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    Super -ingh got a reaction from DaveCW in You can shag any one person: Who would it be?...   

    Dno how old she is but bloody hell. No doubt
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    Super -ingh reacted to FelonE in Black genetics   
    They try and make out they're joking or just pointing out differences between races but it's obvious. The kind of racists that wouldn't say sh1t to a black man face to face. Don't get me wrong there's been some non-white racists on here too chatting sh1t,got banned though.
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    Super -ingh reacted to Jason Gray in Alpha Pharma Alphabol or March Dabolbol blue hearts d bol??   
    There is an outstanding amount of bollocks written on this, well done for contributing.
    Ur taking 8 years old Dbol if you find March (which you won't). March lost prod/dist rights for Dbol for exporting illegally. Check March in MIMS, chk March's website.
    March only make Methyltest and Test-Prop officially (not that you can find them anywhere in Thailand).
    March released a statement saying all Body Research are counterfeits. That's step 1, step 2...now forget it, even though BR are clearly using identical (the same?) production/bottling/labelling facilities, do not try to get BR shut-down, take no legal action.
    ..in fact, no one is stopping BR copying, MIMS licenses for Testolic and Cypionax are with T P Drugs (manuf) and Meridian (dist), but again, BR are everywhere with their 100% legit, identical counterfeits...
    ...doesn't take Poirot supported by a team of rocket scientists to work this out.
    Unigen have started releasing their products again...just as confusing as the above...they dissolved in HK in 2012...an Indian company, Samarth, are now making the Unigen line. Unigen HK have gone. Unigen Life Sciences India has popped up though. The serious coincidence is that they have the same directors and address as Alpha Pharma.
    This is all out there in black and white if you want to look as opposed to blurting out bollocks.
    Re fake AP products because they don't authorise, I'd check whether you putting in a '1' or a capital 'L', tends to sort out 90% of authorisation issues as Dead Lee has already pointed out somewhere.
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    Super -ingh reacted to Russian_88 in Going back on, but what brand ?   
    My little collection lol I have addiction buying and using gear lmao these all left overs from previous cycles or spares that I never got to use. 
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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    2nd day back in the gym after doing absolutely nothing for about 2 weeks. Been hit with loads of work recently, mad rush before xmas, stupid where ive been and done, and what times ive had to get up and got back. Usually always like this around this time. Being self employed i have to grab it all. TBH its around this time of year i make most of my money.
    anyways, got back in the gym yesterday, did chest and biceps and......i was aching 4 hours later lol. My triceps were shattered, struggled pushing myself up out the sofa and bed lol. Outer tits were aching too ha.
    did legs today, feck me, my hamstrings kept giving way when i was walking everywhere afterwards lol. Just dont know why im aching so badly so quickly. Probably been stuck in a van driving round the country for weeks on end and not lifting a finger has taken its toll  lol
    works steady now so more time free to train. Banging in the norma and dec more often now, with 100mg var ED. Want some quick size increase before xmas and new years. Gotta get rdy for factory shutdown friday, blood bath, and then deal with pi$$ed up nobs around xmas and cant wait to ruin someones NY! lol. This time last year i was running Androxine, jesus, that turned me into a animal. NY eve i destroyed 3 drugged up lads who attacked an elderly couple on theyre when home. Bastards!
    roll on the festive season! lol
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    Super -ingh reacted to mrwright in What happens if you inject test in middle of buttox   
    That guy has a very small asscrack
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    Super -ingh reacted to beastmode84 in ECA & Clen results/reviews   
    12 weeks eph 30mg twice a day with 200mg caffiene each time no aspirin. 1650-1850 cals a day 60% protein 20% carb 20% fat. Heavy weights followed by 30 mins HIT

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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    well, was a cold night on the doors, proper baltic. Got warmed up at the end of the shift when some lad decided to take on the World, why, i havent a clue. Just got a black eye from his mum kicking me in the face! lol
    He was inside my place and not a sausage of aggression, so something triggered him to kick off outside at clearing out time. Heard something happening and noticed my door lads were outside, so had a walk out. Spotted my team breaking something up so went over to have a look. Young had kicking off, punched some other lad, reason unknown. His mum trying to push him back, but he was having none of it. Pushed her out the way and screaming abuse at her. Then he made the mistake of starting the bouncers. Locked eyes and gave me a load of s**t. Moved my team back but he wasnt listening, he got too close and got a quick slap by a doorman, then i pushed it back and onto his arse and he was getting within firing range. Mum again trying to help but nothing. I member of the public who knows him tried to stop him and calm him down but the nob ended up fighting him, both fell to the floor so we went over. As i was trying to pull the lad off him his mum kicked me in face, right in the eye. Not a nice black and blue bruise now with some redness, tut! Another doorman pulled her away and locked her up. By this time the idiot kicking off was still on the floor and not letting go of the lad who tried to help. Only one thing to do as his back was facing me, topless back, he took it off so must 'mean business' lol. Had enough so blasted him 3 times full force in his ribs, BOSH!! He let go and locked him up in a restraint. Knew he was hurting and had the stuffing knocked out of him, his body was jelly and wasnt fighting back. Plus the fact he said "please can i sit down" lol. Lowered him slowly and moved back. He was quiet, got up and started to walk down the road.......only to come back up. t**t! He had foam round his mouth, drugged up! Coppers finally came but only watched him walk away, never even got out theyre cars!!! Shocking!
    apparently hes going to get his boys and do us (doormen) over tonight. I cant wait personally, but know he wont show. Id be surprised if i didnt break his floating rib, or some ribs. I can still hear the echo from the shots i gave him lol.
    fecking tramps!
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from safc49 in Best country to visit to bring back Gear   

    Local pharmacies far away from tourists have cheaper gear but cancun is an absolute rip. Not worth buying from there it's much much more expensive than uk

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    Super -ingh reacted to testosquirrel in French terrorist attacks   
    th reason we are aways shocked when a sane normal country gets attackd is because it doesn't happen..however backwards s**t holes with stone age rules and constant oppression haven't changed and will never change and as long as islam is in existence they laws and ways will always be savage backward retarded. If ppl read the koran and can't see how brutal savage contradicting pathetic and out of time it is and choose to live by it then fck them...should have stayed out of it and let them destroy each other ..if the majority really wanted change then they could at leadt try make it happen instead of living by stone age rules made up by a chold rapiing mass murderer. ..if u read the koran u know exact wat its about and u either follow it or denounce it like any sane person would..imo the ones picking and choosing parts and are denying the savagery which is over 60% of the book btw areust as bad and in denial..ask any muslim in the street about their ideal man and prophet being a murdering child rapist war mongerer and they can't abswer u without simply saying why are u doing this why are u racist..some flat out deny momo marryi g a 6 year old and say  you cant know thar because u cant read arabic and the english version has mistakes just to get out of situation they can't defend.. women are oppressed in lslamic  states because they choose to live by the stone aged book of male sexual conviniences and do nothing abput it..which is sort of understandable as they dont want to get stoned to death  .but if it truly was true that the majority don't agree with laws and rules  from the shitty book then surely the majority would be able to at least make some change or leave or die trying. .
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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    chest today.
    Incline bb press, smith;
    12x 50kg
    8x 90kg
    5x 110kg
    Seated hammer press;
    10x 40kg ES
    8x 60kg ES
    5x 70kg ES
    DB incline flys;
    12x 70lb
    8x 80lb
    7x 80lb
    Machine preacher curls;
    2x failure sets at 3/4 stack, can never remember weight. 3rd set, did 2 reps then got cramp on my left forearm, so quit.
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    Super -ingh reacted to UlsterRugby in steroids give you muscle without training .....   
    I would agree as my diet is terrible I drink up to 50 cans of Stella a week depending on the week but I inject 800mg test currently with 1mg Adex m/w/f and I'm doing just fine. 
    Test is brilliant even more so for lazy people like me who can't be bothered to diet or train religiously 
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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    will jump on the scales tomorrow morning at the gym, but was bang on 18st last week. 
    diets getting back on track, chicken and steak ED, had steak twice yesterday. Just trying to fill my face with fairly clean snacks between meals. Bought some brownies of TPWs other day, theyre gorgeous. 25g sachets of beef jerky is on offer again in Lidl, £1. Theyre £2.10 for 40g bags in the supermarkets.
    gear, doing 500mg norma and 500mg dec at the moment, EW, with 100mg naps ED. Wanted to get this week out the way and if training carries on decent then i'll increase to 1g norma with 500mg dec.
    didnt train today, woke up with a sore lower back, tip of my spine area. Think its down to long drives, but boy was it sore. Sat on ice packs to num it. Decided to train tomorrow instead, missus is at work so got most of the day on my own.
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from DubSelecta in Dave Crossland.......Under Construction   
    Regularly updates elsewhere...he admitted thst he is struggling at this weight and it's takin it's toll BUT he is aware of the risks and regularly takes bloods and gets his checks done. This is an expiriment which he is doing and fair play to him he is very uncomfortable but prodding along with it
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from mcrewe123 in Flying to New York with a criminal record   
    They see drugs much worse than fighting so as above go see embassy and u will prob have to do the full I view. May even ask u to do a drug test aswell. But start sorting that asap
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from diesel09 in CT Fletcher Film   
    Cheers bro
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from alan_wilson in Had some nice news yesterday   
    Man ur a complete legend. Huge respect to u Alan
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    Super -ingh reacted to will69176 in Whit stuff in piss   
    On serious note!on a serious note it could be a yeast infection or something similar, you probably need a professional opinion.
    Or maybe you swallowed too much semen for your body to digest and now it's coming out in your urine!
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    Super -ingh reacted to will69176 in Whit stuff in piss   
    this happened because you are natty, you need to take steroids.
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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    rest day today, was off work too. Went to Meadowhall with the missus for a look round. 1.5g test EW and Victoria Secrets is dangerous to my bank account lol !
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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    well first day of the bank holiday didnt let us down. 00:20am, "DANCE FLOOR, DANCE FLOOR!" Ran in to see a brawl of people, just pushing and pulling each other to start with. Saw two of my lads locking up two males but then got theyre friends on theyre backs trying to seperate and pull them free. Was a case of grabbing what/who you could to help and hope your other door lads are doing the same. Was holding some idiot bent over face down, his head facing into me, next thing i know hes swinging and punching my legs/quads, knew it was coming, BOSH, right in my meat and two veg, which TBF the veg have shrank so wasnt as painful as i expected lol. Had enough of this guy as i looked up and lads were still fighting. Just looked down and sent a wave of body shots into him till he fell on his knees, then managed to get him to the fire exit before putting him through the door. Dont know how it happened but somehow both male groups seperated. One group now outside the back fire exit and the other stood inside looking out, worked out very well as i was a mess at the start. Escorted 4 lads round the side of the venue and out the front, then went back to tell the other group to stay put. On my way back to the front door however i saw some of the group inside had left through the front main door and it all kicked off again. At this point, till i got there, there was only 1 doorman at the door, and as he was trying to seperate them he got hit and cut around the eye. I quickly stormed up, blasted someone bear hugging my doorman as another one of his mate was punching him, then pushed the git who was swinging away, only for him to decide to have a pop at me. Gave him a right, wasnt the best, but he came back and as he missed a connected with my 2nd, KO before he hit the deck! Then just as i jumped onto a male who was on top of another male punching him in the face a WPC came running over and CS sprayed the lot of us!! My doorman with a cut eye got most of it, luckily i turned at the last minute but got a good amount in my left eye. It stings!! The situation did look bad, but was she wasnt targeting anyone with her spray, just used it against a group of people, including doorstaff. My mate was fuming, was blinded by it and bleeding. After it calmed down two Sgt's came over to speak to him and was proper arse licking him. I think they knew she was out of order using the CS, which is classed as a firearm, and didnt want my mate to make a complaint or statement.
    roll on tonight and sunday!!
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from p_oisin22 in Help with Test E choice?   
    Got the bayer clear amps from Thailand. ..s**t is easily best test I ran. Much better than cido aswell
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    Super -ingh reacted to lewishart in 1 gram of Test?   
    Probably one of the most knowledgable guys on this forum mate, i wouldnt downtalk about him to be honest with you. His diet was spot on, and he was in really good shape.

    5-6g is high, but its not that high when your running 2g test, 1g EQ, a 19-nor in there, 100mg ED of a oral which is 700mg in itself. 
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from walton21 in dbol only?   
    U done well, jus keep the food and the training intensity the same during pct. Time off and then do another cycle...once u do your pct after the second d run compare your pics and you should have gained well if u have kept consistent
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    Super -ingh reacted to G-man99 in How moderately do you guys drink alcohol?...   
    Every few weeks will have a good drink, guess I'm a binge drinker as can do without for ages but when I get on it I like a good session