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  1. How did you get over your Ex?

    Do you think that if you were born 4'11 she would have dated you for 4 years? There are plenty of men with "hearts of gold" that will probably die a virgin because women aren't attracted to them. Why do you care what her heart was like if you aren't attracted to her just leave her, if you were born a midget or with down syndrome or something she would have never given you the time of day no matter what your heart was like. I don't think you did anything wrong, you weren't attracted to her and decided to leave her for someone you were attracted to.
  2. Anyone been to university

    I really hope your daughter enjoys her time at university! Employers use university as a three year cognition test to see whether the potential graduate is smart enough and (to some extent) motivated enough to bother employing and training themselves. Don't give her any money and persuade her to work a part-time job, it will make sure she matures faster and stays ontop of her studies so she can find a career and get out of the endless crappy part-time starbuck type of jobs. If she stays ontop of her studies and does lots of extracurricular activities whilst at university she should end with a very good CV and be able to join the working world, and progress into a career she enjoys, if she spends her time getting drunk and partying and leaving the assignments till the last minute she will regret it and have no options besides dead end jobs for the rest of her life. Tell her to avoid all the loser students like the ones that complain all day, the lefties, the druggies, the feminists etc the good thing is that she is a woman so if she messes her education up but is skinny she can always just marry a successful guy,
  3. Why internet piracy do still exist?

    The sad news is there probably is illegal pornography available on the surface internet. But to go into detail, everyone that hosts a website must find a hosting company for the website server, domain name companies etc and it would be hard to find any company willing to cooperate with those hosting illegal pornography whereas a lot of companies don't care about intellectual property laws (such as the Post-Soviet states) furthermore, piracy stream websites such as sports streaming sites run advertisements and make a lot of money, these pirates are primarily motivited by financial reasons and it is in their best interest to make their sites as accessible as possible (more website visitors, more money from adverts) whereas those that run illegal pornography sites are probably more focused on security and having their site only accessible through specialist software gives them a level of annomity and protection they wouldn't get from hosting it on the 'clearnet'. The police force have specalisist teams dedicated to finding and pursuing those within the United Kingdom who access illegal pornography, and someone torrenting a TV show just doesn't have anywhere near the same level of precedence to prosecute as a sex offender, piracy is more of a civil matter between the IP holder and those that redistribute it without permission. Also, I suspect that the police and goverement are worried that people accessing illegal pornography will act out on their urges and assault a child in real life so identifying them and adding prevention methods (such as sex offender lists) are of utmost importance. Hollywood lawyers have no where near the same level of skill and ability as the FBI and interpol do. Host a piracy website and live in Russia? some lawyers send a cease and desist letter that you can just ignore. Host a pedo site? You have every single major police network working together 24/7 to shut you down.
  4. wasted so much of my life being depressed.

    maybe its true that gear wont make u happy its interesting that i chose to do DNP. psychologically i may have done it so i look sick which invites people to feel sorry for me and offer help, a cry for help maybe. using dnp is so dumb there are so many better ways to lose weight.
  5. wasted so much of my life being depressed.

    lets make a meaning then. Self-actualization?
  6. wasted so much of my life being depressed.

    there is a lot of meaning and wisdom in religion. apparently the abrahamic religions were based off psychedelic drug usage. Western philosophy is similar in the fact that it was based of drug usage, like plato
  7. wasted so much of my life being depressed.

    imagine having a disability that affects your social skills and imagine so much emphasis (at least in the western world) being put on work, friends, relationships. Imagine having none and feel like a failure. the world is based on socialising, job interviews then office politics, keeping friends, whatever. So many autistic people are unemployed and without friends or relationships and just sit at home all day, it is a horrible way to live. then the whole way society is set up is based on this rat race, go to school study hours per day, go to university, get a job... no woman gonna love a guy with no money or future. yes there are men that get girls when they don't have a job and thats because when the education system fails people largely get involved in drugs and within that hierarchy of crime they are ontop. what women is ever gonna love a guy that cant get a job and sits at home all day masturbating? having a disability like mine puts me at the bottom of the hierarchy. No woman is gonna love a guy that struggles to understand people and has a job cleaning trolleys at asda vs a guy that is a social butterfly and has a career that is well respected and lots of room for promotions and growth. the only positive is these ADHD meds really help me, but i feel like too little too late. I'm nearly 23.
  8. wasted so much of my life being depressed.

    Yeah I am receiving support from mental health services. Lockdown is having a major impact on peoples mental healths, the problems from this lockdown are going to be like Chernobyl where there are many acute issues discovered later. My main problem is autism, ADHD, etc although I am in the minority that thinks these medical disorders are misunderstood, I think autism is the result of overbearing and over coddling parents, and ADHD is the result of diet. I feel like no matter how hard I try I will never be able to create a decent life for myself because of my "disabilities"
  9. wasted so much of my life being depressed.

    it basically seems like everyone is miserable and i wonder what the point in life is
  10. been suicidal for the past few years, and been close a few times to going through with it. I am hungry for success and want to make something with my life. Basically I have autism co morbid with learning disabilities, I am trying really hard everyday, Firstly with my body I am doing a cut on DNP and then doing a 13 week AAS cycle after. It is absolutly unfair that no matter how hard I try, it doesn't seem like it matters because of my disabilities and most of the time I think suicide is the only option. There must someway to have a decent life, otherwise life simply isn't worth it for me, and I would be better off ending it.
  11. dnp buildup

    I am on 200mg, will be increasing the dosage to 400mg ED tomorrow, my question is how many electrolytes should I be taking, I buy the sachets from the pharmacy to mix with water should I take one or three a day?
  12. add/adhd

    Parents feed their kids food high in sugar, and give them phones where they aimlessly scroll through 3 second tiktok videos and wonder why their kids can't sit still? Easier to blame it on a medical condition than bad parenting. Also (mainly) female conditions are caused by sugar I suspect, parents buy food high in sugar, girl gets fat and then develops eating disorder because of associating food with making her fat.
  13. Gyms opening in a week!

    its been a year and no one cares anymore, also its the vaccine plus the summer holiday, it would be impossible to keep people following the restrictions, all extending lockdown is doing is hurting businesses.
  14. Gyms opening in a week!

    don't have a home gym, cant make one either. I want to do a cycle, but im worried the gyms will be closed again if the covid rate spikes back up and using friends gyms are just inconvenient. My housemate, who has just finished medschool and is a doctor told me that when everything reopens it will stay open this time around. the truth is no one apart from the most docile of people are following the covid restrictions anymore, keeping the gyms closed just hurts the businesses, with how hot it is no one is going to stay inside and not meet people. I rolled my eyes when it was announced groups of six were allowed to meet, as if they had any choice anyway. the lockdown is just hurting businesses and also isolated individuals that require community services for socialization, NO ONE IS FOLLOWING LOCKDOWN SO WHY DON'T THEY JUST REOPEN THE GYMS?
  15. dnp buildup

    what are the peak concertation levels for 400mg of DNP and what day is it?