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  1. Superdrol & Anadrol

    Yeah, its dry but its just glycogen in the muscle and strength gains. Weight just drops off once you come off it.
  2. Superdrol & Anadrol

    Would seem a bit pointless as they both basically do the same thing. I dont think superdrol is particularly great all things considered. If you want to blow up with size on cycle then fair enough but its all gone once you're off. At least with drol you get some decent tissue gains after the water goes.
  3. dnp plus tren plus ketogenic diet

    why bother? just diet down if you're willing to take tren, you're not going to lose muscle, so just stick to a deficit for a little bit longer and you might even gain some muscle along the way. dunno why people are so keen on trying to lose bodyfat that they are willing to risk serious health issues when they can just diet down. also, you feel like s**t being shredded all the time, again, why would anyone want that? if you overdose on DNP, there is nothing they can treat you with to try and prevent things from going to s**t. they can only cool you down and hope your body manages to find a way to keep mitochondrial respiration going.
  4. Proviron on cycle.

    Oral so easy to take. Doesn't impact liver. Binds with SHBG. Decent libido support. Very good at keeping estrogen sides down. If you've hit a limit of injection volume or dont like what masteron does to hair line, its pretty much a no brainer for most
  5. Clen or winstrol for drying out?

    Clen does the opposite to me, makes me retain loads of water until I'm off it.
  6. Cruise amount

    why would you doubt those doses given they're both retired now? Seth has dropped his dose right down to TRT levels and lost a s**t load of size, so i'd not doubt he was on 500 test / week pre-tear. remember that's not what they were on when competing, its what they're on now. John Meadows has since dropped his dose to almost half and he's lost a s**t load of mass and went through his recent bloods on a video. you can see his current test levels, sure they were about 900. i'd also assume both are on GH
  7. SG tren

    Yeah mine crashed hard. Got sick of remaking it that i just stopped using it Deffo a lot more than 200mg/ml in there. Stuff is thick and really heavy too.
  8. This is why I think that EQ cycles are described as very slow, very dry gain cycles despite wisdom saying you're on 600 test and 600eq which is alleged to aromatise at 50% of test. How many people can have a "slow, dry" test cycle on 900/week? When I've used test:eq as an AI, to test the theory, 2:1 isn't a slow cycle or particularly dry, its like a higher dosed test cycle. You want some E2, ideally at least normal or higher normal. E2 does good stuff but can also do bad stuff if left to spiral out of control. E1 is basically inert for the most part, so doesn't do much. Typical symptoms fkr low E2 in men are anxiety, common with EQ cycles, and BP issues also common. There is definitely something in it and if i could afford to get a sensitive test done everytime I'm changing the dose, I would, as it would show if it scales with dose or if there is a minimum threshold for it to out compete test for aromataze
  9. Cruise amount

    the minimum dose required to maintain your physique on the cruise. Some recent ideas on what some of the ex pros use. Seth Feroce was on 500mg/week before he tore his tricep. He was maintaining a year round physique that could easily have won. a 212 show with 12-14 weeks prep. John Meadows was on 200/week before his heart attack. If you don't look close to seth or even John, I wouldn't consider cruising on more than them, especially over 200/week
  10. unless you have a sensitive assay done that shows e1 and e2, rather than just quoting oestrogen or oestrodial total, you won't ever see whats going on. Seems to stop e1 converting to e2. 450 test, 200eq puts my e2 in normal when it should be 3x baseline
  11. Fake Pharmacom Tren Ace

    This was based on some stupid fu**ing article written by an idiot who matched the cloud hosting of the sites to a cloud hosting provider and therfore must all be the same people. SP and balkan are allegedly the same setup. Balkan being the human grade registered, SP being full UGL. Never seen any reasonable proof Pharmacom are linked with anyone else.
  12. 300mg pharmacom sus blood work

    Very unlikely that its overdosed, you've just drawn bloods right as it has peaked.
  13. Aromasin Crash Off Cycle

    Are you basing these interventions on blood tests or feelings?
  14. Best Brand of Anavar

    Loads of types of filler. It will be whatever they found cheapest on ebay or amazon. Most common is probably magnesium stearate. The final mix will look different depending on the raws, some might add dyes, different levels of bonding agent, laminated tabs etc etc.
  15. Anavar

    i'm with this dude. if you're not actively competing, don't go down the steroid route until you need it. Ostarine is very female friendly, so is low dose LGD-4033. both will add muscle and help you recomp with a good diet. Ostarine is also the one that quite a lot of the crossfit females got banned for, so you can get an idea of its performance enhancing abilities from that.