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  1. Medichecks result

    The variation in the results that come back despite nothing changing is beyond test error. Just for shits and giggs I got some tests done at Nuffield and the variance was so much lower and then matched stuff done by GP.
  2. Deca and NPP - use together?

    You don't have any frame of reference to critique the science. You dont have the ability to measure myofibrillar hypertrophy, protein synthesis or degradation rates etc etc. All you have to go off is how it makes you feel, a set of scales if you own some and the mirror. All of which is subjective and will vary person to person. The idea that it takes something 3 weeks to "kick in" or less for a shorter ester is based on those subjective observations only. That doesn't make them correct. A steroid acts on a receptor, the receptor is present in a lot of tissue other than the taeget tissue. The AR is responsible for several downstream processes that all add up to size, strength, fat loss. The speed at which the substance is released is irrelevant as it does not influence the final downstream expression only total saturation. 600 of pure nandrolone ends up the same, save minor differences in water retention based on your BF. Its not like taking an analgesic and the interaction with the cannabinoid recptor directly causes a reduction in pain.
  3. Deca and NPP - use together?

    both are supraphysiological after a few days. steady state in your blood doesn't mean much if you're not past the threshold for adaptations, so steady state after a few days vs a few weeks doesn't do anything when both are supraphysiological. that threshold for adaptation is incredibly low, so the difference between esters is simply more of the substance with a lighter ester. Think of it like an SSRI. stuff is peaked in your bloodsteam within a few hours, takes weeks and weeks for a physiological change to take place and taking more doesn't make those changes come any quicker, just the magnitude of the final adaptation as the substance doesn't upregulate the rate at which all the various biological processes happen, that are then required to make those adaptations take place.
  4. Deca and NPP - use together?

    that has absolutely nothing to do with the ester. as soon as you're supraphysiological you start a process of adaptations that will at some point meet a threshold where the user notices it. depending on the user or the substance, they may have more advocacy that they notice the uptick sooner or only at the point where something more extreme happens, like maxing out glycogen upregulation, having a carb binge then seeing they're 3kg heavier the next day and pumped right up. what people often mistake is the difference in total active compound that ester weights cause or slight differences in water retention by more lipophillic esters and compounds.
  5. Deca and NPP - use together?

    Kick in times between esters is largely a placebo. You will be supraphysiological after a few days.
  6. Medichecks result

    Just book in via the website. Prices are more than medichecks but I'd actually be inclined to believe them, whereas I don't trust medichecks, even the one drawn from bloods.
  7. Medichecks result

    Those finger pick tests are a load of s**t. Try and get some done by NHS or at Nuffield or similar.
  8. Test E and Tren E cycles

    The important truth. you can't take gear and not surpass everything you've experienced naturally. if you're expecting to turn into mr olympia overnight, then that's going to be part of the problem.
  9. How to gain mass

    Bout 10 years diet, training, peds for most. 5 with good genetics.
  10. Anavar

    Viagra and Cialis from Chinese raws is going to be hit and miss from now on. They have a domestic crack down on them, which is unrelated to the recent steroid drama and enforced very aggressively by their law enforcement. Raws got much more expensive as only the big exporters can buy the license and smaller Middle men can't buy domestically without big risk. Anyone trying to buy cheap raws is likely buying s**t.
  11. TRT and cycle

    you'll probably not need 1mg/week of arimidex with 475mg/week, especially when you're on the winstrol at the end. 0.5mg every monday or thursday will probably suffice. the more stable your test levels are, the lower the expression of estrogen, winstrol always feels like it has anti-e traits when i take it. start with 0.5mg, get bloods done and monitor for signs that your e2 is too high/low
  12. You should get bloods checked in a few months. Last time I tried to come off, everything was fine on the PCT protocol for 8 weeks. Felt like s**t about 4 months after coming off, had bloods, LH and Free/Total T had crashed again.
  13. Masteron and controlling Tren Sides

    its as anabolic as testosterone. part of the reason it comes across so weak, is likely because of the doses people take and the fact it then crushes their e2. i was using a blend of 250 test, 250 eq and it had my e2 at 9. i would probably need about 750-1000mg test with 250eq for my e2 to be in a normal range. its my current experimentation at the minute because it might be my blast and cruise going forward, scrapping 19nors, mast etc. 250 eq did nothing to my RBC count and had no issues with anxiety but my e2 was so low i felt like a menopausal women. i quite like the idea of going from 200test no AI, no oral on a cruise, to a blast of 1g test, 250 eq, no ai and use something like 50mg/var or RAD140 for a bit extra as they're both super effective muscle builders with pretty manageable sides.
  14. Masteron and controlling Tren Sides

    probably your prostate. i would be seriously getting that checked now, its not a normal thing. high estrogen can also do they same thing, high estrogen also is a growth factor in prostate hypertrophy. either way, get checked.
  15. You dont need much of a surplus with tren. If you're at 15% BF when you start you tend to lean out over the cycle as you recomp. Its that strong of an androgen and its metabolites are also androgenic that it mobilises fat. Your body has to use that so your metabolism ramps up which is why you're so hot on tren all the time. Fact is, the scales can stay the same weight or go down on tren bur youre still "bulking" in that you add muscle. It also seems to f**k with thyroid a bit so might actually slow your BMR. So what is normally maintenance or a 200 cal surplus ends up being a bulk. How ever it does it, it adds muscle with a low calorie budget. If you try and stuff your face, especially with carbs, you'll feel bloated and s**t and piss sweat every night. Time your carbs around exercise and away from bed and use a low surplus and you will have a much better time with tren.