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  1. If you are under 6 foot tall like most on here, god has decided to save you. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8568125/Men-6ft-TWICE-likely-infected-Covid-19-study-claims.html
  2. Gyms Open - How was it?

    Did not go because it rained lol
  3. My gear has crashed ,need advice please

    Reminds me of the TV show Top Gear.
  4. Wow 10 years of talking my bollox, and no one complained lol.
  5. So face masks dont need to be worn in gyms

    Spider man never had trouble breathing with his mask on.
  6. Just had another email from the gym, and in the info they sent I was surprised to see this, I just thought the key fob let you in the gym, just opened a lock so to speak, but if they can track and trace you, it must have lots of stuff on their about me, and other people who are members, surely this is wrong. It is therefore essential that everyone uses their fob to enter the gyms to register your visit. This is also for track and trace reasons. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE GYM WITHOUT YOUR FOB.
  7. Here's another one, whats going on inside football
  8. What’s your favourite smell guys

    Tarmac petrol fresh bread baking freshly cut grass old man smoking a pipe cigar rain on a pavement after a heatwave coal shellac Marker pens
  9. Compounds enough?

    Same here,I have not had a set routine for years, I have to see how I go, add an extra day of recovery as and when needed.
  10. Compounds enough?

    I keep looking at this, at 57 years old, I am starting to slow down, recovery is a bitch, aches and pains, little niggles hang around for ages. https://oldschooltrainer.com/training-for-the-older-trainer/
  11. Compounds enough?

    I thought the same lol
  12. Compounds enough?

    Got this off old school trainer. For What its Worth I have made the best gains on these sorts of upper-lower splits, going back and forth between them 4x a week and push-pull-legs 3-4x a week. The routine below is the one that has always worked best for me: Workout A chest - flat bench shoulders - overhead barbell press triceps - weighted dips back - 45 degree chest supported rows biceps - barbell body drag curls Workout B Hams - Romanian deadlift quads - back squats calves - Standing calf raises forearms - grip machine core - planks, crunches and roman chair side bends The parameters I use which suit my recovery best at the moment are (not counting warmup sets, which total about 3 progressive ones on each exercise): 2-3X6-8/3′
  13. Eddie halls new house

    I know what you mean, I dont watch him as much as I used to, I dont know what he will do in the future, he has a long retirement ahead of him.
  14. Eddie halls new house

    If he is not careful that place could end up being a money pit, why did he buy such a big house, theres only 3 of them.