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  1. Medicheck blood test SHGB

    androgens, especially in one big dose will knock down SHBG. depending on what else you've been taking and if there have been any diet changes, SHBG can be all over the place.
  2. Proviron for anti oestrogen

    It is probably not doing your prostate any good but if your BP is actually fine and nothing else is causing issues to your life, then its no more worse than being on supraphysiological doses of androgens. Proviron certainly isn't going to do much if anything to your e2.
  3. Proviron for anti oestrogen

    then you don't need to do anything or take anything? if you get any of those sides, you will know its the e2 levels and a small dose of an AI will bring it down
  4. Proviron for anti oestrogen

    Your e2 is through the roof. The bros wrongly spout s**t like "estrogen is protective", "igf-1 levels". None of those statements hold any value when you're 3x physiological androgens and even higher e2. They are only true when your e2:test ratio is normal. Crash your e2 expression to zero and you lose the igf1 levels and neuro and cardiac protection. Having your e2 in normal or a bit higher with no sides is getting you all the igf1 and debatable protective effects you're getting. If youre getting edema in your ankles where tight fitting clothes are causing deep red marks that persist for a long time after they are removed, you're retaining a s**t load of water. Amy issues with libido, binge eating, oily skin, mood swings, erectile dysfunction then its e2. Chances are your BP will be high as well with those numbers. PSA'S which cause prostate hypertrophy are only active in the presence of shbg and e2, where they act as growth agents. So if you don't want a prostate the size of a watermelon, controlling your e2 near the upper range of normal is a good idea for most. Also if its that high, do you have high BF?
  5. Proviron for anti oestrogen

    It is mostly gobbled up by SHBG, so unless yours is mega high, there's not much point. The only things that reliably tackle e2 are serms and aromatase inhibitors If you've had bloods and your e2 is through the roof and it's causing issues, use an AI to reduce it.
  6. you don't need to continue with anything?
  7. Anadrol libido

    Resting after was 140/90, normally 110-120 range, so not too terrifying but id also have some BP stuff in me like ciallis and an ace. Peak under max effort lift, probably 190, id dare not get a measurement otherwise id never do it. I've only ever had one nose bleed but plenty of bloodshot eyes and popped capillaries in my face. Wouldn't dare do that for anything other than the day of a meet.
  8. SG Clen

    the y have
  9. Pharmacom mix 6

    yes, its the best TMT i've ever used. it has a bit of PiP, like a bruise but nothing that would stop a muscle from being used.
  10. Anadrol libido

    I take 200mg on the day of a strength meet and it immediately ramps my strength through the roof. Kick in times are bro science.
  11. Var effect on Kidneys

    At what dose? This stuff is dose dependent in the damage it does
  12. Why not keep the test as is and run 300mg of primo per week. No need to worry about estrogen and primo is twice as myogenic as test anyway. Super safe and Conservative cycle that will net nice gains providing you've learnt to eat and train to progress
  13. Turkish Bayer Rimobolan lab max!

    Labmax tests are an utter crock of s**t for testing compounded substances. They only work half decent for raws.
  14. Carrier oil and solvent info

    Intex is PiPy as f**k, so I imagine 20% BA, 75% BB, a few percent hormone,
  15. SIS Labs test depot 300?

    Yeah, thought they rebranded to pharmaqo or something like that. So either the market is saturated with shite or someone has faked a s**t tier lab.