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  1. Gym Characters

    1.24 is quite interesting lol
  2. Space X is a lie

    I stopped trying to educate these clowns years ago, they dont want to know mate.
  3. Im sure riding a bike makes my balls tiny!

    Same here weird tingly feeling in the bollox.
  4. White Shaming

    WOW what a scary thought, made my blood run cold lol
  5. White Shaming

    Diane Abbott springs to mind, what a thick cnut, how does she hang on to her job?
  6. White Shaming

    That is a good point, if its not as physically demanding as it was years ago, why are there no females in F1
  7. White Shaming

    Neither were the Bee Gees
  8. White Shaming

    Black people also have betting singing voices, I grew up on Motown, apart from Elvis and the Bee Gees.
  9. White Shaming

    Lewis Hamilton has come out now saying F1 is a racist sport how? if black drivers were the best in the world, the owners of the teams would have them in their cars in a heart beat, Like in basket ball all the best players seem to be black, yet no one moans at that, same as in the 100 meters all black, American football seem to be mostly black, Our national sport becoming mostly black at the top level, but white people dont kick off,. all the best heavy weight boxers were black, Ali, Frazier, Holmes, Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis, Bowe, If you are good enough colour or race should not come into it.
  10. What are good tattoos to get to become more hard?

    I always knew you had an artistic bent Vet.
  11. What are good tattoos to get to become more hard?

    The good old swallow eh vet, very nice.
  12. What are good tattoos to get to become more hard?

    Only the hands? what about on the neck, now thats a whole new level lol
  13. What are good tattoos to get to become more hard?

    100% agree with this choice, I think people would cross the road when they saw you coming, good luck buddy. PS having looked at the pic again, it looks like the tattooist was on drugs or pissed that is a very poor web lol
  14. What are good tattoos to get to become more hard?

    Spiders webs, swallows, and tear drops used to be the sign of a real hard bastard back in the day, I say you go for something like that.
  15. No need for soz mate I just think its funny you did not see it.