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  1. Total Mass Construction

    I had a massive reply typed out about how more frequency is the key then just thought... if legs are the real weakness try an upper lower split or even fortitude training. Ft has some serious frequency and look at David Henry... his legs have always been an issue and tbh still are but that's genetic and he has managed to improve them loads... remember it's always best to look to the guy who improved on a weakness then the guy who always had freaky parts... Think David Henry or Branch Warren... I'd ask Branch about his back and David about his legs... most would assume it's best to ask the other way around... Maybe worth a shot...
  2. Here we go...

    Ok so today was going to be legs but as work in pm I decided to move it to 2mo... Got bloods back and all is in range except creatine levels are ever so slightly higher than should be in a normal person but I'm sure most of know that a bber will have elevated levels... but as far as bber creatinine it's actually pretty good... like just a couple marks over top end if normal Any way doc is happy... usually if creatinine is high they ask to re test in a few weeks but doc didn't see the need as not a bad reading at all so it's see you in 6 months for next lot... May pop in after each show this next 12 months just because I have so many planned (6 atm but just seen another that has caught my eye... lol) so I'll keep on top of it all as never done more then 3 in one yr... But all good on the inside
  3. Here we go...

    Lol yea keeps happening to me to with the faces I'm pretty sure mine is muscular, the sports therapist has moved away and left me to find a new one after 11 yrs... I dnt feel comfortable going else where... Need a good crunching too so just looking into a chiro Need a lot of work doing atm...
  4. Total Mass Construction

    Semi... keeping a log but keeping to mostly just that atm Thanks bud, you had a good season too I see congrats bud
  5. Here we go...

    Okidoki so today was push... I'm not really one for gym pics and vids as tbh if your filming lifts your not putting enough thought into the session... I always think yea I'll do a vid today and end up so "in the zone" lol that I sat give it a thought and just bang out the session... but I will try to get some thing up every now and then to make this more interesting for any one thinks following Push A High incline press Smith press (delt focus) with a 3 count negative. - 101k x9.25 reps - 90k x9.25 reps Seated lateral raise - 17.5k dbs x10+2.25 reps - 12.5k dbs x20+2 partials Shoulder press machine - pin 18 x10.5 reps - pin 15 x9.5 Stretch Low incline fly - 20k x60sec - 20k x20sec (elbows higher) DH EZ bar stretch -60sec Vbar press down with a 5 count negative - stack x9 - pin 15 x12 Stretch Dc db over head stretch 20k x60sec Done Body weight upto 90k this am and still have slight striations in my gluts... think mostly water but deffo added some fat... can't hold stage condition all us but I'm having a hard time mentally letting it go... still doing 30min fasted cv and go for an hrs walk with the wife at some point during the day unless I have to work in morning then it's just the 30min session. Shoulder deffo not as bad as before the week off and feel better in gym... fuller and more pump etc... must have needed the rest
  6. Here we go...

    Yea... when I was at my strongest at peak of off season this yr I pulled 300k for 5 with straps and 320k raw I usta put deads at start and was heavier although fatter lol I'll not get that strong this time as start prep late jan for the Saxon classic in April Guess this is what happens when you prep best part of 6-7 months lol Key is... dnt get fat as f**k in the off season lol
  7. Here we go...

    Ok so Started the week with a pull session, probs going to do a pull/push/legs/off repeat with odd rest days thrown in when needed. Will add weights when I have my log book to hand. Pull A Underhand pull down with a 5 count negative. - 11.5 reps - 12.5 reps Tbar row with straight bar attachment and a 5 count negative. - 12.5 reps - 11.5 reps Deadlift with flaired lats and a controlled negative. - 221k x9 - 180k x13 I think... Will edit if not Stretch - weighted hang x90sec - bw hang x90sec - mid back pull stretch x40sec DB Preacher curls with a 6 count negative. - 20k x6 -15k x9 Stretch - DC bicep stretch on a bench and bar not Smith x60sec Done This was very weak for me but I'm no where near my last off season weight and still very lean so all in all I was ok with this session for now. Push 2mo...
  8. Best way for figuring maintenance/starting bulk...

    Fair enough... this is how I look at it from the way I typically approach dieting From my experience (every one is diff yea i know) Typically when dieting you aim to drop what 2lb ish a week after the initial drop in weight from water and glycogen? Id have thought this more so if natty as any more would probably be too aggressive and would see a loss in lean tissue too... again only in my experience, when you cut back on the cardio or drop it all together, you typucally put on a lb or two and fill back out a bit (little more glycogen I assume) then condition and body weight pretty much hangs around the same... again from my experience as that's all I can go by, if you keep losing weight then really the diet was too aggressive imo or maybe your still pretty fat... but then you need to keep dieting lol All I do from this point is bring my food up a bit... slowly, not guess an amount of cals and jump into a "bulking" diet nearly doubling my cals lol Maybe I'm just diff... poss all the steroids I'm on... lol
  9. Best way for figuring maintenance/starting bulk...

    Hahahahaha Because steroids would make a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE hahahahaha Out of curiosity how would steroids help a cheat week and stop you ruining your diet? Id love to know... I'll start planning my week of s**t while I wait for your reply
  10. Best way for figuring maintenance/starting bulk...

    If maintenance cals are not the amount of cals it takes to maintain the way you look then what is it? So... if you want to maintain the way you look at the end of a "cut" then you need to stay on the cals that got you there or you will not maintain that look... So what id do is start off by upping my cals manly by adding clean carbs to the meals I was previously eating, assess weight, performance and appearance and go from there... Or you can have a cheat week and f**k it all up... lol
  11. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    I wasn't criticising at all I'm just always surprise how much some ppl can do... I am very strong in my 1st work set but after 6 to 8 sets I'm useless... lol
  12. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Thanks Anna Man I'd be dead if I done all that... 6-8 work sets and I'm toast... lol I must have really bad endurance
  13. Here we go...

    Hahahahaha Thanks bud I'm back in the gym Monday so will have more wank material after that
  14. Here we go...

    Not sure who I am any more...
  15. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Crumbs that is some volume Is that all working sets? How long that kinda workout take?