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    yeah the area im in doesnt get busy till after midnight. Fridays we only have two door lads on, where was saturday its 5. Its bizarre as within 12 and 12:15am saturdays we'll go from quiet till rammed and starting to que. People drink in other places, it moves round over the years. People finish in Cats rather than staying in that area. 
    the place your on about round the corner from Cats is called Terrace. Its nice in there, gets very busy, mostly with white people before midnight, then they do else were and the selective Asians they let in come to us. Then all the Asians from Revolution pour to us.. At one point Terrace wouldnt let any Asians or Blacks in at all, regardless of age or how well theyre dressed. But as times change and less white folk come out and spend they let a few in pmsl. They need the money.
    not a great deal happened last friday n saturday, was busy due to great weather but no trouble in our place. Bar opposite through out some fat white bloke and landed on his arse. Was hammered. How he got in in the first place i dont know, well i do, theyre desperate and have shite door staff. Fat guy took his jacket off and went back to the door, thought here we go, but pfft nothing. Then, i turn to watch people leaving our place its in near enough closing time, making sure no ones bringing drinks out with them, i turn back round and the fat white man is in front of me. He stands there and eye balls me. Obv i look him up and down and ask him what the fcuk and you staring at you fat c##t?!  Tren rage kicks in. This is how pissed he is, hes somehow turned 180 degrees from the bar he got thrown out and tells him why i, me, kicked him out? Wrong bar you fat fcuk! He thought he wanted it till me and the other lads step forward but he back off and asked me to hit him. You know they'll only ring FEDS and game over. He just kept backing off as we got closer to the point i told everyone to get back to the front door. Fat guy went round the corner and i think some Asian slapped him lol. Something happened as people were stood still laughing, then he appeared and walked off quickly. hate white people!  lol
    was trouble on thursday, student night, a night i dont do. Some Asian pulled a Turban off a lads head........s**t hit the fan then. Thats a major, massive, insult in the Sikh community/religion. Every Sikh in the bar, even if they didnt know the guy who had his Turban pulled off all teamed up. So it was like 60 on one! Door staff had to get the guy out before he got murdered! Even outside 10mins later 3 cars pulled up and more Sikh's got out, was a huge issue! They ended up realising who pulled it off and then bosh, some Sikh wiped the guy in the face with belt buckle! Then someone banged him out lol. Deserved it too. Door staff did theyre best and but somethings you just can get involved in, and that was one of those things. We never had issues with anyone in the bar these days, and as we turned up for work friday some of the Sikh's were already there outside to apologise for what happened. Thats the level of respect and friendship with have we the regulars now. Who'd have thought two white guys from Notts would have so many Asian friends now lol, but thats the way it is. Was told from the start by my door boss that white guys on a Asian bar is the key, cant explain it but it works and works well. Probably cus theyres more racism between Asians vs Asians than whites vs Asians. 
    trainings going well too. Half way through a vial of Rohms new Sust and its blowing my head off. Unsure whether its just dosed well, or over, or the fact i havent ran any fast acting esters for well over a year, maybe more. Been using test-e for that long as i do slip on jab days its more forgiving.  Anyways its potent and sex drive has shot up. Getting some slight PIP from it so its ticking all the boxes at the moment. Ordered another bottle. Tren is kicking in too. Only doing 2ml so im not over heating or over aggressive.
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    yep, Fat Cats and Mars Bar, which is now called The Yellow Door! lol. Same owners, same door firm, just shut and renamed for 'tax' reasons. Its just used to drug money through. No one goes in there yet its always open and has more doorstaff than we do. Its a s**t whole of a place. When they shut for two weeks to paint the place and reopen they decided to not let any blacks or Asians in there. They only wanted middle-upper class white people coming in, so turned 90% of people away. Obv this didnt work in a city with a very low % of white people lol. Last about a month then standards slipped and they started letting a few more Asians in. Trouble is its the Asians that have all the $$ to send, and they were turning them away. Madness. TBH theyre door team is utter shite, and i mean proper shite. Standards there have slipped further over the last month or so with all the blacks, whites and scruffy dodgy hoodie wearing scum coming out of R-Bar down the round at closing, 2am, then they walk up and go into Mars. The scruffy bastards are wearing hoodies and Nike trainers. Then around 230 it kicks off and fighting inside and out on the street. Theyre door lads are terrible, they dont go out beyond the rope barrier, so they just take massive about of abuse from punters and do nothing. Got blokes swearing and waving fingers in the door lads faces and they take it?! Jesus if someone mutters something under theyre breathe at us our barries get thrown to one side and we're out and they s**t it. They must look over at us and think either we're mad, nails, out of control or all 3.  Take Friday night, we refused someone who kicked off in a pub whos door my boss has, and the boss man knows the bloke. My boss is we me talking and then this pr**k turns up. Massive argument explodes as this little pr**k think hes nails and is coked off his head. Got people holding each other back, im circling round like a shark rdy to massive f**k out of him but his pricks mates pull him back. We're half way down the street by this time then......... then as we all turn around to walk back to the door the guy shouts to my boss, whos Turkish, born in UK, the lad shouts, "f**k off back to your own Country!"  Ohhhhhhh dear! Everyone and i mean everyone just stops, turns around and makes a B-Line to him. Even the lads friends put theyre hands up and walk away from him. Bare in mind we're surrounded by black and Asian people you just do not say something like that. The lads friends just say your on your own now lol. Unfortunately, as he says it a copper pulls up with lights on so couldnt go over to smash him in. I said to my boss we'll come go to his bar tomorrow, hes a manager, and 7pm when it opens and just go in and smash him in. But he said leave it, his time will come. Hes gonna get f**ked destroyed! lol
    other than that it was a good weekend. Zero trouble saturday even tho it was rammed. Got a good front door to keep the arseholes out but have to admit with had a different DJ in whos from Notts, plays in Ink, Rock City and other places. R&B DJ, and he was mint. Controlled the crowd perfect. Didnt wind them up with toomany heavy songs back to back and it showed with zero trouble inside. A decent DJ is worth his weight in gold. You get others that play to many pumped up tracks and everyone goes mental and ends up bouncing into each other, drinks do everywhere then ppl scrap. Bar took some good money this week too, 20+k, not bad to say its only open 3 days a week. 
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    quiet weekend'ish on the doors. Friday was shite, dragged so  much, no one out. Was bank holiday last week so wasnt expecint much TBH. Had a argument with to lads on the front who we wouldnt let in cus they were wearing Nikes, hoodies and joggers. Who wears clothes like that are tries to get in a posh place?! Or any place other than a weatherspoons?! Were off theyre heads too. Gave it the old i'll stab you up bruv crap, but then when approached them back off. In fact one of them ran off lol. Dicks
    later that night the same bar that two managers got glassed last week with a big brawl on back holiday sunday opposite us ended up with someone being flown out, with the male picking a barrier up and putting theyre front window through lol. Door staff chased him for about 10metres then stopped?? Not being funny but 3 door lads against 1 bloke, could have grabbed him and detained till police arrived and arrested for criminal damage. But the door lads didnt want it. The bloke just walked away. I just didnt get it?
    Last night, started well but ended up being a fecking nightmare! Students were back out as they start back on Monday, so loads of pissed up morons about. Had a bad night on the front, just everyone being a pain in the arse and not moving on when not allowed in. We have on saturdays a zero policy on trainers, but you have all these rich mummy and daddy students in the £900 Giuseppe trainers trying to get in, but turned away....cus theyre trainers!!! Not shoes!! Mother of God it was all night. Theyre fecking trainers! I dont give a s**t how much you mummy paid for them, they aint shoes are they?! All night was the same, but they'd just keep moaning and trying to get in till the point were you snap and tell everyone to f**k off! Tren rage kicked in, got a sore throat from shouting so much. God was a shite night! Zero trouble inside, just so many nobs outside. Worst thing is these people come every weekend and they know, they know, that we dont let them in wearing trainers regardless of price or brand, but yet they still try and then give you s**t back! Wait till next week when we bar them! Even the manager exploded and told everyone to f**k off lol.  Think at one point i had 15 people in front of the door all with trainers standing and looking at me. Just exploded and said look, your all wearing fu**ing trainers, non of you are going in, my trens kicking in and my blood pressure if raising, some feckers are gonna get hurt soon!! lol. They left but God, was so hard work.
    was more trouble across the road with two males being kicked out who we turned away but they let in. Gimps with gold teeth and nike trainers. Ended up fighting in the middle of the street, 2 on 1, but the guy on his own did well, put both on theyre arses at one point so gave good as he got. Police turned up, did nothing, then left. 
    was that bad and felt that exhausted non of us even bothered with a drink at the end of the night, just did the paper work, had a brief chat and drove home. Soon as my head hit the pillow i was gone!
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    hate Canadian's, decided last night! Had enough of theyre US style arrogance when pissed, and Yank sounding accent. Had trouble on the doors Thursday night with two males then last night some pissed up female got removed cus she went behind the bar to help herself thinking it was ok , cus she knew a member of staff. Then outside while arguing she threatened, as did the two pussy males on Thursday, to sue, if we touched her. Then, after saying that the bitch punched me in the chest so pushed her away, then pushed her male friends away only for her to come back and try and kick me in the balls! lol. If it wasnt for my bollocks being slightly smaller from well over a decade of steroid abuse i think she would have caught them lol. Just felt the fabric of my trousers move lol. Fecking Canadians!
    my Canada Goose beanie is off tonight, and the Stone Island is on!
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    Lol @ the equivalent of gbp haha
    In other words...rupees are the currency in Pakistan lol 
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    still here, just been well busy with day work, driving all over the shop and just havent been able to train, or eat properly at the moment. Was suppose to be training today but gotta hang around waiting on a delivery for work. Stupid courier service with no ETA or time slot email/text message, so could be anytime today! Wank! Cant leave the house as its important. Grrr.

    did friday and saturday last weekend on the doors. Enjoying it but long hours. Get home for around 5am, but waking up at 730/8am due to body clock. Was shattered sunday so went to bed at 8pm, but soon as i got in bed i was awake! Had to have a sleeping tablet to nob off around midnight.

    no problems at work,walked a few people out for either being too drunk or trying to kick off. Nice working in a town that your not from, cus you dont give a feck about anyone there lol. Kicked some short arse out after a scuffle with another male, he wouldnt move so removed him and threw him out the door. He was outside and like i'll make a phone call to someone, cant remember the name, just looked at him and said ring him, i dont give a feck, im not from around here. 20mins later when i went outside he was still there but wanted to apologise and become my new Asian best friend lol. t**t! lol
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    Be careful pal we need you alive for more clubber updates ;-)
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    did legs yesterday, light sesh to get my sparrow legs moving again. Cant remember what i did now, wasnt worth writing yet. Got DOMS so im happy lol.

    shoulders and tricep today. Booked in to yes GP today as well about my shoulder problem, painful lifting it upto a certain point. Had a Kenalog jab about 3 months ago but totally worn off now. Went to see if he'd give me another but refused, instead referred me to a sports specialist, hopefully see some Professor guy in probably a month or twos time.

    seated BB press, smith;
    12x 50kg
    8x 70kg
    6x 90kg
    4x 90kg

    seated DB side raises;
    3x failure sets, 10+ reps, 25lb..... painful doing this with shoulder injury.

    upright smith rows;
    3x failure sets @ 40kg...again, painful.

    close grip push downs;
    10x 100lb
    8x 130lb
    6x 150lb
    3x 150lb

    rope pull downs;
    3x failure sets @ 65kg

    oh yeah, was some right pr**k in the gym, heavily tattooed wearing a terrible shiny muscle vest but worst of all was wearing and training in a long gold chain. Why?! Why would you train in a chain, why not put it away before coming into a gym. Unsure if he was trying to make a statement, if it was it was look at me, im a drug dealer nob whos weaing terrible clothing thats probably expensive and have to train with this piece of s**t round my neck as it gives me super powers? lol.  He kept pulling it out when it went under his vest like he had to have it out. Tit. Was hoping it would get caught on something and rip off lol.
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    makes me laugh cus in the video all the people giving the door staff abuse and then saying call the police, ive had a run in with everyone for drugs and being pissed up causing s**t. Double standards big time. They think they can drink heavily, cause trouble, take drugs freely, but then when the get caught the toys come out the pram.
    what the video doesnt show, and pisses me off with all the comments from people that know f**k all, is that the guy who the black doorman dropped was being aggressive and shouting racist language at them. The door staff have someone on the floor restraining him for fighting and racism inside the bar, and as they get him out the guy that got KO'd tried kicking one doorman in the head. Video doesnt show that, nor does it show or can hear what the guy said to the black doorman before he dropped him. You cant be racist to door staff, especially those from inner cities, you'll get banged out, just like that pmsl.
    end of the day they lost control of the door, surrounded while waiting 20mins for a police unit, to which 7 turned up including a dog unit. It could have got much worse especially if they circled the staff and rushed, be self defence then, and a blood bath.
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    its gone mental, glad im out of it for a bit now. Place i work at, new team in, f**ked everything up, undone everything and now everyones against them. Police Licensing been in twice in two weeks! And now last entry time has been reduced and license under review. Basically its all kicked off to feck and place will loose its 2am closing time. Im glad TBH, team was broken up without a decent reason and since then its gone tits up. 10x door staff on friday and saturday nights, i had 4x and then 5x on sats, stupid! f**k um. Door staff banged someone recorded on someones phone, got 11k views! lol. Police getting involved. Cant understand why company hasnt given door up, not making any money on it and just causing trouble.
    https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011009804183   completely lost control of the door now. Paddys day and worse, Forest vs Derby next week lol. 
    been training still but had some parties to attend, and got on it saturday night, 3am bed and plenty of zops, still monged now lol. Got an all dayer sunday, might cancel any work monday and tuesday lol.
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    got high saturday, been ages, today i know why i stopped doing it as often....dazed and confused! Slept all day sunday, and still feel dazed now. Went to gym, hardly did owt. TBH only went cus missus wanted to go, if it wasnt for that id be at home rest and eating KFC in bed lol.
    missed out on some fun door stuff at the weekend. Two makes had a gypsy party saturday, didnt know it was pikeys till they got there lol. Was alright, but at the end everyone left but left a guy in a wheelchair on his own? pmsl. Just left without him! lol. The door staff wheeled him into the car park, then transit pulled up, a load of irish was spoken, door lads said are you taking him, they just drove off! lol. They had to ring an ambulance as no idea what to do with him! lol.
    all kicked off at my old pub too, quite bad. A local girl, well known name in the area family wise, got smashed in by doorstaff. Her husband got kicked and punched, then turned on her. s**t is gonna hit the fan. Id be worried if i was working there, very worried. Place has gone totally tits up since me and two other lads left. Got door lads drinking and doing drugs on theyre shifts now. Be interesting who turns up this week as people will be waiting for payback. If they havent already found out where they live. I know two are local lads so easy to find. Oh dear.
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    i wanna know where the guy kept it? Ha. Just walking around pub to pub with that fecker hidden. When they was dragging the bloke back to the bar there was two of his friends waiting with bottles in hand rdy to use as weapons. Obv by this point the panic call had been made and shed loads of door lads come running. 3 meat vans full of FEDS came shooting down. Been told the blokes finally words before meat wagon door shut was "your families dead". Hmmm, not the best thing to say to his individual lol. Think hes the only one in his whole family that hasnt done bird for violent crimes pmsl.
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    got to gym yesterday, pulled up and was starving. Timed everything wrong pre-workout and after going to the bank which took ages as every spaz was cashing in coins, then fuel in the car, so by the time i finally ended up at the gym i was so hungry i got the shakes. So had a protein bar and went to KFC for a bucket lol.   Went today, did back and some rear delts. Started back on slin again from today so made use i was loaded up on carbs pre, intra and post, was fine. Great pump, and starting to ache now so know ive had a good sesh. Feel shattered too. Jabbed 2ml dec this morning, no issuses.   Back & rear delts; Lat pulldowns; 15x 40kg 8x 85kg 6x 105kg   Hammer pulldowns; 12x 20kg each side 8x 40kg 6x 60kg 3x 60kg   Cable rows; 10x 100lb 8x 200lb 6x 250lb   Bent over BB rows (underhand grip); 10x 55kg 8x 75kg 6x 75kg.... havent done these in years and hands/wrists gave in before strength, will try overhand grip next time.   Bent over DB side raises, seated; 12x 25lb 8x 25 6x 25   Rear delt machine; 2x failure sets @ 3/4 stack, round 8-6 reps.   Done.   steak time!
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    first sesh today for a while. Been under the weather, missus same, loads going round. Doing a short 3hr shift on the doors this weekend as its Forest vs Derby, so doing 12-3. Gotta get pump and weight on beforehand lol.

    dropped a nap and a 50mg var today, doing 1x a day for a while as had some of both orals left. 

    back today, no records, aching quite quick, feel old recently lol. Loads of bugs going round tho. 

    had funny moment, young couple came in, skinny folk, started training, next think shes using his mobile to taking pictures of him training lol. Oh dear. I went over, next to them was preacher curl, so i went on that and they walked off, how rude! lol
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    depending on day work i might be back doing the doors again end of Jan. I miss it as well TBH. Told missus, shes kinda accepted it. Ideally i'd like to do 3 weekends on 1 off. Dont want to do every weekend again.
    worked black eyed friday on a cosy middle aged posh peoples place, still ended up getting into an argument with old people due to some drunk not being allowed in. Some old bloke tried taking photos of our badges, my mate grabbed his phone and starting wrestling with him lol, had to stop him incase the old git had a heart attack. He ended up crossing the street and taking photos from there. Had the cheapest phone ever, 2mp camera max. lol. I was just doing poses as he took about a billion photos. Surprised his flash didnt drain his battery lol. Nob!
    been offered £25 an hour on NY eve, but turned down as promised the missus back on 1st Jan id spend this NY with her, tut!
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    lol yeah was a mare but enjoyed it. Heard one of two door lads got slapped by a bird other week, and last night one spat in the face. Shocking lol.
    still popping to the gym but nothing worth writing down lately. Training in between work etc and at weekends when i could catch up Network Rail close two bridges into town at weekends, so traffic is a nightmare and not worth 30mins each way when usually its 10. Last two weeks ive only managed 1x jab EW too, so need to get arse back into gear, but woke up with man flu this morning. Coughing crap up and dripping nose, joy. Got a bottle of Jim in, hoping it helps ha.
    ditching the tren as well, sides are too much in terms of body temp, getting para im sweating and have BO lol, and nightmares are bad recently. Waking up in cold sweats so decided to carry on with just T400 and Dec, have an extra 0.5ml of each to replace the 1ml tren. Might try Bold again in Jan with T400, but run HCG throughout as Bold shuts me down worse than dec, or i'll carry on with dec, not sure.
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    struggled to get out of bed and wake up today, new 13.5 tog winter duvet making getting up difficult lol.   necked a Red Bull and did shoulders. A bit sleepy but was happy with what i did in a short'ish period of time. Had phone call off missus asking for a lift to GP so she could have a sted jab in her knee to last her over Xmas. Wasnt expected to get it that quickly. Since we both switched GP Surgeries the level of services has been amazing.    one thing i wasnt expecting today after watching my missus have a 1" blue stuck under her knee cap with the GP hitting bone....ouch, was having a jab myself! I mentioned to him about my shoulder, inflammation of a muslce trapping and unable to lift above a certain height without being painful. He said i could have an anti-inflam injection myself.......but he was nervous about doing it to me as my shoulders are huge lol, dense muscle. He said he does these jabs all the time but with old people with no meat on theyre arms lol. He was really unsure whether to do it himself or not, get send me else where, which would take ages. So, i said go on, try it, have a bash!....... and he did. Had to pop out for a longer pin due to tissue deep and target area. I wasnt expecting him to pull out a 2" green!!!  lol.  Needles dont bother me, usually, but looking at that javelin made me go a bit warm under the collar. TBH i didnt feel a thing, and the GP was absolutely buzzing he'd done it and did it so well, was happier than me! lol.   anyways, did shoulders this morning, quick sesh, like normal.   seated press; 12x 50kg 8x 70kg 6x 90kg   standing DB side raises; 12x 30lb 8x 35lb 6x 40lb   rear delt machine; 12x 1/2 stack 8x 3/4 stack failure 3/4 stack   upright BB rows; 3x failure sets @ 40kg   close grip push downs; 10x 100lb 8x 130lb 5x 130lb   Done.
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    come back yesterday..............ended in total failure! lol.    woke up, had my 100g oats, banana, 10 whites on dry toast, pre-workout shake, so far so good. Decided not to use Slin as i'll start that again when i know i can make the most of out it, training back to back etc. So, got to gym 1030 rdy for legs, then owner talks to me, then someone else talks to me, then yet another mate starts to talk to me. By the time i put weights on for the 1st set on the 1st exercise 30mins had pasted! Even when i was pressing a friend was chatting. Looked at the clock, 1115. Thought f**k this, pointless!! I did 3 sets of the same starting weight on press! lol. Had my PWO shake, got on scales, had to do it, see what all this away work has cost me. Dropped from 19st 2 to 18st 8/9 ish! Gutted but TBH it was expected. Working away day after day, loads of traveling, unable to train and more importantly unable to eat properly.   so from doing feck all at the gym, other than finding how much weight id lost, i popped to Argos to collect something for my dad. Was driving out one of the car parks and as i was pulling out onto a road, not a main road, a family was crossing the street, was about 1/4 across, they stopped, but as there was no real traffic i stopped and let them cross. They thanked me, no problem. Just as they crossed i get the car behind me BEEP and give me hand signals..........oh dear. I went fecking ballistic at the driver. Stupid middle aged woman who thought i was in the wrong letting a family with a child just able to walk cross the street. Shouted at her and give her a load of s**t. Even the family eye balled her. We pulled up to the main road and was side by side. My window couldnt come down quick enough! lol. I just screamed at her, "you f-ing slag! Stupid f-ing c##t!" Gave her both barrels lol. Dont upset a sted head whos lost weight, tip of the day. lol Was funny when see gave me the w**ker sign and then saw her trying to find her window button. Just as she found it and window started to move down and gave her two fingers and pulled away lol.    from there i was like feck it, going to McD's. Never again, i was shitting through the eye of a needle for hours afterwards. Massive dry mouth from all the salt, felt ill. My temple of a body isnt use to junk food on that scale lol. Was still shitting at 9pm at night from eating it at 2pm! lol. Got massive heart burn from it too!   so, yesterdays come back, started good, but quickly when down hill into rage, junk food and shite!   tonight, feck it. Got some decent Jim Beam in and gonna speed dial my dealer lol.
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    blasted shoulders and triceps yesteday, was short on time due to work so signed in at 1105am and was done drinking a protein shake 1130am lol. Didnt use any slin today, didnt have time to eat right and get pre, intra and post supplements sorted. Rest between sets was time it took to put weights on for next set for 20sec max. Obviously reps were down to what i normally do due to lack of recovery, but felt good. Shagged the missus when got home and fell asleep for hour and half lol. Took it out of me lol. 

    smith press;
    12x 50kg
    8x 90kg
    3x 110kg

    standing DB side raises;
    12x 25lb
    10x 35lb
    8x 40lb

    rear delt machine;
    failure 1/2 stack, didnt count
    failure 3/4 stack, didnt count

    close grip push downs;
    10x 100lb
    8x 130lb
    4x 140lb

    rope pull downs;
    3x failure @ 80lb

    Done, dusted, shake, home, shag, sleep lol.
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    rest day today, which was handy cus ive been stuck in a van driving and dropping goods off from 730am till 4pm. Knees are killing me, being stuck in the same position for hours on end isnt the best. Sat with a beer and ice packs round both knees. Need a beer, raging at the moment. Xmas is coming and both me and the missus will be busy all the way upto Xmas Eve, with me doing door work until early hours. This time missus is back at work on the Tuesday after Xmas, so we've both decided to just stay at home as we'll be shattered and want time to ourselves, for a drink and other things. Then we'll have Boxing Day to recover before missus is back at work the day after. But....... her mum, whos house we normally go to, when told that we arent staying for food, just popping in to show our faces then going to do our own thing, has dropped the guilt trip!  "oh....i understand, but this could be your Nans last Christmas"  What the feck!!! How fecking dare she say that! Especially as my missus worries about everything and has OCD etc. How fu**ing dare she say that. Now my missus is upset and in tears, im fecking fuming at her mum for saying it. Grrrr!!!!! I fu**ing hate Xmas!   my side of the family is brill. "just do what you want" they say, "if we see you we see you". Chilled, relaxed. Sh#t, if it wasnt for my bro coming back from American my folks would have fecked off to Devon with the dogs to get away from it all, and i dont blame them! lol
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    Went to the gym today, first time this week, but had phone call after phone call, all work related, so got nothing much done. Did 3 exercises on legs then left, head/mind was else where, with work but mostly for the reason below.

    Reason why it was my first sesh is cus i went out and stayed over with some long time friends on Saturday night, went to bed around 4am Sunday morning so was suffering afterwards. Was an out the blue invite, and couldnt say no, why, because one of the friends that we were staying with has cancer, terminal, but hasnt yet been given a time scale. She finds out tomorrow how long she has and what course of actions are available. She fought breast cancer last year and was just about over it until her husband noticed a cough she was making from time to time. Went to her GP and demanded a fresh CT scan, results came back, lung cancer. Its spread there now. I was absolutely heart broken when she told us, i broke down the following day when i told my parents. Was a massive kick in the teeth for her, for everyone, after she fought so hard. Now, after talking to her husband when we had time away from the girls, he seems to think shes given up, really has hit her hard and he seems to think she hasnt got anything left to fight with. Ive always been close to her, closer than other friends as im someone who anyone can talk to about anything and it'll stay private, so trust and respect, and love has always been strong between us. But, what do you say to someone with cancer, second time round? What do you say to someone who holds you hands in tears and tells you im scared of dying and dont want to go yet? I couldnt think of anything, was silence for ages before you come out with the usual fight it crap! I dont think until you have such a horrible disease you cant tell others what say? Waiting for her to ring us tomorrow and go from there. A phone call i dont want to answer.
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    JD, unless its the Gentleman Jack (£35) or Single Barrel Jack (£40) its not worth drinking. Once you've tried a more expensive Bourbon you realise normal JD is rough as feck.
    The Jim Beam Devils Cut, single barrel 45%, thats a cracker. Dash of cola in it and your away. I have to slow down on it, its one of my favs, especially during the winter.
    Havent tried any Maker's Mark Bourbon yet, that brand gets high reviews.
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    shite end to the week, was shattered from day work and friday morning, even after a good serving of pre-workout couldnt wake me up. Went and did chest and a set of arms but head wasnt in it. Felt weak as feck due to a 12 hour drive to Stirling and back thursday, and had a crap nights sleep, so friday i was a zombie. Nothing worth writing tbh.
    Door work, friday and a full moon!! But, wasnt too bad, zero fighting at our place. Door lads kicked someone out a few doors up and banged a bloke, so took a few steps up towards hoping it would kick off but didnt, tut!
    Had some pissed up lad stumble out of ours and fall asleep on a nearby bench. On his own, came in on his own, but soon as he fell off the bench and passed out of the floor everyone become a paramedic and went over. We (door lads) just stood there and watched. Self inflicted and nothing to do with us. People were lifting him up, dropping him, banging his head lol, then women get involved like its theyre son, demanding people do things etc. Then, out pops the mobile phones ringing for an Ambulance. Nobs! This really hits a nerve with me, wasting an Ambulance on a drunk when theres people with serious problems needing one but waiting due a passed out drunk. Had a lad come over and try to pass me his phone so i could talk to the call operator. Saw 999 on his screen so went ballistic at he lad "you wasting a ambulance on a pissed up t**t whos passed out, not fallen over, just drunk?! If he wants to go to hospital let him fu**ing crawl! Got people in life threatening situations and your wasting theyre time on a nob head whos drank too much?! Said it with far more colourful language lol. All true tho. Operator heard it lol. Ambulance finally turned up and shouted at the group surrounding the t**t, "read that message on the side of the ambulance"....shouted it in case they couldnt read..."only call 999 if its an emergency!" Got a high 5 off some middle aged bloke lol. Got look of death off the people with the lad. You can see the frustration on the crews face, one passed in nob, slapping his face trying to wake him up, with everyone else drunk and talking/shouting over people. Waste of a ambulance, waste of a bed, waste of NHS time. Im gonna bar him when i see him next!
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    didnt train last week at all, worked all bank holiday and then got on it sunday, monday morning after i finished. Got in at 3am, missus passed out as she went to a party round her bros, so i had some peace and quiet so got on it alone till 8am lol. Good times, but 4x zops later i felt drained all day and days after lol. 

    stopped the pharma Aspen Sust, PIP lasted far too long for comfort, so moved over to SIS Sust. Got 1x bottle off a mate so will do 4ml EW with 2ml rohm NPP and also trying SIS naps @ 100mg ED for a month, see how these go. Prob move over to NP or WC sust after the SIS as he doesnt have anymore in at the moment.

    Legs today, get them out the way nice and early. Had a pre-workout shake, CNP ProPane, half a scoop, does the job.

    Hammer Press;
    15x 200kg
    12x 280kg
    7x 400kg

    Leg Extensions;
    15x 1/4 stack...weight not marked
    15x 2/3 stack
    15x full stack

    15x 40kg
    12x 80kg
    10x 120kg
    8x 120kg

    Lying Curls;
    failure (10+ reps) 1/3 stack..,.weight not marked
    2x failure ses 1/2 stack.


    didnt do any calves, will do these tomorrow, ran out of steam as became hungry. Legs have started to ache now already lol.
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    shoulders and triceps today. DOMS are kicking in from legs on monday, nice ache tho. Arm strain is getting much better, nearly gone now, but havent done any pulling movements so far this week. Im away with work tomorrow shifting heavy filing cabinets, cabinets full of paperwork still, bet theyre 1/4 ton each! Gotta unload and put into storage, all 21 of them, so doubt i'll be training afterwards ha.
    missing my pre-workout GH, so will have before bed. Need to keep on top of this and i usually always fecking forgot to take it! Jabbed another amp of Aspen sus and mast-prop. Thick oil the Aspen, like Norma.
    had some messed up dreams last night, unsure if its from the cottage cheese i ate prebed ha. Was on a cruise ship on fire, but captain wouldnt turn back. Then i could hear a gas canisters hissing due to pressure. Warned everyone to run but for some reason everyone ran towards them??! Then BOOOOM! They exploded and was blood stains everywhere. Was well weird. Woke up 3x during the night, same dream. Last time i woke was 6am, so got up and walked the dog early rather than going back into that blood and guts dream! ha

    Smith Press;

    15x 40kg

    12x 60kg

    10x 80kg

    DB side laterals;

    12x 20lb

    10x 30lb

    Machine cable laterals;

    20x 50lb

    10x 65lb

    Tricep pushdowns;

    15x 80lb

    12x 100lb

    8x 130lb

    Rope extensions;

    15x 60lb

    12x 85lb

    10x 85lb