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  1. Thoughts on the following?

    200mg/week is doable with a lot of extra supps. by doable, i mean on the edge of ok. imagine 250 will push most people past the point of reasonable control.
  2. Deca+Susta

    unless you're doing 2x per week dosing with the sust, its a bad idea to use with DECA. better off using test e for 1x per week dosing.
  3. Dunning

    the website is just a supplier who now has full monopoly over that brand. gear is still the same brewer and no different now then it was pre supplier. anyone saying otherwise is just lab shilling
  4. Is this cycle safe/ good? (UPDATED)

    I'd tweak it a bit. suatanon and deca is a nightmare. it spikes quick for a few days then drops like a stone, right when the deca starts spiking. messes with libido even more than usual and makes controlling e2 a pain. use test e instead. I wouldn't run ostarine with such low doses of aas. it crashes shbg which makes the anabolics clear much quicker. not so bad when you're doing big doses with a pin every other day. finisteride can offset some of the deca issues but drops DHT, so can leave you open to e2 issues/gyno. the nolva dose is utterly pointless until PCT. deca can mess you up long term so be prepared to PCT for up to 8 weeks. adex for that amount of test and deca, with finisteride would probably be better off 0.5mg 2-3x per week. if you want to use an oral, proviron would be useful. a DHT with deca is almost a must for me.
  5. ROHM thermo lipid

    that's the point tho. as you diet cortisol goes up, T3 goes down. anabolics can offset the muscle loss from cortisol and you top up the dropped levels of t3 once they start to drop and weight loss slows. why use everything at the start when the easy fat loss happens and then have nothing left when it gets hard? the clen stops doing much very quickly and t3 smashes LBM. better to use at the last 4-6 weeks of a cut.
  6. ROHM thermo lipid

    I'd be running 0.2ml once weight loss stops. then up to 0.5 for the rest. t3 eats muscle. keep it low dosed.
  7. Next cycle to go with test?

    yes. offsets some of the libido losses and helps keep things "drier", although I don't tend to carry too much water with nandrolone, still makes a difference tho.
  8. Next cycle to go with test?

    you could just add some EQ to whatever your last test cycle was. EQ is useful cos its just as anabolic as test but less androgenic, so its "milder" in terms of s**t like acne, hairy shoulders, melon sized prostate. ive just tried EQ for the first time and its also a fairly useful AI in its own right. 600mg test with 300mg EQ gives me bloods on par with using arimidex at 0.5mg twice per week. your mileage will vary. was a very uneventful cycle as far as sides went as well. used 50mg var with it as well.
  9. Keifei Pharma

    this stuff is excellent
  10. 10ml Sterile and sealed Vials ?

    there's a difference, a fairly big one, between certified sterile vials and just clean ones. I'm sure most will wash everything with isoprop before assembling. some may even autoclave. very much doubt any small suppliers are doing all the above in a clean room then filling with filtered nitrogen gas. there's an argument to be had about just how sterile they need to be but there's inherit risk buying from in certified sources as a rinse with isoprop can still leave nasties.
  11. SG Mast-E 300...

    drop the VAR for 2-3 days after you pin the mast and see if it picks up
  12. Test e peaking time

    nothing gains wise but its usually big swings that lead to e2 issues manifesting themselves.
  13. Test e peaking time

    if they're dosing 300mg/week then they will achieve and maintain supraphysiological serum levels after 3 days, meaning MPS > MPB. think what most people refer to "kick in time" is the time it takes for muscle glycogen storage to up regulate and provide that "on cycle" look. stronger androgens also do stuff to the CNS which probably take a week to fully realise.
  14. EO oil ??

    it's also a pretty strong solvent. I never used to brew gear without it. only needs a few % added but means you can drop BB to like 8% with 2% EO. using something like myglyol (also better solvent properties than gso or castor), you can make a 300mg test e that squirts through a 25g pin.
  15. EO oil ??

    put some on a plaster, stick plaster on body. leave for 24hrs. if you're actually allergic it will be very obvious that you are.