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  1. Clubbers Cycle....

    mate seriously give the heel gels a go if ur plantar fascia is bad, I had that last year outa nowhere and was killing me. went to a blind masseuse lol and he said the gels really help, I wore mine for 5 months and then bang it went, it did make walking much less painful at the beginning aswell now I got tennis elbow which is killing me lol - that I think will hover around for a long time
  2. Clubbers Cycle....

    U lost any size? And how injuries playing up? Finally....thank fek ur back lol
  3. To Gear or not to Gear? Teniis elbow

    the osteopath I found the osteopath I found got rid of my rotator cuff. I ended up with some crazy pain in my neck which went down to my shoulder, then my arm, and that again came outta nowhere doing nothing. he was like it stems from the rotator cuff and he managed to sort it within 6 sessions (going every week and doing the exercises he recommended on most days) to the point I had no pain shoulder pressing again stupidly I stopped going and then everything came back and he is confident on the tennis elbow issue so gna give him a try if it doesn't work I'm gna go with the sport therapist. Osteos are a mix of a chiropractor & a masseuse and sessions are for around 30 mins. he charges I think 40quid if you get 6 sessions upfront. I think for the sake of 6 more weeks I'm gna just soldier on and look my best for the hols, then its looking to sort the problem out lol
  4. To Gear or not to Gear? Teniis elbow

    I have seen some old threads on ur condition, prob the same, sitting at a computer all day with that bloody mouse which has caused it. I think I'm gna trial this week with exercises which have the least emphasis on my forearm (grips, exercises etc...) see how that's goes, if it doesn't work I'm gna allow the weights and get it looked at properly
  5. To Gear or not to Gear? Teniis elbow

    if I get on the gear again I will knocking a few out more often so if it comes back I will say it is lol
  6. To Gear or not to Gear? Teniis elbow

    yeh can still bench and i dont really squueze on the bar when i grip it, and i can OHP, just get a slight niggle on my rotator cuff but its fine. TBH i can substitute some machine for free weights which really give the problem when im having to really grip the weight
  7. To Gear or not to Gear? Teniis elbow

    yeh i might just leave it then, absolute nightmare this tennis elbow
  8. So after the last couple of years whereby training has been a constant on /off, I randomly developed 'golfers elbow' (I think) when the inside of the elbow creeping onto the bicep was killing me when training, especially doing bicep curls. Been back in gym on the reg and suddenly it goes away and has now switched and developed into Tennis elbow which is leaving me in massive pain on my push routine, particularly down the forearm. I'm due to go back to my osteopath who's back at the end of Jan but in the meantime I can get through the workout even though the pain is pretty intense, it somewhat eases a little the more sets I blast thru sometimes oddly enough - but training shoulders like side/front raises are very painful whereas benching hurts less. I wanted to jump onto a 6 week cutting course I as I have a vial and a half of one rip (240mg) and enough orals to do 20mg winny and 50mg anavar per day then my stash is finished gear wise, I'm due to go on holiday in 8 weeks I never had joint issues with the winny before but i'm worried it will make it worse or the strength increase from the gear is going to make it much worse (strength gain faster than the inflammation can handle?) so opinions on whether 1) I sack off the gear and cut naturally and wait for the osteo to come back to look at more depth? 2) buy an elbow sleeve and just go for it considering I will finish whatever gear I have left over and look a bit more mint for my hols and address the issue properly when I'm back? Thanks
  9. I jabbed a few vials over the years which are much older and 3 qtr filled. As long as it's been stored right it's most likely to be ok
  10. Longest cycle /blast you've done??

    Very good point - but what about to the guys that say "you have to do deca for like 4 months coz it starts working from week6-7" - some old guys in the gym who r still pretty big said they used to do 8 week cycles of test and deca and it works, and these guys know jack about half lives lol they have the same thing of "time on = time off" in shorter durations
  11. Clubbers Cycle....

    Don't tease us with this one liner - give us a good story lol
  12. Clubbers Cycle....

    Clubs come back!!!!!
  13. Great post @swole troll would u say dbol has a bad affect as deca or tren on lipids even though its used short term (up to 8 weeks say) ? I don't go above 40mg, and most of the time its a kick start of 30mg for 6 weeks then just test the rest of the cycle at 400-60mg , would u recommend dropping them even though its used for a small duration? asking coz I have like 4 bottles to go thru lol
  14. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    interesting you say twice a week for prop - I been watching podcasts on how pinning everyday is supposedly better as it stabilizes blood levels and keep the dose constant - is that a myth then? how many days apart from injections is assuming train between mon-fri
  15. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    fantastic thank you, (as opposed to prop) would you recommend test e weekly at 300mg or slightly higher due to ester? I really hate pinning tbh - every 5 days is my limit. very much appreciated, nice to see you back