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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    Home training going/went well TBH. Took some pictures for my coach for the first time since lockdown started and even im surprised at the condition ive managed to keep. Softer round the edges and thickness around some areas has dropped but overall hes extremely happy, and so am i. I know other clients have really let the ball drop which hes f**ked off about, but me and my missus have knuckled down and hes over the moon. Excellent position to get back into the gym and both of us start a cycle within a few weeks of the gyms reopening.
    I think my coach is going to recomp me for a few weeks, lower food to make things more sensitive when i start my next cyce, but says i wont need to recomp for long due to condition ive managed to keep.
    Next cycle i ask him for size and volume. Im hovering just under 18st at the moment, 250lb, have been through lockdown so a nice stable weight. I wanna go for size now which he agrees so looking forward to training again in a gym and putting some weight on.
    Asked him for a joint friendly cycle, as i have trouble with my right knee, tho it has improved over lockdown and starting a new range of joint support meds has helped too.
    Mentioned to my coach of perhaps a Test, EQ and NPP cycle. He replied all 3x are a bit over the top, but Test & NPP will be excellent. So thats what im using. I was very surprised at the doses hes getting me on too. Hes a believer in hard work more than stupidly high doses of steds so i was expecting something like 500mg Test with 300mg NPP, but no, he came back with 750mg Test and 600mg NPP each week! Jackpot! lol. 
    Cycle will be;
    750mg Test EW (my choice of test, so im thinking either Sust or Cyp. I have 50ml of both Keifei Sust and Cyp. Heard Keifei is excellent and never used before)
    600mg NPP EW (got rohm new label 100mg/1ml)
    25mg Proviron ED (Hygene)
    12.5mg Aromasin EOD (Hygene)
    Will split the 9ml of oil into 3x jabs of 3ml. 
    Cant wait now! 
    Might have a school reunion on Oct 3rd, so if i start my cycle at the beginning of August i'll be juicy as f**k by October lol. Class of 96! I missed my last reunion about 10 years ago, was gutted, so def going to this one, if it happens. I was about 12stone max when i left school, so gonna roll up fu**ing huge! Just gonna abuse people i didnt like at school, speak my mind, then feck off into town for a piss up lol
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from Philfg in Lifting and gear in your 40s   
    speaking to the older guys at the gym, who have literally blasted everything under the sun for years ,  one still stacks his gear and looks awesome (must be hitting 50 now), but he does take a fair bit of everything (off season/season cycles), loves Deca .. - I dno if he blast and cruises tho or whether he takes time off
    another guy still looks absolutely mint aswell and tbh you wouldn't tell that he runs test only for years, absolute unit - he is the one that basically said to me if you don't compete run Test and nothing else, safer and cleaner instead of putting other s**t into your body, he goes he been doing this since his mid 30's (he must be mid 50's now) - he is the guy that got me thinking of whats the point taking anything else, he didn't tell me the dosage but he did say he has taken "a lot of test" - lol but he has always maintained that he felt normal with test and doesn't get side affects as he doesn't use anything else..
    up to you but just my personal opinion I would go down the test only route, middle age is about longevity and with a decent test dose you can get a wicked physique, especially  as you don't want to get huge - so why take anything else?
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from Philfg in Lifting and gear in your 40s   
    speaking to the older guys at the gym, who have literally blasted everything under the sun for years ,  one still stacks his gear and looks awesome (must be hitting 50 now), but he does take a fair bit of everything (off season/season cycles), loves Deca .. - I dno if he blast and cruises tho or whether he takes time off
    another guy still looks absolutely mint aswell and tbh you wouldn't tell that he runs test only for years, absolute unit - he is the one that basically said to me if you don't compete run Test and nothing else, safer and cleaner instead of putting other s**t into your body, he goes he been doing this since his mid 30's (he must be mid 50's now) - he is the guy that got me thinking of whats the point taking anything else, he didn't tell me the dosage but he did say he has taken "a lot of test" - lol but he has always maintained that he felt normal with test and doesn't get side affects as he doesn't use anything else..
    up to you but just my personal opinion I would go down the test only route, middle age is about longevity and with a decent test dose you can get a wicked physique, especially  as you don't want to get huge - so why take anything else?
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    Super -ingh reacted to PSevens2017 in To Gear or not to Gear? Teniis elbow   
    Thing is, I had cortisone injection and I can honestly say that the day after I had it it felt a whole body orgasm as I was pain free. Honestly, it was such a great feeling. Exactly 3 months after pain came back. It was the increase use of a mouse at work. 

    I left that job a month later. Nowhere near as much mouse use and elbow healed. 
    I don’t do barbell/dumbbell/seated dumbbell curls as they irritate my lateral epicondyle. 
    Try this:
    Edit: Just to add, people get very frustrated with rehab, that’s why most sack it off. It’s boring, it’s not calorie burning nor 1 rep max/PB achieving. It’s rehab... slow & specific. 
    I’m not advocating having cortisone but maybe step back and assess all options, which includes laying off certain movements/weights/reps. It’s not the end of the world. 
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from PSevens2017 in To Gear or not to Gear? Teniis elbow   
    I have seen some old threads on ur condition, prob the same, sitting at a computer all day with that bloody mouse which has caused it. I think I'm gna trial this week with exercises which have the least emphasis on my forearm  (grips, exercises etc...) see how that's goes, if it doesn't work I'm gna allow the weights and get it looked at properly
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from halfbar in Quarter vial, 6 months old, safe?   
    I jabbed a few vials over the years which are much older and 3 qtr filled. As long as it's been stored right it's most likely to be ok
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    Super -ingh reacted to Sustanation in Clubbers Cycle....   
    Come back buddy i need to know if nuero pharma is still good to go, i need a clubber story and also DM'd you mate. 
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from Sustanation in Clubbers Cycle....   
    Don't tease us with this one liner - give us a good story lol
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    Super -ingh reacted to arbffgadm100 in Longest cycle /blast you've done??   
    You should treat AAS use like any other 'health risk'.
    You might binge drink once in a while, but you sure don't do it for long without injurious consequences. You might get away with 2hrs sleep once in a while, but months on end? No. You might train to concentric failure once in a while, but do that daily for months on end and your joint structures and other systemically fatigued systems will quite literally break. You might eat too much s**t for the odd day or holiday here and there, but you do that persistently for a long time and you get fat and or cause other issues. You might smoke the odd spliff here and there, but pile down 40 fags a day and you get lung cancer. You might drive way over the speed limit occasionally, but you do that on every journey and you eventually run out of luck. I could go on but I think I've made the point.
    Regardless of the units of time: The more you do, the greater the risk. Period.
    What is more, while the scale of the gain is at very best linear (actually it diminishes, but let's be generous), the risk scales exponentially.
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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    im still watching from time to time ha
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    Super -ingh reacted to Sustanation in Clubbers Cycle....   
    Come back @Clubber Lang
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from Sustanation in Clubbers Cycle....   
    Clubs come back!!!!!
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    Super -ingh reacted to AncientOldBloke in How good would you have looked if steroids weren't around?   
    Yes, lately, I've thought about it a lot
    My initial stage 5 years ago at 5ft 7, 80kg and probably 30% BF: It was fun and new and my current wife forced me into the gym as she was a cardio bunny. Cardio bored me. Tried weights. Marvelled at my newbie gains. Had thoughts of how to ditch the loose skin from my fat days before I met her. Got her into weights, too. Rapid fat loss. Rapid muscle gain. A very exciting and gratifying era of my life!
    My middle stage 3 years ago: Gains tapered off. Changed food. Changed lifting program. Increased sleep. Nothing worked! Started jabbing.  Gains switched back on.
    Today's stage:  5ft 7 and 77kg @ 15% BF. Off everything for a good few months now to clear out and examine bloods (which I hope you boys will help me interpret later this week)
    Today's reason to continue: To avoid feeling powerless, depressed, anxious, sleepless, unimportant, unattractive, sidelined, undesirable, ignored, overweight, diabetic, , dependent, pathetic and weak old man. Civvies to look at me with awe, admiration, respect and a little bit of fear. I need to be thought of as extraordinary, disciplined, strong, powerful, confident, attractive and desirable.
    2020 target: 5ft 7 and 80kg at 10% BF. Means jumping back on in 2020. I don't want more weight at the cost of cardio capacity.
    It is admittedly, a never-ending journey, but I am enjoying it.
    Sorry for the long essay!
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    Super -ingh reacted to swole troll in Managing your health on cycle... It's not that difficult   
    all orals will smash your HDL and raise LDL but as youve said typically you wont run them as long as an injectable and they wont linger like an estered injectable so when all is said and done in some circumstances an oral will be 'healthier' or a term id probably rather use is 'less deleterious to your lipid profile' but its much of a muchness really when youre comparing the likes of orals to nandrolone and trenbolone, you just need to accept you ARE damaging your health in exchange for drastic changes in sports performance 

    nandrolone isnt actually that bad for your cholesterol but it still has severe negative affects on your cardiovascular system

    in order of how bad your cholesterol will be impacted 

    1. orals 
    2. trenbolone (arguably tied for 1st) 
    3. androgens (mast, prov ect) 
    4. test 
    5. anabolics (EQ, primo ect) 

    there is still a genetic component to how bad you will be affected but typically that is the order of negative impact on lipids 
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    Super -ingh got a reaction from swole troll in Managing your health on cycle... It's not that difficult   
    Great post @swole troll
    would u say dbol has a bad affect as deca or tren on lipids even though its used short term (up to 8 weeks say) ?
    I don't go above 40mg, and most of the time its a kick start of 30mg for 6 weeks then just test the rest of the cycle at 400-60mg , would u recommend dropping them even though its used for a small duration?
    asking coz I have like 4 bottles to go thru lol
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    Super -ingh reacted to swole troll in Managing your health on cycle... It's not that difficult   
    There is a caveat to the title of this one;
    'It's not that difficult' provided you adhere to the advice I'm about to give however there is obviously a point of strictly damage control as you try to balance excessive goals with health

    that out the way, let's get to it 

    so firstly I want to state I use two different terms where side effects are concerned as many of you may have noticed and that is 'internal sides' and 'external sides'
    what do i mean by this?

    'external sides' are what I deem to be largely moot in regard to your overall health and instead a concern of aesthetics such as:

    Gynecomastia - the development of breast tissue in men
    Acne - excessive oil production of the skin, break outs of spots, white heads, cysts and pimples, weeping skin
    Male pattern baldness - loss of hair typically around the crown or along the hair line toward the crown 

    there is others such as increased body hair growth but these are the main three and typically everyone will suffer at least but not limited to one (if you don't consider yourself lucky) 

    'internal sides' are the real cause for concern, when I say this I am referring to everything under the bonnet that will need some form of testing to reveal, these sides are of concern to your health such as:

    Hypertension - high blood pressure 
    Atherosclerosis - the formation of plaque along your arterial walls 
    Cardiac remodeling - typically by way of left ventricular hypertrophy 
    Hepatotoxicity - liver damage 
    Impaired renal function - kidney damage
    Hyperviscosity - thickening of the blood 

    there is others such as esophagus damage through chronic acid reflux that can lead to throat cancer but these are the main six and typically everyone will suffer from at least some level of one of the above with prolonged or long term usage, as with anything typically the longer the abuse the more likely you are to develop more of these side effects and or exacerbate the ones you already suffer from

    so how do we fix all of this? 
    simple, don't take steroids (even that's no guarantee for some of them) 

    but you wouldn't be here if you didn't have at least an interest in using PED's so I'll give you some damage control methods instead 

    first and foremost and this is an obvious one, if using no steroids eliminates most of those risks then understand it really is a sliding scale of causation meaning the more you use or the longer you use it the more likely you are to develop side effects  so try to get the most from the least in terms of gear, using more than you need will only accrue more side effects and water, trust me on this, I have experimented heavily on myself many times to say this with total conviction 

    secondly and the most important to counter virtually every internal side effect, do your cardio, there is nothing cool about not doing cardio, this is literally the yin to the yang of steroid use, all the positives of cardiovascular training are exactly what steroids will predominantly damage (cardiovascular health) so do your cardio and if you're a hard gainer / under eater just eat more

    so now lets break it down 

    I'll quickly gloss over external because honestly for the message I'm aiming to deliver ITT I don't care about your aesthetics, I'm trying to improve your health with this post and it's already going to be a long one


    keep your oestradiol in range particularly during a cruise, in the UK we measure this as somewhere between 28 and 155pmol, pre steroid use blood work is the best way to decipher your natural amount

    on a blast of high aromatizing gear consider a SERM like tamoxifen to directly block the breast site


    shower more, use epsom salts in the bath a couple times a week, get tanning (natural or sun bed although this comes with its own set of risks) clean your diet up and failing that consider supplementing with finasteride although you'll need to do your own research on this as this isn't a side effect I personally have ever had to combat and in those that I have helped typically the first few recommendations I made will resolve it 

    Male pattern baldness 

    wash your hair with nizoral shampoo and leave it in to soak for 5 minutes, I use this year round and have noticed some hair retentive benefit however if its in your genetics to go bald steroids will merely speed the process (some more so than others, comment below if you want advice on this) or alternatively you can again supplement finasteride but I am not in a position to give advice on this medication

    right that's the externals out the way 
    now onto the important stuff 

    I'm not going to list this on every single side effect but be aware the smartest and number one way of lowering all of these sides is to drop the dose to true testosterone replacement or completely come off, take this into consideration depending on how badly you are affected 


    high blood pressure, honestly you have no excuse to allow this one to become chronically elevated and you are a fool to knowingly allow it to do so, this is one of the sides of steroids that will kill you in the short term if you ignore it for long enough, you'll end up having a stroke or heart attack

    ways to combat this: lower the dosage, particularly if running high aromatizing compounds / wet drugs that can cause you to hold a lot of water, clean your diet up, lower the refined foods and high sodium processed foods (note: unrefined sea salt at a stable dose will not cause hypertension in those that do not already suffer the condition) a natural or prescription diuretic can be implemented depending on how bad water retention and or blood pressure is, I would try hawthorn berry as a first port of call and in 99.9% of cases advise you to come off before using a prescription diuretic, you can also use a beta blocker like propranolol or an ace inhibitor like lisinopril both of which you will likely need to be prescribed and at this point you are just spinning plates and should instead come off, blood pressure meds should only be a consideration for those with elevated blood pressure even whilst off cycle or on TRT 

    ways to monitor: blood pressure monitor and test yourself weekly whilst on gear (TRT, cruise, blast, cycle) 

    Atherosclerosis / poor lipid profile 

    plaque formation around the arterial walls, this is the slow burner that'll kill you in the long term if left unaddressed, as above you'll end up having a stoke or heart attack which can be through elevated blood pressure due to reduced pliability and tightening of the arteries or in some cases you can get a piece of plaque break off and float round the body and jam in the brain, heart or lungs

    ways to combat this: eat a 'clean diet' supplement with psyllium husk at 10g daily pre bed mixed in with some yogurt or a protein shake, drink with at least 250ml of water, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (at least your five a day), limit or ideally eliminate to the best of your ability processed and refined sugars and fats, eat oily fish 2-3x per week and avocado or extra virgin olive oil 2-3x per week (never spend a day without 1-2 servings of healthy fats) supplement with fish oil, vitamin K2 and citrus bergamot and most importantly as always DO YOUR CARDIO! 3-4x per week for 30-20mins and proper cardio, get a puff and sweat on, not just a stroll round the park which you should be doing anyway 

    ways to monitor: blood work

    Cardiac remodeling

    your heart growing larger than it should be causing irregularities in contraction frequency and weak pumping of blood

    ways to combat this: don't use gear or train, yeah sorry for the crap answer on this one but its just pure damage control and considering ceasing gear use and high intensity training should things grow out of hand,  pardon the pun, a lot of people end up on pace makers as a result of this due to the heart contracting at a weird and irregular pace so that is I suppose a way to combat it but hopefully you notice it and act before it gets that bad 

    ways to monitor: ECG 


    liver toxicity, you'll know with this one, if you've ever took the piss with 17aa (oral) steroids you really know unquestionably what liver toxicity is and as such it's a difficult one to really damage but nonetheless it's foolish to push it as oral steroids will jack up your cholesterol badly so the less time on them the better, it's a double whammy with orals as the liver is responsible for dealing with cholesterol in the body so not only are you increasing your LDL and lowering your HDL with the oral usage but you're also hampering the body's way of dealing with it

    ways to combat this: limit time on orals, drink plenty of water when running orals (aim to keep urine as clear as possible for the entire day), supplement with NAC and tudca, keep a clean diet (refer to above for my definition of 'clean diet')

    ways to monitor: blood work, like I said you will really know when you are stressing your liver and in most cases the turmoil of liver toxicity will force you to stop before any major damage is done (the liver is the most resilient organ of the body and can regenerate itself back to full health from as little as 10% functioning tissue) 

    Impaired renal function

    kidney damage that can potentially lead to CKD / chronic kidney disease, serious s**t this one and becoming more common as of late with the abuse of higher dosages, diuretics and ignorance toward blood pressure and more importantly the other potential causes for kidney damage such as being excessively muscled, extreme protein consumption whilst suffering from impaired renal function, filtering of UGL gear full of heavy metals and contaminants and using high nitrogen retentive drugs (steroids) 

    ways to combat this: tricky one and I will more than likely come back and edit this as this is something I am currently researching but so far I can say, keep an eye on blood pressure (as you should be), increase water consumption, limit dosages, primobolan is mild but don't run it year round as its main benefit over other steroids is its effectiveness at nitrogen retention and consider supplementing with astragalus at 3-5g this is not cheap but if you do get blood work back with elevated egfr, act on it and spend the cash out of the pot you had aside for growth hormone since GH wont do much positive for muscle growth despite the name but CKD will chew your muscle up like there's no tomorrow so which one of those supplements will aid you more in your long term growth? 

    ways to monitor: blood work


    thickening of the blood, elevated hemoglobin or RBC causing the blood to develop a syrupy like consistency, MASSIVE increased risk of strokes and heart attacks, this like high blood pressure will kill you in the short term if left untreated

    ways to combat this: donate blood quarterly, you should be doing this regardless, you are saving lives and provided you use hygienic practice with your injections you are putting no one at any risk of any sides no matter what steroids or dosages you are taking so donate blood every 12 weeks forever, you can also supplement IP-6 which will keep your iron down and subsequently your RBC and hemoglobin, in severe cases you will need a phlebotomy which is therapeutic drainage and disposal of blood

    ways to monitor: blood work 

    right so that's that, your list of damage control whilst on cycle, that's not to say you are 100% safe running the above by any means and if you do have an medical concerns you are unable to get a handle on then go see your doctor and be entirely honest about everything you have done, are doing and the blood work or side effects that revealed your poor health, this isn't the time to hide it from the GP if things are getting out of control 

    so order of importance

    1. don't use gear and or come off of it if you run into significant sides effects you are unable to manage 
    2. cardio year round 
    3. clean diet year round 
    4. don't becoming excessively heavy (250lb+) whether its muscle or fat it's a strain on your body
    5. everything else I advised above 

    when I  was saying "blood work" here is what I am referring to 


    of course run more follow up specialized blood testing based off of poor markers 
    for example if everything is fine but your RBC is elevated then aim to correct this and then run subsequent exclusive hematology testing until rectified

    by default get blood work taken 2-3x annually. 

    If you want me to divulge on anything further then post your questions below

    and really guys I cant hammer this enough, DO YOUR FU**ING CARDIO 
    this is without doubt the number one thing you can do to counteract the negative effects of steroids outside of stopping 

    oh and the less you can use nandrolone and its derivatives like trenbolone the better, I cringe when i read about guys that run tren every cycle, these people although having the potentail to make the fastest progress in the short term wont make the most progress in the long term as your health will catch up with you running tren every cycle, take it from a guy that loves the stuff and have even gone up to over a gram of it and now I've used it once in the past 18 months with plans to fully eliminate it in the not too distant future

    with orals, nandrolone and it's derivatives it truly is the less the better.
    really let that sentence resonate with you.

    more and more people are dying prematurely as a result of steroid abuse, f**k your genetic predisposition cop out, why isn't there natural body builders dying with enlarged organs, from heart attacks and developing kidney failure, wake up, it's just a complete cope to think this isn't steroid related

    stay safe, ST  
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    Super -ingh reacted to RoadToRecovery247 in Coming Off 8 Year Test Cycle   
    This first post will be a bit lengthy, an opportunity to spew all of my thoughts onto paper (sort of). 
    To cut to the chase - I've been using Testosterone Enanthate from the age of 19 to 27, along the way I've added in various compounds (dbol, tren, anavar), for the last 3 years I've been running on about 4-500mg/test e/week solely. 
    Do I compete? Absolutely not. Would you look at me and be impressed? Absolutely not. As a gym rat you'd know I probably use gear, but to the general public I'm just someone who has too many protein shakes. 
    I've been wanting to come off test for years, but a crazy work schedule, a horribly vain persona and the fear of the unknown has held me back. BUT that's now changing. 
    To amplify matters - I have never had blood work taken, never run a PCT (or did once when I was 20 and then went back on gear 6 weeks later), and never run HCG. Fantastic concoction of fuckery, right? 
    I've searched forums for bellends in a similar position to me but have found very few - I'm hoping this running diary of my recovery (if any) will serve as a good stop for others who have been equally wreckless with their bodies. 
    Some current stats
    14% bf 
    Bench 140kg, squat 190kg
    Any questions fire through, my last jab was 3 weeks ago, clomid and nolva was started yesterday at 25mg/40mg respectively. I plan to run the clomid for 4-6 weeks, the nolva for 6-8 with the dose dropping to 20mg after 2 weeks. 
    I will be getting a basic testosterone blood test completed next week with a full hormone check at the end of July. I'll keep you posted. 
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    Super -ingh reacted to Sustanation in Clubbers Cycle....   
    Without a @Clubber Lang post i might aswell quit uk muscle ?
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    Super -ingh reacted to Clubber Lang in Clubbers Cycle....   
    Well, its been ages since I did any updates, and as you’ve asked I’ll write something for you lol.
    Still training, in and out sessions, DY style, no fu**ing about and staying too long, just eat sleep train repeat. Missus has started training with me now and enjoying it. Shes packed all her high rep work and cardio crap in, and now doing compounds with me and sets to failure. Shes loving it. Also shes started her first steroid cycle too. 1ml Primo with 0.3ml of Hep EW, but now has changed test from Hep to Prop @ 0.6ml. Her power and strength has shot up, stronger than you think, especially legs, but shes always had strong legs as she swam at National level in her teens. She needs to come off the test soon, carry on with Primo but been on test for a while so needs to have a break. Could swap Prop for Var.
    Lost two friends since my last big post. Lost a mate to depression, suicide, was only 24. Was his 25th birthday last Saturday. Saw him Friday afternoon, pulled over to chat to him, killed himself Saturday, his best mate found him. Horrible. Only 24!
    Another friend died a few weeks ago. Still waiting for autopsy so unsure cause of death. Hes funeral is next Friday. Think there’ll be fireworks at his funeral as he was going through a divorce and his ex is a utter benefit grabbing bitch. Spoke to my dead mates brother and he told me as soon as she found out he was dead she rang him asking for his brother bank statements! She wants to know what money and investments the poor guy had. Brother said no, not yet, hes only been dead a few days, so she rang the police on him! Worst thing is shes only gone on FB and invited everyone to his funeral. Shes not invited herself! My mates family is paying for all the funeral costs so she has no say in it, but she’ll turn up! Fireworks! Stand back and watch lol.
    Still working the doors. Just had an ‘Assault’ charge dropped against me and a work mate. Someone kicked off inside, dropped someone, then we went in and the guy punched the head doorman breaking his nose, then punched me twice while I trying to get a broken glass out his hand. We fell on each other while he still had the glass, so I did a single preemptive strike to his upper body to give me a second or two to get back on my feet and deal with the situation better. Someone snapchat videoed the strike and the guy who I struck went running to the FEDS, basically he wanted combo. He got proper filled in outside across the street by the guy he dropped inside, ended up with a broken leg and cheek but tried to pin it on us and the venue….compo! But a few weeks after my police interview charges were dropped. Police were happy non of his injuries happened inside our place and was all done across the street. Absolute w**ker. He just wanted money. Got nothing.
    Place where I work has had a refit, looks smart as f**k now. Had to have new uniforms which TBH look the business. Front door staff now have black overcoats and flat caps, so with the ties and waist coats we look the part. Look like Peaky Blinders. I look nails in it TBH lol. Had a great launch weekend last week, no trouble, but turned s**t loads away. The nobs were turned away went to a bar across the road and a few hours later…..massive fights inside. Dickheads cant drink and think theyre nails. They had massive amounts of trouble Friday and satuday. Friday ive never seen it so bad. Big groups being kicked out and fighting on the street. Punching to the floor and stomping, people running up and punching others in the back of the head. Fights went on for 15-20mins at a time! Then one police car would turn up and everyone runs away, only to return later. It’s a joke. Entertaining for us to stand and watch tho lol. I think the owner is trying to ditch the door firm that runs it at the moment, but hes been threatened by them so think hes trying to use the police and licencing to demand the firm leaves and hires a new one. Owner wants us there, even requested me and my best mate work there to sort the door. Said he’ll pay anything lol. They currently let every nob in and ends up kicking off, and kicks off bad. Just need a good solid front door team and refuse every bellend with trainers and hoodies. Its not hard, but they s**t it!
    Tried some new supplements too, whey and pre-workout by Time 4 Nutrition. Someone from CNP left and copied all the best CNP supps, but used different flavours which are loads better. The toffee whey is heaven! The pre-workout knocks my socks off, and going to try the intra-training amino in Rhubarb & Custard flavour very soon, sounds well nice! Companies been out for years but only heard about it a few weeks ago. Top quality stuff!
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    Super -ingh reacted to EpicSquats in Wilder v Fury...   
    No you can stream it a couple of hours early by magic.
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    Super -ingh reacted to ElChapo in AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo   
    You won't notice a difference in results, mood, energy, etc.  It's not as simple as serum levels. Gene expression is the major force behind AAS effects. This is why it takes time to "kick in".  After your first injection, your levels are already supraphysiological, so why don't you feel it?  Gene expression. 
    I do Monday/Thursday for Test prop. 
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    My recommended approach is keeping doses the same from bulk to cut to be on the safe side, maximize the changes of retaining most of your muscle/strength and keeping it simple, but you can get away with 50% less for cutting once the muscle is built.
    Try 300 mg test prop and oral winstrol at 50 mg daily. Run for 12 weeks bulk or cut. If you care about fertility or ever plan on PCT, run HCG from start to finish.  Test only is nice enough, especially prop, but try the winstrol with it and you won't be sorry.
    Lipids will take a hit even from moderate dose testosterone, the temporary effect will not negatively affect your health. It takes many years of impaired lipid profile to have a negative effect on your cardiovascular health.  
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    That Bayer test e is the easily the best test I ever used. 1 amp a week blew me up
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    Well the Bank Holiday weekend was hit and miss. Friday, dead, zero people out, was hoping to finish an hour early but around 130am people from other bars that were shutting came to us, so stayed open till [email protected] 
    Saturday, was expecting loads of trouble TBH. Leicester had the last home match against West Ham in the afternoon, then have the Bellow vs Haye fight at night + the weather was fecking hot, so was rdy for anything and everything, but nothing happened. Was a sausage fest everywhere so we didnt let half the people in, not having a bar full of cock, would rather have half a full bar then backed full of blokes, too many males only leads to trouble. Was no women out, think with the footy and boxing the ladies stayed away and just let the fellas out. We had zero problems inside or out. I was actually shattered and aching from just standing there and doing nothing. Felt flat. Had s**t nights kip from the heat and tren sweats.
    Sunday, pulled up into the car park and all you could hear was loud music booming out a bar close by. They had a summer party from 4pm onwards and everyone was hammered by the time we rolled up at 830pm. Everyones been out all day and wrecked lol. In fact i missed the turning for the car park cus of all the women outside the bar wearing hardly anything, had to drive round the block again lol. Everyone was there as we had no one in out bar when we entered. We only got busy around 12 midnight onwards but quickly filled up. 
    Had a little trouble towards the end of the night, which was funny cus i told my mate i have a feeling im gonna bang someone tonight. Had two nights of me being calm and stepping between door staff and refused pissed up punters, rather than me joining in on the rage, felt distant Friday and Saturday, but Sunday i was refreshed and rdy. 
    First bit of trouble was a group of bellends in rented sport cars pulling up outside the bars and revving theyre engines like feck...for no reason what so ever. Then wheel spinning off and doing stupid speed. Its a one way narrow/single road line/street we're on and the speeds these cars do they'll kill someone whos had a drink and steps out or falls. Was 3 cars that kept coming round, M4, AMG and a X6. The M4 stopped in the road up from us and no word of a lie they stayed there revving for 10mins. Cars and taxis behind beeping theyre horns to get them to move but they wouldnt. Eventually the M4 convertible stormed off and what happened, some bloke was half way walking across the street  on his phone and the car stopped and beeped the guy. Oh dear! Obv the bloke gave them some s**t for driving to fast and this little Asian lad in the passenger seat got up and said something back. All hell broke loose then. Then older bloke exploded and the passenger opened his door to get out..... big mistake. The bloke ran round the front of the car and proper kicked the door shut! Sent the Asian lad flying back inside, not to mention the massive dint in the door! lol. Then as it was a convertible he was flying punches over the door lol. The AMG pulled up behind and 5 lads got out and ran towards the older guy. But by this time everyone on the street had had enough of these racing gimps in the mum and dads or rented for the weekend cars. Me and my mate ran over, door staff from down the road that never move even ran up lol. The AMG lads s**t it and quickly got back in theyre car and the M4 slowly pulled off, still with the bloke swinging punches lol. I thought f**k and volleyed the back wing as it pulled off then shouted s**t louds of abuse at the AMG. Everyone was clapping as everyone was pissed off with the little shits racing. That 18 plate M4 needs some serious panel work now lol. If its rented theyve just lost a s**t load on theyre deposit! Scuffed my steel toe cap on my boot, still got red paint on it lol.
    Next, God, some people dont listen. Lad turned up in Nike trainers, shorts, t-shirt and cap. Obv dress code he wasnt allowed in. But would he go away....no. Kepted asking and asking but failed to understand the dress code. Eventually my mate lost his rag and started arguing with him. I got between and moved him on a little only for him to get cheeky and call my mate a c##t. So then i exploded. He got cheeky again but only as he was backing off, standard. I turned round and walked back to my door and then the bastard flicked the back of my head!!! I turned round and saw him laughing. No...oh no. I just charged him and his face dropped. Now im heavy but i can run like Forrest Gump, even with size 12 boots on and 19st im fecking quick. I chased him down the round with him looking round with pure fear on his face. Then he fecked up and took a wrong step, just as i was about to give up. He stumbled and went head first into a shutter! Then im over him and bosh, smashed him twice straight in the forehead with heavy rights! Had my gloves on and everything. Just gave him the two shots then walked away. He got up and ran...pussy. Again, everyone said some people dont listen and are twats when theyre drunk or off theyre heads. If you cant get in somewhere why hang around?! Knew i was gonna bang someone......was him! lol.
    after that was an easy night. Had a nice crowed inside so stopped people in and kept it as was.
    today tho, my fecking aches are killing from the running! Was a good 40m's sprint, wasnt gonna give up that easy! Had to put ice packs on my ankles this afternoon. Training legs this morning probably didnt help.
    roll on this weekend. I think it'll be dead.
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    Are you white?.... If so no white people, sorry! lol