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  1. If I take GH at 18 will I get wider?

    width is usually something defined by the scapula width compared to the shape of your chest and the size of your pelvis. it doesn't change much unlike height. if you're narrow as s**t now, you'll not get much wider but growth could absolutely make your gut wider and make you look ever narrower.
  2. Sure it's been studied with test only up to like 600-750 / week and there was no increase in clinical definitions of anger or aggression. Thing I always worry about are people who claim tren does nothing to them. I know 3 people like this. I say "know" as I mostly avoid them as they're edgy as f**k on a good day. Soon as they're on tren they have a fu**ing psychopathic thousand yard stare and their body language screams I'm about to snap. I've decided that certain steroids may cause irritability and grumpiness, just like not getting sleep does. How you react to that ultimately is down to your personality. Some people are snappy and snarky, other people sulk. Some people batter f**k out their significant others or go out looking to fight on a Friday. If you're an utter bellend to start with, you're probably not going to notice doubling up on how much of a bellend you are on tren. If you're mostly placid, you might notice a bit of an uptick on grumpiness. If you're socially introverted, you might notice some extra outgoing behaviour on a load of test but go back to normal after. People need to look at themselves honestly to think is it the roids or is it just me and how I am and how my surroundings make me feel.
  3. 12.5 mg aromasin subsertute ?

    Is this where people were saying arimidex and nolva were competing for the same substrate enzyme or something like that?
  4. blocking the receptor and reducing the hormone amount to the same thing. there are 2 functional differences in how high vs low estrogen effect libido. high e2 - loss of sex drive, loss of sexual interest, impotence that won't budge regardless of androgen dosing. low e2 - loss of sex drive, loss of sexual interest, generally can still get an erection from physical stimulation. erection quality will be crap tho. Its hard to blindly take shots at controlling e2 without blood tests as it can vary wildly. example, at my most bulked up for a meet, i'll be 20%+ BF. at that level of BF, I need an AI for 150mg/week. I'd normally take 1mg arimidex 48hrs post injection. That will keep my e2 in the low-middle of normal, libido fine, no ED. right now, i'm 12% may a little lower, i am on 210mg/week test, no need for an AI. my E2 is a little out of the high range of normal but no issues with my gyno flaring up or any ED. now say i took that 150mg/week at 20% BF and added in 100mg of masteron, i don't need an AI. If i take the 210mg/week and added in something as little as 50mg Deca, i'd need an AI or masteron added. The advice to take an AI, is given as its better to be on the low side and have a bit of transient libido issues than not take and get glandular gyno that you ultimately need to have surgically removed because you then hate your body. if you find the AI dose is too much after 2 weeks, drop it down. If you can't drop it down due to dosing, try without. If you get any signs of bad things happening, take the AI in a way that it starts taking down estrogen as your androgens are dropping and e2 is peaking etc.
  5. See what happens if you take both. 20mg SD, 20-50mg Var. Var makes everything better.
  6. Superdrol is good IMO, because it gives quite a lot on a MG for MG basis. In my experience as well, most orals are just as liver toxic as each other on a MG for MG basis. So like 50mg of Drol does the same as 50mg winstrol for me ( exceptions being methyl tren which is awful, var is about half the impact for me). So if you compared 20mg of superdrolvs 20mg var, winstrol, anadrol, the superdrol would win hands down. Problem for me is I don't think I could take more than perhaps 30 without just being dog tired. I can get var up to 100mg per day without too much issue. I can go up to 100 with winstrol using 5 on 2 off and avoid the joint issues etc. Does 20mg of superdrol compare to 100mg of var, nope. 100mg of any oral is going to wipe the floor with 20mg of any other oral. So to answer your question, take the one that you can take the most of for the longest and it will ultimately be the best. Also, I much prefer var+winstrol together than either on it's own. Try 50var, 50 winstrol if you can.
  7. Just finished 6 weeks of 20mg/day SG superdrol. First time using superdrol. Have been in a calorie deficit since lockdown. Diet has been around 100g carbs, 200g protein and whatever fat to hit the numbers. Started taking superdrol a few weeks into cut and lockdown. Been doing a home workout bodged as best as I could, full body push+full body pull, 4 days per week, with 1hrs LISS cardio per day. Experiences Week 1 - bit nausea upon first taking, very dehydrated. Week 2 - nausea and dehydration passed. Added about 2kg of water as I upped carbs to 130g per day as I was getting hypoglycemia thay I attribute to adding superdrol. Lethargy in mornings is hard. Like really hard to wake up and get up. Was fine with a cup of coffee in me tho. Week 3 - pumps noticeably better, more energy all day, including walking. Veins eveywhere. Lethargy still bad. Libido seemed shoot up. Weeks 4-6 - decent pumps, fullness kept to muscle, good energy. Even more veins and lethargy getting out of bed. High libido. Throughout the 6 weeks I had transient water retention as I struggled to maintain hydration. Felt like a workout would suck all the water into my muscle then I'd piss it all out 3 hrs later. Didn't really dry out and there "strength" gains weren't really as great as made out. Started to shed hair quite badly at week 5. BP was 20 points up but that's still within range for me. Swapped over to 50mg winstrol for the past 5 days to see if there's any pronounced difference. There isn't a huge difference but winstrol doesnt do its thing until 2nd or 3rd week for me. Energy is still the same, might be a bit stronger. Pumps still good but not as bulging as superdrol. Blood sugar feels more stable, I don't need to drink as much water working out and haven't been pissing all night. For the cost, it's a decent vanity drug for me. Blows you up with water but doesnt have the same subq water issues if you can control your hydration. Winstrol + Var are still stronger LBM builders for me. If I just came off a cut and decided to go on a beach holiday, I'd probably take superdrol just to pump me right up. For building noticeable muscle, I think there's better orals for that which aren't glycogen pumps.
  8. Labmax anavar testing

    So here's the issue. You've got too much of the compound in there, which is why they are dogshit for made tabs and only remotely useful for raws. Given it's a pressed tab and has filler and clumps of hormone, it can get a concentration of the pigment in one spot, giving a false positive. Next issue, shake it up, like really shake it fu**ing hard and 20 mins later you'll have some baby nappy s**t coloured mess on a vial. You're then expected to establish if that particular shade means its var or winstrol. Quite impossible to do, if you've just dumped 50mg if the hormone in, instead of the tiny amount they ask you to. The tests are a crock of s**t. If that is really dbol, start taking them. You'll know pretty sharpish that its dbol and not var and winstrol.
  9. Dianabol and running

    It's safe, you're probably not going to enjoy it for a number of reasons. Also, you know when you fill a hot water bottle and carry it. You get that squishy sloshy feeling? That's running on dbol.
  10. Progesterone and prolactin have no ability to physically Express themselves as gyno without the presence of estrogen, at which point progesterone and estrogen are the primary drivers behind growing tits. If you've never used an AI before, that's probably normal as estrogen on it's own may not cause gyno as testosterone will inhibit its expression. As soon as you take that mentality into a 19nor, people get stung as you then have 2 compounds that can bind to the progesterone receptor and amplify the effects of estrogen. It's also why people shouldn't just assume they don't need an AI just cos they don't feel like they get gyno.
  11. AI, Raloxifene, Nolva question

    dont run anadrol would be a good start. stick with orals that don't aromatise and it would be advisable to dose your test at least 2x per week now. you will need to get a blood test done after 2-3 weeks into your cycle to check your e2 levels and then establish an AI dose that keeps you in normal. if you want to half arse it, use nolva all the way through the cycle and PCT.
  12. Judging underdosed/bunk gear

    problem with the market being flooded with overdosed gear is that you will get a massive swing in good feedback from people who "rate" one lab cos they swapped to it and all of a sudden felt better. not that the stuff they were on was underdosed. they just went from say 297mg test e to 350mh test e. 600 vs 700. gets hard to have that insight unless you've been on pharma grade for any length of time and regularly have bloodwork done to check the dosing. that being said, when you get 300mg/week tren and you're left 3 weeks in and havn't shouted at anyone get or woken up feeling like you've pissed the bed 6 times, you kinda know its s**t
  13. Judging underdosed/bunk gear

    you kind of expect UGL's to go from overdosed, to underdosed, to about where it should be. Until they actually test their RAWs directly they'll never, even with best intentions, produce consistent gear. its why a lot seem to just brew with a deliberate 10% overdose. problem is, that's usually why you get batches that crash or give crippling PiP and then the next batch is ok. although, there are some labs who clearly just take the piss with how they make stuff and make gear with a scoop of raws, glug of BA, chug of BB then a big swill of GSO
  14. Nexus winstrol

    Takes a while for the worst of winstrol to set in. Initially I get really full and pumped on it, then after the 3rd week I just deflate but don't, "dry out" under my skin, if anything I retain water vs how dry i am initially. I also find winstrol had some serm like qualities, so you might be having a low e2 expression issue with libido and dehydration causing water retention and electrolyte imbalance. Not ruling out that the nexus stuff is inconsistently dosed as most UGL tabs are but it's something to consider.
  15. Total T is meaningless. The only useful metric is FREE testosterone. I had a full panel done before my first ever cycle and my total T was top of the range. My free T was slap bang average. the unbound T is what affects your libido, lean mass, cognitive function and mood. Anything bound to SHBG is unable to do anything and total T doesnt distinguish between the 2.
  16. Labmax anavar testing

    Labmax tests are an utter waste of money and time. Why are people still buying this s**t? It's only remotely useful for raw hormone only, not one full of filler.
  17. Satan Pharma

    Defo not uk.
  18. Satan Pharma

    most people wait for others to pioneer the way to A&E or swoledom with the new labs tho took me a decade to get here, i'll be damned if i lose it all cos of a stay in ICU
  19. I mean, I shouldn't be saying nicely done cos people will then think it's generally a good idea.....but nicely done. What did the blast and the cruise look like? Any additional support taken to help? Tren murders my lipids so I'd not dare do it
  20. as in your blast was lots of tren, your cruises were less tren?
  21. Mind, yes, cholesterol to the point you'll be seriously risking some severe cardiac problems, no.
  22. 200 enanthate per week, for me. Not many sides, noticeable uptick in gym progress.
  23. Stanavar

    Var+winny is better than either on their own for slightly different reasons. Winny usually gets me more LBM than anavar on a equal mg basis but the difference is very close. Winny dehydrated the s**t out of me, makes my muscles very flat after 3 weeks and gives me awful joints after that at 50mg/day. Var at 50mg/day gives me libido issues and some quite intense shoulder and spinal erector pumps. Taking both at 25mg per day nets me the same lbm gains, same strength gains without any libido issues, I don't dehydrate and deflate and don't get the horrendous grating, inflamed joints. Pretty horrendous for lipids tho but most orals are. I'm gonna try anadrol+winstrol next blast to see if that has the same synergy
  24. ROHM new batch

    I'm fairly sure they don't all regularly take nearly 3g per week of about the worst thing you can take for your heart as well as 5 units of growth per day. Like a few g per week of test and primo I know is a very regular but you're literally into rich piana and Dallas mck levels of f**k yourself there. Theres a huge difference between 3g of test only per week with growth and 3g of nandrolone.
  25. ROHM new batch

    Is that a joke? 400mg/nandrolone per day?