything though but if i wanted the "healthiest way" thats what i would do
  11. Nobody has gained that. The amount of s**t people post up in the forums. Like your virgin cycle that will get you 10 kgs of tissue..lol if it was that easy we would all look like james hollingshead by now. f**k the numbers, someone whos diet is bad, takes dbol and other aromatising compounds for example, has high body fat, may gain a lot of pounds during cycle, that doesn't mean its lean tissue, but a fuckload of water and fat
  12. If you choose cocaine, i would stack it with a lot of alcohol. Alcohol first, get a bit wasted then sniff
  13. Insulin pins for AAS

    I've been backfilling nd using slin pins the last 10 months. Have only used delts and quads. At some point i want to add chest and lats too, the pecs scare the hell out of me lol
  14. Either tell the truth or just say you had bloodwork done and your doc says you have hypogonadism and you may need TRT. Then it's just your medication with some extra vitamins
  15. Cutting isnt easy

    Get a coach mate and everything will get easier. Id rather invest in a coach rather then spend more on peds