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  1. Arimistane. Works a treat. Lowers oestrogen and cortisol, and helps with water retention. Not that easy to get now, but try here. Brawn Arimistane-30 - Online Shop with Best Prices Annihilate | Anti-Estrogen | Muscle Rage I've used just this on 500mg test as an AI and it controls oestrogen perfectly.
  2. I just live with it. It's when you add DNP and the sweat is yellow and you end up with soaking wet yellow sheets and pillow that the wife starts to moan. And its stinks when your on tren and DNP, but who cares? Sleep on a towel, that helps, and just a thin sheet over you.

    Epistane is actually pretty good. You need to dose at 60mg a day though, 30mg AM, 30mg PM. Or at least I do.
  4. Masteron e

    Mast E is amazing when used at high doses. Like 800mg plus. Makes you feel great, sex is incredible, not just sex drive but it makes sex feel amazing. Also seems to dry me out, makes veins pop etc. If only it wasn't so expensive.
  5. New puppy!!!

    I'd just call it 'Dog'. Wanted to call my last two dogs dog, but the wife didn't like it.
  6. I did 150mg Tren Acetate every day for a few weeks. It was good, but if someone pissed me off I did want to kill them. For instance someone blasts their horn at me when I had the right of way and I'm jumping out of the van ready to drug the c**t out of the car.
  7. Losing my dog

    Lovely looking Border Collie you got there, best dogs in the world, so clever its unreal. Mine could virtually read my mind, as in I'd look at her and say something in my head and she would know, like a walk at a random time, or a treat or what ever. I had to have her put down at 12 years old and I was devastated. She couldn't breath when she ran though, and would just fall over for no reason and look at me with a "why?" expression on her face.
  8. I'm using Triumph Equitest 500 at 1.5ml twice a week. Working very well for me, also added 50mg proviron, as I normally do mast e, as part of a TTM mix, but thought I'd change it about for a bit. I never got on with any bulking stuff, deca and NPP just make me feel weird. Trest gave me hideous gyno, but EQ seems to be hitting the sweet spot. Only issue is, its thick as f**k, and a bastard to inject. I ended up last time using some old known to be underdosed test e from years ago just to thin it up a bit. I don't normally mind, but it takes ages to get in the syringe, and its a real struggle to get it into me!
  9. Where's Triumph products gone?

    I've always used one of the others. EDIT: oops just realised that's blatantly asking for a source, so deleted it.
  10. Dnb Track I'm working on

    I actually recently went over to all digital after having racks of old gear for years and years. It's all done on Native Instruments Maschine with Komplete and the Kontrol keyboard.
  11. Dnb Track I'm working on

    charlysays, your stuff is awesome, sounds just like it came from early 90's drum and bass just after it split from hardcore. Have a listen to some of my stuff, no finished tracks, I just use it to ask mates what they think so far. Actually, I've been making music since about 1990 and don't think I've ever finished more than one or two tracks!
  12. Dnb Track I'm working on

    FelonE, sound good, but not enough bass. Do you work with headphones? listened on a system with studio monitors and an 18" sub driven off an inuke 6000 and there was hardly any sub.
  13. Interesting topic. What sort of dose does an oldish bastard need to use for better skin, sleep etc all year round? Still blasting and cruising too.
  14. Oh, also, I've been on TRT/blasting (quite long blasts for about 7 years!)
  15. Don't know what you mean by that really? I'm far from new here, just wanted to know what people thought, and expected it it fair bit of pi55 taking! I'd like to have some genuine opinions on the bloods though.