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  1. Appetite suppressants

    Nicotine and Caffeine (vape or gum)
  2. What is the best supplements for cutting?

    Nicotine plus caffeine
  3. Sorry for the late reply the lab was regen which i have recommended in the past but has seemed to of been sending out mixed quality products.
  4. Hygetropin

    all of these are just repackaged Chinese generics at a markup so just get unlabeled golden tops and save yourself the markup on a fancy box.
  5. No side effects from clen

    check your body temperature on clen and off but most ugls can't get the dosage right due to it's already hard to dial in MG now put it into Mcg usually get same total in a bottle but each pill is not same dosage or straight up bunk raws.
  6. if you're on a 300mg test and 200mg mast you honestly should not need either AI or a serm but get blood work done before using anything as you don't want to end up with crashed E2 and take unnecessary drugs which come with their own negative sides.
  7. just pin yourself mate or go private as the NHS protocols are a joke leaving you feeling like s**t as they have no clue for most part.

    If you didn't buy the Genotropin yourself from turkey... then it's 99.99% fake and got sold a Chinese replica I'd lower the test down to 500mg and use AI sparingly as needed optimally dial in through blood work I've personally run the test 400 from the helix and it's good to go really smooth but pricey
  9. I'd probably use Raloxifene instead of the Nolvadex as overall it's a superior drug (google it) but only when you actually have the need for it as you don't want to be running unnecessary drugs because of being traumatized by gyno which worst-case scenario can cut out and have the great benefit of fewer estrogen receptors leading to less estrogen-related sides and no more gyno fears.
  10. just which one comes out cheaper as the supplier wants to clean out the triumph stock apparently not a good seller for him
  11. not really considering I was on TRT since the start and don't mind pinning 3x times a week all year round
  12. not really considering I was on TRT since the start and don't mind pinning 3x times a week all year round
  13. Hello, I am switching labs as my last supplier turned out to underdose gear and sending out mixed batches and my current supplier has these two labs available and was wondering what are the experiences and which would be the better choice? Thanks in advance