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  1. What’s everyone’s favourite preworkout ?

    After years of fcuking around with lots of expensive nonsense, I think that blending up your own is the best way to go. It's more fiddly, but you can tailor make it to your precise needs and dosage requirements. Personally I really like the following blend: Beta Alanine 4g Creatine Mono 3g L Citrulline 3g L Carnitine L Tartrate 3g N Acetyl Tyrosine 3g Plus some sugar free flavoring in around 300ml water. Staves off central fatigue quite significantly.
  2. Back. Been a year. What's up? Has been a crazy last twelve months for me with my wife having two pretty major strokes back to back, and my life becoming all about helping her recover and rehab. Still a long way to go but things are finally getting much easier and I should now be able to squeeze in a few hours a week on here. So how is everyone? What have been the highlights of the last twelve months? What wonders have I missed????
  3. hydrolysed collagen

    Dude, proteins are broken down yes, but not solely into free form amino acids - they are also broken down to and absorbed as bi and tri-peptide proteins, and the body selectively transports and utilizes peptide aminos according to need in specific tissues. Hydrolyzed collagen is absorbed exactly this way, as peptide and transported to target tissues for use in tissue remodeling. This is pretty basic nutritional science tbh.
  4. I agree that the volume thing is being expanded way beyond what the data actually says. What it shows us that when doing up to 10-20 sets (exact number variable between individual body parts and individual people) each set adds a decent amount of stimulus until you reach a point where additional sets still can grant benefit but, and this is the bit the volume gurus kind of gloss over, the additional benefit becomes barely significant per extra set. These additional sets however do incur a greater drain on the CNS and cause just as much (and possibly more) muscle damage as earlier sets, and this can be detrimental long term because it increases your need for more rest, tighter nutrition, and much lower frequency in order to recover. To me the above is one big strike against large volumes per week every week. However, there are other ways to employ higher volume in a limit fashion that may be better. One way is to select a single body part or muscle groups to train with high volume for a while whilst keeping everything else at normal volume levels. Do so for four to six weeks, or whatever your individual capacity allows, then switch the high volume focus to a different muscle or group of muscles. Kind of like doing one old school specialization routine after another for different body parts. The other approach is mesocycling - a week of high volume, a week of low, continuously alternating. In theory this might not hurt you out and yet still allows the small extra adaptive benefit. I do think there is some evidence suggesting that higher volume does create the highest hypertrophy stimulus - the problem though is that this 'physiologically ideal' form of training is impractical, fraught with overtraining and burnout risk, and very difficult to perform optimally on for more than a few sessions in a row. Yes you definitely can train to systematically build tolerance, but it's always going to lead you to being more drained overall. So, even though it may be optimal in an abstract sense, what is actually practically optimal for most people who can't dedicate every second of every day to training, nutrition and optimal recovery practices because they have normal lives to live, is not going to be super high volume. Rather it's going to be as much volume to the highest frequency that they, as individuals, can perform longterm without burnout. For most people IMO this is not going to be higher than 8-15 intense sets per muscle group per week, unless cycling the volume as per one of the suggestions above (or perhaps cycling it in a different way, there are many potential options).
  5. Best pre workout available?

    It's possible the dextrose might be responsible. This is not a research based answer but an anecdote based one but I notice something very similar when I drink a bunch of fast carbs quickly, especially during exercise - there's always (for me) significant appetite blunting afterwards. It could be the appetite suppressive effect of the insulin spike, which some people are more responsive to than others, but not sure. For alternatives I use isomaltulose, which is usually branded and sold as Palatinose. It's 50/50 fructose/glucose but slower and steadier in it's release. It can have a subtle appetite suppressing effect too if you take a lot of it, but I like it because there are no spikes or crashes in blood sugar and I feel like it's the best carb supplement for fuelling a long session when low on glycogen. If already stoked up on carbs, or just having a short easy session, I don't think intra or pre carbs are necessary.
  6. hydrolysed collagen

    Okay, gotcha. Should be fine but @Pscarb knows more about things that effect GHRP's better than I do. Generally though dietary hydrolyzed protein peptides are absorbed super fast and have very little impact on hormones so shouldn't do anything problematic - especially in smaller doses of 10g or so like a collagen supplement.
  7. hydrolysed collagen

    You can. The term 'Peptide' just means a molecule made up of between 2 and 50 individual amino acids (50+ and you'd call it a protein), but the term doesn't do a thing to describe function, which varies hugely between different peptides. Nutritional peptides for example are basically just the same as dietary proteins, just smaller in size. GH peptides on the other hand are signalling molecules. There's no functional similarity or interaction at all.
  8. Best pre workout available?

    Never thought about it tbh! You mean to use it to lower the cortisol response? Rhodila has research investigating it's effect as a preworkout supp and that makes sense as rhodila is a stimulating adaptogen. As you know though, ashwag, is the opposite of a stimulant, even though it shares a lot of the same other effects. It's not a typical pre- type supplement.
  9. Studies on this are pretty consistent - when volume and intensity matched, training once a week rather than doing the same number of sets to approximately the same intensity but split into either two or three different sessions, delivers slightly less of a positive hypertrophic response than when the same workload is split. However, one advantage of only training once per week is you can do more per session, and negate the negative that way by doing a little more overall. The ideal frequency in most cases does appear to be roughly twice a week, or once every four days.
  10. Kind on the knee leg exercise?

    Obviously not going to claim to have made a totally accurate online diagnosis but it sounds like you may have patellar tendonitis, which could be something that can heal with the right adjustments to posture and exercise form, or it might be that there's actual damage that you can't heal and just have to work around. Either way, if the issue is your patellar tendons, then you need to make absolutely sure that at all times (when exercising and when just going about your daily activities) your knees are tracking over your foot properly and not pulling inward (which can also look like the feet pointing outward). Ideally your knee should track over the second toe - the one next to your big toe. If you don't get this right, any leg exercise is likely to hurt but if you get it right in all movements, and especially train it into your exercise technique from light weights upward, you might well find the issue goes away quickly, and the best rehab is actually normal exercises like squats and lunges just with lighter loads and extra attention to this aspect of technique. Some stretching of the rectus femoris and other muscles of the thigh might also help. If your knees are definitely tracking properly and this is not at all your issue it's still good practice to do things that way, even if the cause is something different.
  11. Your fav leg routine

    Nothing fancy, but I like an old school routine like this: Squats (olympic style, ass-to-grass) 4 sets 8-12 reps Romanian Deadlifts 4 sets 6-10 reps Hack Squats OR Leg Press 3 sets 6-10 Leg Curls 4 sets 6-8 Seated Calf Raise 3 sets 15-20 Standing Calf Raise 3 sets 15-20 DB Lunges 1 set 15-25, rep out to failure. After that ab exercises, then collapse in the shower for a while before picking myself up and going home!
  12. CBD Brands?

    No issues discussing CBD suppliers at all so go for it. I'm US based but I use these guys CBDistillery and they are top quality. Is worth checking reviews, and also making sure that you use a seller that is prepared to show third party lab testing certificates because there does seem to be a lot of underdosed crappy stuff around.
  13. Best pre workout available?

    ^^^ That's actually good advice for all supplements. Unless you really don't care or it's something where you really have no need to be precise, forget about the measuring scoops and weigh it on digi scales instead. Scoops are often way off.
  14. Wasted is a slightly misleading way to describe it - no, extra protein beyond a certain value (rather than a fixed value of 30 or 40 g's, the actual value per person depends on their existing amount of lean mass) won't keep improving MPS but it can still help reduce muscle breakdown, and can also grant other benefits like appetite suppression and glycemic control. It will also of course provide energy, but it is fair to say it's a fairly expensive way to get energy. The best overall strategy for protein consumption is to work out your requirements per day and divide that into four equal amounts spaced an equal distance apart throughout the day. If you are exceptionally big and have a high protein requirement that would see you having considerably more than 40g for each of those feeds then spread it to five or six feeds. Fewer feeds with higher amounts won't at all be a disaster, just not quite optimal. The main thing overall is to consistently hit your overall daily target of around 2g per 1kg/body weight.
  15. Best pre workout available?

    True dat. If you just want a massive buzz then you can't beat those kinds of supplement!