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  1. Dbol for me adds the most water retention than any other. Typically I go up half a stone within the first week. However the stats you have mentioned see a little crazy and I would be concerned as will your heart if you suddenly gain a massive amount of weight. combo of fat muscle and water but they should not add up to the numbers you mentioned. On a simplistic level as mentioned before make sure your scales are accurate. Do you weigh yourself every day and how is the diet with regards to carbs and sodium intake? (not suggesting daily weigh ins)
  2. Just had a quick nosey and might get some in to help with the recovery from recent hand surgery. Are they legal or a bit of as grey area?? Assume perfectly legal? My partner sells stuff from body shop on the side so wonder if they have any. Shall look. Cheers for info
  3. Of course. Perhaps I should have been clearer. Should have been hormone induces without AAS intervention or naturally. I got mine horrendously when I was in my early 20s which wasn't even the teen phase and I don't even think I was using any gear at the time. Brother had it though not as bad as mine. His cleared up over time but mine simply wouldn't. The amount of antibiotics they prescribed was a disgrace cos they were absolutely useless for vulgar acne. Tetracyline and its derivates work for such a small amount of people. I was put on 5 different variations before getting the dermatologist referral who immediately checked my LFTs etc and put me straight on roaccutane at the time. Contrary to popular belief AB's are not cheap yet GPs used to throw them out iof you farted in the waiting room. Around 10 years ago, slightly less NHS England got wind of this ~(no pun intended) and Gps got a bad slap on the wrist for giving out ABs for everything. I worked in the industry for a long time and was shocked at some of the cost and dispensation rates. Digressing a little here so I will stop rambling!
  4. Interesting. My BP, LFTs and cholesterol readings went pretty high but I was on 100mg a day fo nearly a year. Was a horrible year but Ive been acne free since and that was 2006! Theres a big difference in some ways about the treatment of acne in terms of whether its hormonal or gear imduced. Mine was hormonal before I touched gear and I cant eve say if gear made it worse as It was repulsive to me to look at. Having to change tops 3 times a day etc. Anyway to anyone who does suffer the advice in this thread seems very reasonable. I am no expert but have been through it
  5. Best drugs for injury recovery

    I do recall dabbling in BPC many moons ago but I honest;ly cant remember if it did anything as I was too preoccupied fillinf myself full of gear and reccies. The fact that BPC is still being mentioned after many years when it was a bit of an unknown speaks some kind of volume for its effectiveness I would think
  6. Thanks. Thats very helpful. I cant comment on it as I have never used it but the point that caught my eye was that it can get worse before better, like accutane. The sebaceous glands need to explode essentially before they can calm down. Mentally very tough to cope with but its worth it if it works Will research the med a bit more now/ Thanks for the post
  7. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Some great pysiques on here. Credit to everyone who posted, especially people who are not happy with their look as that can be hard. I wouldnt post a pic now as I havent trained in ages through health problems and it would just get on my nerves! Hopefully I can start training again so look out for the white Ronnie Coleman
  8. Useful post on the whole. I didnt read in depth but skimmed and its pretty much there. Only criticism is relating to acne as if its gear induced or indeed hormonal and of a severe nature then salts etc will do nothing. Speaking from experience as I had the worst case of it ever many years ago and nothing worked apart from Roaccutane (Roche no longer hold the patent so just accutane or isotretenoin) which was a horrendous experience but the results were incredible. 1 year of depression, pain, shirts covered in blood etc, but now 12 years on I barely get a spot. Vitamin b5 (pantothenoic acid,) did dry my skin to a degree but if you go down that route dont buy tablets as u need a load of the stuff. If its really bad get to the quack and the dermatologist if referred. Best of luck with it
  9. Best drugs for injury recovery

    FYI the dosage for osteoarthritis of deca is in the region of 50mg a week. With that in mind I would buy pharma if you can as buying a 300mg/ml deca from a UG would be tricky to measure. Not impossible but you are looking at about 0.2mg which would require an insu;ing barrel which is no big deal. Get pharma if possible as from memory its either 50 or 100g/ml. Been a long time
  10. Best drugs for injury recovery

    Get an xray if you havent already done so I was medicating myself with everything mentioned and turned out on my second diagnosis (first was incorrect) that I have arthritis in my shoulder and that was hard to swallow but gave closure, Get an xray and find the actual problem before throwing money and meds into your body. This is advice from someone who made the mistake of pumping myself full of GH, glucosamine, deca etc and they did f all Best of luck with your recovery
  11. Anyone used galenika test e

    Never seen any faked myself and its top notch if legit. Used a few times along with some of their other products
  12. Dimensions proviron

    Perhaps. Im a big fan of dimensions and it was only a home "roid test". However if it was accidentally labelled for the sake of arguement then the consequences for gyno sufferers would be horrible. Not lab bashing at all btw as I will continue to use their oils when my injuries have recovered. Currently running a PCT for first time in about 15 years!
  13. Dimensions proviron

    Just wondering if anyone has used Dimensions proviron lately? I have been on Bayer for months but run out and only have some dimensions kicking around. A friend is dubious of everything and done a home test which it came back as dbol. I dont know if the home kits are accurate but Im a bit concerned about using them as Im off cycle completely at the moment just running HCG and proviron as Im recovering from hand surgery which has ruled me out of gym. Dont want to ruin PCT by accidentally taking dbol but cant imagine dimensions would make that mistake as their products have always been good. I could get more bayer but will be a few days wait and hate stuff going to waste. I guess one way is too weigh myself in morning then start the proviron. If it is dbol then I will bloat like a balloon in no time but be pissed off that my PCT will be damaged. Half tempted to just add in TRT test as Ive been off for months now. That way it doesnt really matter if its dbol although I would prefer it not too be. TRT test when off doesnt bother me but potentially using dbol does! I do find an increase in energy fairly quickly when I use proviron but its pretty much exclusively pharma that I use. Within a few days. When I come off mood can dip so trying not too come off any time soon. Decisions decisions
  14. Rx Labs - Gone Awol?

    HCG comes with a sodium chloride solution normally which is not the same as bac water. I have seen HCG come with nothing but its rare as its useless without a carrier. Unless you snorted it! P.S Don't snort it Rx are still about as far as I know. Ive always thought they wereaverage. Products varied in quality massively which is not completly unusual. Had some good meds from them and some absoute rubbish but their gear and meds are still circulating. Whether thats new or residual stock I have no idea
  15. Recovery from wrist surgery

    Long story short. I had a freak accident which ended up my my body going through glass. Only major damage was just above wrist bone which sliced tendons and ateries in my little finger and the one beside it. Surgery was required which took place a month ago and seemed to go well. I have been told a full recovery will take 3 months although it feels like Im about 70% there which is good. Have another assessment today which I am hoping will all be good. Wound has healed over apart from scabs and scarring and tendon flexibility greatly improved. Needless to say gym has been out of the question and will be for another while yet. I had some time off prior to the injury as I found out my recurring shoulder problem was arthritis and was misdiagnosed first time, which was annoying! So I am a bit crocked but on a positive note I can now get cortisone shots 3/4 times a year for as long as I want, they do help. Regarding the hand/wrist I wonder if anyone has suffered similar and how long they took before getting back to gym. I'm thinking that after another month the tendons should be pretty strong and most if not full flexibility restored as long as I keep doing my physio exercises etc. I am thinking of possibly going to the gym in a month and trying some extremely light lifting. Talking 10kg Dumbells etc to start just to assess and pain, discomfort etc, using straps where possible. Its about assessing the injury/recover but also getting back into the gym mindset even if I am only lifting tiny weights. Would love to hear if anyone has advice or has suffered similar. I have considered using GH to aid recover. Do you guys think this would be a wise move? Thanks in advance