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  1. Boringhell. Have you got nothing better to do than to just troll the internet?! Must be a simple life hey.
  2. Tren cough

    It’s really not that big of a deal. A lot worse sides on Tren than a cough mate.

    BB OHP 4x6, 5x5, 3x3, 1RM etc SEATED SMITH PRESS 3x8 DB SIDE RAISE 3x12/15 DB FRONT RAISE 3x12/15 DB REAR FLYS 3x12/15 Then superset and drop sets on all heads to finish if got time and energy.
  4. Continuing cycles

    I have no idea what your asking. Please try again.
  5. Do you know what DNP actually is???? I mean the raw ingredients?
  6. What labs that? You got a picture? I’m sure test depot is just 250mg test e/ml. Might be wrong. What esters does it say?
  7. T400 / Rip Blend 200

    Nothing wrong with this cycle. PCT could do with some work though. Good luck
  8. Calories too high?

    Why test so low? Eat more and probably add a 19nor. After all, more = more
  9. DACTT’s Journey to somewhere...

    So after basically fasting yesterday due to being unable to eat, took 60mg omeprazole (split) and today it’s nearly completely gone. Will have to continue on this for rest of course. B6 @300/400mg ED Digestive Enzymes - 1 a day Adex dropped to 0.5mg EOD plus’s adding in 20mg nolva ed (I know what it does to Adex!). Feel my E2 is dead and my prolactin is raised. Even thinking about upping test to 500mg. Changes being made to meals to more high cal/less volume to try combat lack of appetite.
  10. Progress so far!

    Guarantee if you approached the lift properly and tweaked your technique you’ll probably do more than 100. Very rarely do I see people flat benching using correct technique to get optimal power. Get a video up. Eat more food... Going well mate. As for the cruise part. Well if your going to jump back on in under 4/6 months then IMO there is no point putting PCT drugs in your body to try as hard as it can to get you back to normal. Putting your body under a lot of stress, only to do it all again. But I do like coming off to maybe 125mg test for a while, get bloods done to make sure I’m not nearly dead, then go from there.

    Guessing the 250 is test!!! Not done them ratios. Lower the Tren. Test/EQ 500/600 each. I’ve done that ratio. Was ok but switched to mast instead after a while. Now that was nice.

    All aboard the crazy train
  13. DACTT’s Journey to somewhere...

    Yeah I wouldn’t take Tren if I was in a relationship. You don’t even wake up hot, you wake up cold due to being soaked. It’s bizarre. Well atleast I know my gears not bunk hey