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  1. New customer to SG, touchdown to come

    Noted. Good to know. Well, good news - it seems to can uncrash Test Prop 150. The final dry bake in the oven (after the vigorous boil) did it seems, they're staying clear now...
  2. New customer to SG, touchdown to come

    Clear? 1/3 of yes, but the one on the right you can see the snow-flake-like crystallization reform.. after a strong boil. SG gave instructions to now dry-bake Test Prop 150 at 120C @ 15min (255F on my oven in USA). They baked clear, just like the boiled clear - the question is will they stay? Otherwise, since I needed "go bag" friendly oils (yes I also want low solvent, high concentration too) but means certain Ghost+ oils I can't order if they crash. My wife and little kids are on holiday now... but I can be doing oven bakes with vials normally, lolz. So I should have ordered regular Ghost Test Prop 100... not the Ghost+ 150. He offered a discount % on a future order, The 120C dry bake at 15min also cleared it up like the boil, but it means maybe Test Prop 150 isn't "flight friendly" or certain high concentration, low solvent oils aren't stored as well. I'm sure it was filtered, from the cold / low pressure flight to USA seemed to "pull it out of the oil" had a cloudly appearance >> boil goes clear >> sugar like recrystallization is what I saw. That's fine, but perhaps it should be Test Prop 120/130/140 - to stay stable for travel, long term storage (I'm being picky I know). I guess I need to avoid Test Prop 150, use only Prop 100 (was new to me, just trying the Prop) if they are high concentrated, low solvent (supersaturated, effectively). I hope my other two packs of Ghost+ sustanon, Primo E, are all stable, not crashed post flight... The test E 300 travelled fine. EDIT - Well the dry bake may have worked, after the vigorous boil. They are cooling... no recrystallization *yet* back to sleep and check in an hour or two,.. EDIT 2- fixed the order of the pictures above to clarify the "dirty look" was the cloudy suspension, post-flight >> boils clear >> some recrystallization like sugar.
  3. New to UK muscle, Anabolicminds regular

    Hey Gents - could use a little support over here - if you can.
  4. New customer to SG, touchdown to come

    EDIT - Space saved to see how Test Prop 150 stays clear or precipitates again.. look after cooling back down. If they don't stay clear and I'm providing work + evidence they should swap me out for Test E, that stays clear. EDIT 2 - 1 of 3 stayed clear after a hard-boil (so far). 2 of 3 have started to re-crystallize. See pic. Will post another... sigh, 2nd one start some recrystallize too. Oh well. And really just make Test Prop 125 or whatever doesn't crash when cold, but I know everyone wants low solvent and high concentration of Ghost+. EDIT 2 - still looking forward to Sustanon + Primo touchdowns later this week from SG. Hope those are "all clear" too.
  5. New customer to SG, touchdown to come

    Yes, not sure? In the first picture (one in the middle before boil) the precipitation was cloudy, then after boil to clear.. it's precipitation crystallized a bit more when it cooled. A UK friend from Anabolicminds forum pointed me to SG.. while my normal advancedphar.ma site was down (I shjould've stuck with German advancedpharma.de stuff I used years before perhaps). EDIT - The Test E 300 and Anavar looks fine (note see my TRT from my doc, next to legit Pfizer Test CYP). I am Not here to hate on SG - just trying to get customer service for the GHOST + Test Prop 150. I'm downstairs, going to boil 30min to make it clear, photo again. It's just "supersaturated" not dirty. So I don 't think the other SG vials appear dirty, infact they look nice, see next to my Pfizer . EDIT - Test Prop Ghost+ did boil clear again took a video, waiting to see if they precip or recrystallize upon cooling again. Maybe uncrashable -in bro speak? > It's their Ghost +, so with low solvent + high concentration = precip is a risk. I just need to know not to buy DHB and Test Prop 150, those "crash" not go bag ready > SG says it's clear when it leaves their lab, I think the overseas flight (cold + low pressure at altitude) during transit must crash the high concentration Test Prop here?
  6. New customer to SG, touchdown to come

    Since you know - is SG Test Prop 150 usually crashed, won't clear up after a vigorous boil like DHB will be sometimes? Thanks for the help. As you can see they go clear when hot, but recrystallize upon cooling again.
  7. New customer to SG, touchdown to come

    Hey Everyone, I'm getting my first TD's from SG. Quick question about the Test Prop 150? Anyone else's "crashed"? I'm not having luck "boiling it clear" it just precipitates (after cooling back to room temp) again. I live in San Jose, CA - it's not cold here. So far - the shipping has been fast, responsiveness/e-mail replies are good... But, he's being a little resistive on the refund, replace for Test E or something else on his shelf that isn't crashed? = I've made it clear I need "go bag" gear as I've just finally been put on doc TRT for real, so I've just joined the blast and cruise club at ~41 y/o. Crashed gear, I need to reboil isn't viable for that.. And I have little kids, s**t needs to be quick and discreet art home. I ordered a rack of other stuff so hopefully, he'll be cool about 3x crashed vials. = Anyway, hopefully, he replies well - otherwise, I got some nice TD's to post and speedy, but I'd duck the Test Prop 150 (too concentrated crashes like DHB). For now I'll post those, until response improves. <Post Flight, Before BOIL> <After first light boil, not enough> <2nd BOIL, goes CLEAR>
  8. New to UK muscle, Anabolicminds regular

    Huh? I've been on AM forever, I'll contact Admin perhaps. That's weird. I'm "not known" either except I just log there - but odd they didn't let you in? Ha thanks! I'm officially TRT for life now, so yep Just ran my first Mechabol + 4-DHEA bulk in years, felt great. Amen. I like the Swedish choice! = I need to hit the rowing machine now.
  9. New to UK muscle, Anabolicminds regular

    Thanks, figured I'd stop by since I just got my first TD's from Southern Ghost. Pretty good customer service so far, but careful the Test Prop 150 "crashes". So I'd avoid that, I'm trying to see if he'll replace/refund. Prior chemist here, so I know how to boil, but it keep precipiating upon cool to room tmpe. I'll post some pics shortly. Log for workout on pause, just started doc TRT too.
  10. New customer to SG, touchdown to come

    EDIT - Time wasted. Fast ship, good response via e-mail (so far) form SG... However, Test P 150 is crashed and won't stay clear - even after boil + cool down attempts. See pics. 1/3 TD's received, 2nd and 3rd this week likely.
  11. Hey Gents, US fellow here, new guy to this board. Just joined the TRT4LIFE club. Decided to take a small plunge, haha pun intended, with Southern Ghost. Most reviews look good, so hope my experience is smooth. Wish their labels looked a little more "pharmaceutical" just in case the wife or inlaws find them, lol. I'd pay a little more for the label upgrade, like a $1 more per bottle, seriously. [EDIT] Will [NOT] post TD pics, when they arrive - of Test P, Test E, and Anavar, Sustanon, etc. P.S, Bodybuilding logs are on Anabolicminds.com where I normally reside, started out more with methyl PH's.
  12. Hi Gents, I normally can be found under this moniker on Anabolicminds, but I wanted to say hi. Joined the forum and will post in the appropriate section next. Best, PF