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  1. Which is more suppressive.

    Nah kids are great!
  2. Which is more suppressive.

    Cheap as chips in Greece.
  3. Which is more suppressive.

    It says it on the vial but it’s to small to see if it’s 75iu it’ll be 75iu FSH and 75iu LH
  4. raloxifene

    Your just fat ffs you don’t have gyno. You need a diet not Raloxifine you nutter!
  5. Low calories snaacks?

    Can of tuna with salt n pepper on it. A chicken breast. Roast beef. Egg whites with whey and oats.
  6. Which is more suppressive.

    I run it on cycle to prevent me becoming infertile. Having another baby soon so I want to stay healthy.
  7. Which is more suppressive.

    Strange my Pharma HMG 150 says 150LH And 150FSH..
  8. Which is more suppressive.

    Strange my Pharma HMG 150 says 150LH And 150FSH..
  9. Basically the suspension is prone to abscess/welts the size of golf balls and the Guaiacol is like pinning lava.
  10. Which is more suppressive.

    What are you on about you melt! I’m no Jaffa? I’ve actually donated sperm for Jaffa males who can’t have babies.
  11. Depending on what form of injectable you are injecting suspension…f**k that. Guiacol…f**k that also!
  12. It would take twice the amount of injectable dose to lower shbg to the same level an oral would to free up more usable test because of the way the oral is processed in the liver. Bertie
  13. Basically you want to run a test base and an oral Winstrol because of the effects on SHBG. You could use an injectable version but it won’t free up as much test due to the way it’s processed in the liver. You could use double the injectable over the oral dose and it still won’t reap as many gains.
  14. The injections still have to pass the liver to become active and Winstrol isn’t broken down in the liver. Oral has a higher bioavailability than the injections. You’ll probably get horrendous pip from the injections as it’s either suspension or it’ll have Guiacol in it. I’d go oral all day long. I’d buy suspension and drink it.
  15. What made you start bodybuilding?

    I remember doing dumbbell rows in 1989 listening to kiss fm when it was a pirate station and this was on. I had nothing on apart from a pair of stripy boxer shorts. Gives me a hard on just thinking about it.