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  1. Fatty Wahlberg

    I remember Sylvester Stallone putting on a fair few pounds to play a cop in cop land in 1997. For his new movie “Cop Land,” Stallone went more for the washtub look, gaining 40 pounds. He plays Freddy Heflin, a sheriff best described as a good-hearted doofus, and the fat fits the character. Stallone has since lost most of the weight, but the body that built the “Rambo” franchise won’t be deflecting any bullets any time soon.
  2. Fatty Wahlberg

    Is it Even possible to put this much weight in 3 weeks https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9539359/Mark-Wahlberg-unveils-dramatic-body-transformation-just-three-weeks-role-Father-Stu.html
  3. How much sex is important?

    Just got out of the cells, one of the neighbours heard her banging on the shed and screaming for help in the early hours and called the police.
  4. How much sex is important?

    Did that 39 years ago, need something new.
  5. How much sex is important?

    I hit her over the head with a chair leg, tied her up and locked her in the shed, now what shall I do.
  6. How much sex is important?

    Well I will have been married for 40 years this December, so its the same as having them removed.
  7. In trouble for flirting

    Two stroke and you will be finished lol
  8. Governments have never cared for the people

    I have watched videos on youtube that brought tears to my eyes, man is still ripping up 1000's of miles of rainforest everyday, killing anything and everything in his way.
  9. Governments have never cared for the people

    I agree, humans have completely fcuked up this planet like a cancer, can you imagine how beautiful it would be without man.
  10. Rate these chocolate bars

    Yes the Texan bar was one of my favourites, you will be an old bastard like one sonny lol

    Ring girls were a nice surprise lol, why no midget ring girls though?

    You have to watch out for their teeth, they can give you a nasty bite while you are lifting up the lid on the wheelie bin, bastards have had me a few times.
  13. Best sandwich

    Thought yours would have been a knuckle butty vet lol PS nice pill box, mine is clear, so I can see at a glance weather or not I have taken my meds
  14. Shirt lifter ( or is that peas )