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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    gonna tell the gaffer this week that from September im knocking saturdays on the head. Get Bank Holiday weekend out the way then cut my saturday off, just do fridays. If he gets mardy i'll f**k both days off and then he'll have twice the size whole to fill. 
    hopefully day work will continue as it is, im self employed, and doors is just a fall back job, and hopefully the missus will soon get an extra days shift where she is, shes been after it for ages and think it will happen, so her extra income will make up the hours i miss on saturdays. 
    missus is happy im finally considering knocking the doors on the head, or at least having saturday off so we can go out for meals, drinking, catching up with people or simply having a night in together on the sofa. She has seen my attitude change over the last few months as things have got worse at weekends. Came home this weekend with cuts on my right knuckles and scratch marks on my arm. And saturday morning two nobs from town we've had issues with recently came into the gym when i was training. One of them tried to blind side me a few weeks ago. Stormed over raging to f**k and asked if they had something to say or shall we go outside now and i'll smash f**k out of both of you. Shouting top of my voice, whole gym stopped. Bastards coward away didnt they, one apologised saying he was off his tits but the other was just a cheeky f**k. Offered him out there and then but he came out with "i'll meet you up town". Other words he bottled it there and then but when hes out friday or saturday night hes off his tits on phet so he'll be harder to deal with. Swear to God if i bump into either when i quit the doors im gonna flatten theyre heads. Carried on training back after that, raging so fitting more than what i should, now my bicep/forearms are strained and struggling to stretch them out lol. Probably f**ked my arms up for the rest of the week! Grrrr!
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from smokeyd260721n in test 400   
    IMO nothing wrong with front loading 20-30mg of good quality dbol for 4-5 weeks.

    stick to 1ml a week and enjoy the world of anabolics
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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    DOMS today, shoulders, tris, traps, all aching like a bitch. God help me tomorrow with legs lol.
    work last night, busy but nothing to report.
    oh, got engaged today too 
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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    yeah, will start some very soon, 1mg ED lol. 
    TBH i go brown quick, got olive skin already, so will look like a native by the 2nd day lol.
    hopefully look like this with my first Cuban;
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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    back and shoulders today, great sesh for upper body pump.
    got there and within about 30 seconds i burst out laughing. Was two rude boys wearing wrist supports, gloves and belts, but training arms?!!  Before i put my headphones in i heard one saying to the other "come on, its holiday season!"......oh dear. lol.
    I started training and noticed they were only training biceps, doing every exercise known to man! I was at one end of the gym and looked in a mirror to see both were sat on opposite benches facing each other curling in rhythm. I tried to take a sneaky picture but one just moved before i could take it. Ha.
    i carried on with my sesh, switching from shoulders to back etc, so trained two body parts. By the time id finished, they had just finished biceps and now started triceps! lol God knows how long they were there before i entered the gym, and God knows when they left lol.
    BB shoulder press;
    15x 50kg
    10x 70kg
    8x 90kg
    Lat pulldowns;
    12x 55kg
    10x 75kg
    7x 115kg
    Cable extensions;
    10x 50lb
    8x 65lb
    8x 65lb
    Cable rows;
    10x 150lb
    8x 250lb
    7x 250lb
    Machine rear delts;
    2x failure sets 3/4 stack, weight unknown.
    got some Cooper Pharma sust and test-prop today;

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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    well, what a finish to a door shift last night. Some pissed up nobs tried to run me and my doors lads down before driving off, clipping a woman, some other bloke on the bonnet who slid off when they drove round a corner! Another story to tell for a few years lol.
    started just before kicking out time. Some drunked young lad tried to walk off from the bar with drinks that werent his. Some guy just got served and was paying when some random lad helped himself. Older guy gave him some s**t and with the young lad giving more back. Bare in mind the older guy was about 6ft 4, and the youngster was about 5ft 5 and about 6 stone lol. Doorstaff seperated them and the younger lad with a mate walked out. Told the other to finish his drinks with his mates then home time, no problem. Walked back to the front door and the young lads were there, giving it big'un to each other, "im gonna one bomb him!"  Was laughable.
    20mins later the older group came out and started to walk up the street, then the youngsters followed. We jogged up as knew what was gonna happen, plan on jumping them. Told them to f**k off etc and they did, but only get half way back to my door before the same group chased the lads to a car park, where two were in theyre car already, and one on his own. They tried to fight but the older guy dropped them. Group got bigger and we seperated, pushing the young 15ft tall Stella hard nut action men drinkers back.
    Next we hear a car revving, looked behind and bottom car park black car no lights on. He put his foot down and drove straight for everyone. My mate said you best get out the way but thought f**k that, they'll stop. They did stop, last min and turned into the group of doorlads. A few pulled mates out the way just in time but one of my lads was on the bonnet! All hell broke loose. I was on the drivers side and gave a right into the window hoping to smash it, had gloves on with knuckle protectors so was expecting the bastard to smash, didnt lol, just bounced off. They smash easy in movies! lol. Was well upset and about that and tren kicked in, went berserk, just started volleying the car doors with my steel toe cap boots and trying to rip the handles/doors open. Car then spun off, clipped an old woman, fell to the floor, actually  thought she went under the wheels but thank God she didnt. Another lad who was on the bonnet at the same time then slid off when they drove round a corner.
    Got number plate and luckily there was a remote camera being controlled by the Police watching it all happen. Lad on the bonnet had a cut hip, nothing major. Old lady was fine, wet herself bless her, but other than that thankfully no one was hurt. Could have been so much worse, if they didnt stop the first time would have been 3/4 door lads ran over. Got names already, if its not the Police knocking on theyre doors it'll be some hard pipe hitting ni~~ers! Probably already happened. Find out more tomorrow when i meet up with boss.
    still gutted the window didnt go through! lol
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    Super -ingh reacted to Ares in Clubbers Cycle....   
    I love reading these 
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from zak1990 in Deca   

    I ran deca a couple times and gotta say i loved it. Strength was good...eating was high but it made me recover so damn quick even after brutal sessions, nothing compares
    BUT it Does shut me down hard so these days it's test only for me....altho I prob will give the deca and tren 1 more go at some point
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from Gaijin in 2nd cycle: The Gains Awaken....hopefully   
    Calorie deficit, cardio will be key. But start low and gradually adjust both as the weeks go on brother. Mirror is your friend
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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    havent got to go back unless i notice other moles change shape etc. She checked all the moles she could see on my back and through my chest fur, those are fine. Was told to take some digital pics of moles im unsure of and compare a month or two down the line.
    TBH the mole that was cancerous i couldnt see myself due to the position of it between my shoulder blades, and my missus who ive been with for 10 years said it had always looked the same since we've been together. Just caught it in time i suppose. Had a massage for my birthday back in August last year, woman doing it noticed it and mentioned it to me, so i booked into my GP shortly after. Saw the GP twice, she wasnt sure, so booked into a brand new Dermatology centre near me. Brill place, like a departure lounge at a international airport. I know people slag the NHS off but they were spot on. Saw the Doc, straight away he said its coming off ha. Best to remove than leave it or risk it. 3 weeks later i was in surgery. Took about 30mins. Didnt know they were going to do a biopsy on it. Thought when i went back on tuesday it was just to check if it healed ok, so came as a bit of a shock when the nurse said it was turning cancerous. Tut.
    tren dreams again last night lol. Had sly stallone in it, Expendable style lol. Was weird. I was a customs officer at a airport in what looked like Mexico, and was watching some dodgy looking bloke not wanting to go through a mental detector, so pulled him to one side. He took his jacket and shirt off was had 10s of thousands of US Dollars taped to his body, and a suitcase full of money. We took him into a holding room to search him. I remember grabbing a handful of $1000 Dollar bills and putting them into my pockets then hiding some into a bag on the floor when i was pretending to tie my shoe lace. Then there was massive bang and the door burst open with 3 people storming in with guns, one was Sly with his black vest and black sunglasses on pmsl. I starting fighting with someone, battling with him as his gun was firing putting holes into the walls. I over powered him them Sly came over and threw a punch, I caught his punch with my hand but then he head butted me lol. Remember running out the room and to a disable toilet to hide, but the door was locked cus someone was in there lol.
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    Super -ingh reacted to Itsjayman02 in 2nd cycle: The Gains Awaken....hopefully   
    its my opinion just like you have yours
    well done on dropping the bf but that doesnt mean its good advice for everyone if they already struggle with a diet and that should be fixed before throwing Aas into the mix
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    Super -ingh reacted to Ricky.Bones in Where in Mumbai?   

    Panjab is now heavily controlled. As is Mumbai. Delhi for some reason has different laws applied to it. However it is still very easy to get a script from a doctor. It will be a lot less headache and all legit. Sleeping aids are readily available in Mumbai and Delhi. Not so in Panjab. Also as you mentioned, money talks [emoji106].
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    Super -ingh reacted to MrSilver in Test/Tren/Dbol Cycle, tweaking Nolva/Adex?   
    Only the one cycle mate, test + var.

    Tempted to do that to be fair, keep it simple, it's still very early days.
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    Super -ingh reacted to Ultrasonic in Womans preference   
    your mother?
    You've got me there! No.
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from don1 in Test/Tren/Dbol Cycle, tweaking Nolva/Adex?   

    How many cycles u ran before?
    Keep it simple with test 500mg and dbol 4-6 weeks @ 30/40mg
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    Super -ingh reacted to hackskii in Best scenario for optimum results and recover   
    Testosterone, and not to exceed around 12 weeks, using hCG during, and followed by clomid and nolva once the clearance of the gear is out of the system, recovery should be within even a month.
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    Super -ingh reacted to Mogadishu in Testosterone Cypionate   
    I'd say stick to chess or curling if you are afraid of your hair son. 
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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    lol, its not funny. Woke up in a panic! Felt real! Luckily it was 630am when it happened, was up for work at 7. If it was like 3am or something you just know id fall back into the same dream! lol.
    have terrible nightmares with proper scary things. Sometimes im being chased by the aliens from the Aliens movie, but ive had this bastard in most of my worst dreams. Just keeps coming and coming, smashing walls down to get to me. No matter how far i run its still behind me, or where i hide it finds me! Havent seen him recently tho, phew! lol 

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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    Had a site visit today and was a nightmare, road works after road works, traffic lights after traffic lights, grrr. So didnt get home till late, no training today.
    speaking of nightmares....
    trens starting to kick in now. Not sweating but getting bad dreams! Woke up this morning after a nightmare. Was in some science lab with a chinese guy in a white jacket, how stereotypical ha, holding a metal door shut saying we need to kill/burn whats inside this container. He turned a handle down and straight away i could hear a woman screaming and shout "let me out", banging on the container from the inside, begging to be let out, screaming in pain. It got worse and worse till there was silence, then a long pause...............the science guy relaxed after using all his strength to keep the door closed......then BANG! The door ripped open and the guy was pulled inside. Obviously i shat myself and woke up instantly. Didnt go back to sleep after that!  lol :/
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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    wank day in the gym today, got there fine, but soon as i started on the first excerise i felt drained, just didnt feel up for it. Was trying to do legs, perhaps not the best body part to train on a monday. Still felt a little tired from the weekend, which was well busy. Considering its mid month and January it was rammed! Think i'll stick to a smaller muscle group to start the week off. Ended up thinking negative things inside of actually counting my reps. You know your doomed when you do that. 
    Did some calves and leg press, then did half of some SLDLs and gave up. Nothing to write home about.
    Appetite feels like its gone down a little too. Probably from the naps. Havent got much longer on them and i'll switch to var i think.
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    Super -ingh reacted to Fluke82 in why buy sust or test 250 over test 400   
    It got lab tested and came back at 362mg per ml. Great.
    I cruised on 0.5ml for a good three months and was fine.
    Id stop flaming every single lab and pushing AP soooo hard testo, I know you like them but it's looking odd...
    Just giving my 2 cents fella
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from Brook877 in You can shag any one person: Who would it be?...   

    Dno how old she is but bloody hell. No doubt
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from Brook877 in You can shag any one person: Who would it be?...   

    Dno how old she is but bloody hell. No doubt
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from Brook877 in You can shag any one person: Who would it be?...   

    Dno how old she is but bloody hell. No doubt
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from Brook877 in You can shag any one person: Who would it be?...   

    Dno how old she is but bloody hell. No doubt