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  1. You have to read a damn lot more before you even consider a first cycle in my opinion
  2. Heres a bit of information regarding EQ working as an AI. Here's a reddit discussion about it too
  3. I drink more then 2 liters pre-intraworkout let alone all day Drink more water bud
  4. Best labs currently

    Holy s**t this thread. You definitely need some legit pharm grade AI. I smell a lot of estrogen in here
  5. Galenika test e

    Yeah i know mate was just kidding lol. In regards of pharma vs UGL, given that i can get pharm grade at the price of UGL right from the pharmacy, without risking it being fake, then i dont believe anyone, including yourself would pick a UGL instead of a genuine pharm grade product if both are the same price. Now if UGL is at half the price, yeah most meatheads, including myself, would go the UGL route.
  6. Galenika test e

    Everyone should use whatever they like tho. For some a lidls ribeye is the"same" as a high grade Wagyu or a premium black angus rib eye.
  7. Do you have/had a dog/puppy?

    Currently have a Rottweiler, 5 years old. That frenchie is looking really good, thinking in the future i may get a frenchie at some point, the bastards look so funny i like them, plus they dont require as much physical activity
  8. Tren a sleepers

    Ditch the tren if you cant sleep. In order to progress you have to dial Nutrition, training and rest, if you dont sleep like you should, then you are taking out one of the more important things you can do in order to get better.. Not worth it imo I would never take sleep meds for that reason
  9. Nah mate the exact opposite. I mean he wasnt pushing year round intake but to cycle off and run it only for short periods thats why it sounded legit to me
  10. Actually Dr. Dean also recommends tudca after the cycle or so i read on the free week trial on the jp forum lol. He also touches on flush niacin . He recommends taking it for certain periods for 6-8 weeks then stopping it, i think off cycle too. Dont remembef the reason but its on his instagram in the stories he makes an analysis on Hdl
  11. I mean out of the products that i can find Pharmaceutical grade, i always prefer it over UGL. Testosterone, proviron, Aromasin, Hcg, Nolva, ralox, thyroid meds.. All of these i buy pharmaceutical grade becuase ive got access and im 1000% sure that they have what they say on the label. For the rest yes, of course i use UGL and thats because i have no option there, if there was pharm grade tren, masteron and whatever and i had easy access, ofc i would use it over any UGL
  12. I do but if i have access to pharm grade i prefer it over any UGL
  13. Depends on what you prefer. Using a med for your pct that is made in a basement lab by a person whos not a chemist and is using raws sent from china and never tested them or one made in a multi million company with extremely good equipment, testing and qualified personnel..
  14. Yeah since i just started cycling im gonna probably first play around it with a few compounds to see how i react and what happens to the gyno and at some point i will have to go the surgery route
  15. Yup 1000% legit. Bought directly in the pharmacy