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  1. Clomid .. REAL OR FAKE?!

    I used anfarm before and they defo was legit but I never scrutinised the patient leaflet to see if they also had mistakes on lol Also used cenzo test and on side of box says oral use only ffs which gave doubts but bloods proved they was proper But lmfao Hahahahaha I hear u bro .. only one way to find out..
  2. I picked up this Clomid .. however I have used anfarm Hellas before but the box had a barcode on and also the package leaflet insert has spelling mistakes on (please see photos) ”Do not tako more..” instead of “take” chan - than etfect- effect live days - five days PCT is very crucial as u know, please confirm if Authentic or bunk ?
  3. Type 1 diabetic also.. when on steroids I have to up my insulin (novorapid) from 1iu for every 10g of carbs to around 1.5-2iu for every 10g carbs .. Any tips or must avoids regarding diabetes 1 and training? E.g things like fasted cardio being very well planned and limited etc ....
  4. Test E / Tren E / Winstrol

    Very highly appreciated brother !!!
  5. Test E / Tren E / Winstrol

    Okay bro so 1-15 - test 500 and tren 400? And PCT weak Asin dosage of Clomid? Or because I’m solely using Clomid? Would u suggest Nolva caber viagra hcg ?
  6. I’m thinking of this as my next cycle: I haven’t cycled in 4 years please share your opinions and edits/recommendations would be highly appreciated week 1-15 - test E @ 500mg week week 1-10 (or12weeks)- tren E @ 400mg week week 12-15 - oral winstrol @50mg day week 1-15 - arimidex @0.5mg every other day week 17-20 - clomid @50mg a day Or @750mg test e for 10 weeks and 600mg tren e for 6 or 10 weeks ? Or is this excessive? My stats: Goal: bulk (fairly lean) Age: 24 Height: 5’10 Body composition baseline in pic I also have a good lean bulking diet and training programme written by my friend (a bodybuilder) so that side of things isn’t a worry.. just want opinions and suggestions on my cycle Love !
  7. Thanks for update anyway bro &&’ to test..Did you use medichecks? If so which test? I have never used before.. just old fashioned pin and go lol .. would this be sufficient?
  8. Please come back and post results or inbox .. many thanks bro!!!! Have u got bloods now, before cycle?
  9. it stemmed from me hearing Magnus is fake. It’s not real stuffI don’t know. People are too hung up on pharmaceuticals bro. Most of the stuff out there now that is branded as pharmaceutical is fakeUnderground labs are betterIt’s not about the packaging really.Ironically The better the branding the less I would trust itAnything I normally get is tested and guaranteed to be good. I don’t buy it use crap.But Since lockdown this last year and a half.. quality gear been hard to get hold of, seen a lot of fake flying around.. such a sort supply of real gear, at least around my area, and the fake labs have just flooded the market, I don’t trust a lot of stuffs out there atm.. labs out there that making things that look amazing, boxed, branded, vials and verification codes.. but just low doses or no AC in vial ..although time and money consuming, testing I suppose would be best route
  10. Arenis Medico

    I hear u bro.. I always get off the same source for approx the last 10 years.. he always has top stuffs but said he been struggling abit with this covid thing but stuff is still top drawer .. normally I research each lab and find something substantial... however this time I guess kinda took a shot in dark.. (maybe foolish I suppose lol) but lots of bunk stuff going around my area rn.. covid gave the opportunity for all fake stuff to be prevalent I guess.. heard good reviews on arenis after posting a few topics tho.. but guess ur right bro ahaha
  11. I got these off my regular supplier so I trusted him as been dealing with him a number of years.. although I am hesitant to start as I have never heard of some of these labs .. please clarify what’s bunk or gtg? labs in picture; - Arenis Medico (codes checked out on site not that it means owt) - optimum biotech - Adelphi research - Magnus pharmaceuticals - Swiss remedies much appreciated guys if not gtg .. might have to take a trip back to good old eroids and browse for 500million hours to find the good stuffs ffs lol
  12. Arenis Medico

    Any news bro? i got loads of this arenis medico but hesitant to start as i virtually found nothing in regards to reviews online?