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  1. how much test for 3D delts ?

    3ml test e 250 e5d
  2. Headaches on testosterone

    I walked up a hill today and got a headache. When I walked down the other side it disappeared.
  3. Crown Pharmaceutical

    So you can only find it on Facebook lol what does that tell you.
  4. Gym membership

    Just to learn how to f**k your rotator cuffs and lower back up.
  5. Gym membership

    They the only gyms I got to are MMA/Muay Thai. BBers gyms are full of knob heads. I do my lifting at home.
  6. Kryogen pharma

    So basically what you’re saying is Kryogen is better than DG because it kicks in 2.5 days faster. Look we better keep this to ourselves don’t let anybody know okay!!
  7. Kryogen pharma

    Nothing’s better than DG mate. It’s the best of the best of the best.
  8. How does that even work? I can’t picture it.
  9. Kryogen pharma

    Yes. It’s the best gear out there mate nothing else compares. Just ask Sinead O’Connor. I’ll message you shortly.
  10. Pregnant on finasteride

    Get ready for no sleep. No training. No night life. No sex with the missus once the babies born. Have a great day!
  11. Masteron enanthate 200mg

    No I’m not prone to hair loss mate. In my experience using Masteron to combat side effects from Tren/Nandrolone is very much dose dependant. 100mg/week may work but more that that would probably make you suffer even more sides.
  12. Masteron enanthate 200mg

    I hate the stuff! I’d never use it again. Hair loss. Swollen prostate. Acne and a sex drive that’s uncomfortable.
  13. They usually get melted on a super 6.
  14. Forearm splints

    Basically I’m training hard again and experiencing shin splint like symptoms in my forearms from the impact of power shots. Wraps and pro 16oz gloves on. I need to sort this so has anyone got a remedy?
  15. The Journey to low BF%

    Easy to over do the fats mate. I’ve just had a cheat meal...two pizzas I probably burnt 1500kcals training earlier though.