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  1. Honourable mention from TMHC

    Actually "Dr Stevens" seems to have quite a few run ins with people so it's no surprise he's been reported. Their Facebook group is a cult in my opinion. "The gold standard" The squabbles between Stevens and Danny Bossa are quite funny to be fair. Especially the video Danny does of Stevens in his car talking dribble. Stevens is expensive but many will support he's a good doc if you don't mind paying for it. Personally better options out there for a fraction of cost. Shop around
  2. TRT Replacement Levels

    Hey mate. So my levels were pretty similar to yours pre TRT. I had serum testosterone of 13-15 nmol on two tests and free test of 0.226 Symptom wise you name it. Low energy, lack of motivation, trouble sleeping, libido issues, lack of interest, gaining fat etc. In my opinion and something I was told at the time with those levels is that they are acceptable for an 80 year old not a 29/30 year old. With that being said, TRT is not a magic solution. You need to ensure other factors are good such as diet, sleep and managing stress. With this resolved, if your symptoms persist I think you should speak to a TRT specialist such as Leger clinic and see what solution works best for you. Other blood work such as SHBG / LH/ FSH is important to get a full picture. After a consultation with a private doctor I started on 125mg weekly of sustanon. After 6 weeks this was bumped to 180mg after blood work. At 180mg weekly I inject Monday / Wednesday/ Fridays 60mg a time. My testosterone sits around 28/29nmol and free test around 0.7 I have very low shbg. Which is why I need quite regular doses. Depending on yours you may get away with once or twice a week. You may prefer a gel to injections even though I think injections are far superior in UK at least. Of all my initial symptoms. All are resolved. That's not to say I don't have good and bad days. I still get tired and have trouble sleeping from time to time..but I do feel back in my late teens / 20s energy wise (currently 33) Diets good, gyms good and brain fog is gone. Overall it was a smart decision for me. Hope this helps.
  3. He will probably need at least two blood tests with one showing at least serum and lh/fsh. Ideally you can do something like a medichecks Testosterone check with testosterone/estrogen/shbg/lh/FSH/Albumin. Costs about £50-70 usually there are discount codes online. This is good to have baselines as there's more to it than serum. He can advise you of what tests to get if need be. Most I know went with medichecks.
  4. He's doing remote consultations at moment. Send your blood work ahead of the call and he will take it from there.
  5. Leger clinic alot cheaper. I can only guess who quoted you £500!! The gold standard cult . Approach leger
  6. I can't recommend Stevens personally as I think he's overpriced and full of himself. "the gold standard" cult it's known as. However avoiding any bias. I have friends who use him and are happy with the service..daily sub q injections of test Cyp is standard..but it's not cheap and in my personal opinion better options avail for the money. The ledger clinic is another viable option. Quarter of the price of Dr Stevens and will get you on a decent protocol. You'll be using pharma grade testosterone and he will work with your GP on blood work if you ask. Other options like Optimale and Balance exist. Pay monthly but are decent guys and don't mind working with body builders who've abused. I heard Stevens has a bit of a personal vendetta against people who've abused. Make of that what you will. Peace
  7. Quad Injection

    I inject delts and quads on a regular basis. Albeit carry very little fat on either so 29g half inch are spot on. Think of your leg in 3 parts. Avoid the bottom near knee and top near hip, only inject in middle 3rd. 2 years doing this daily no issues. Glutes are a pain in the arse. Literally. I personally don't like injecting there due to angle and the fact it's awkward and requires harpoons versus shallow IM.
  8. Tingling ball sack

    My gyms open from today. Top session too . Shop around someone will let you in
  9. Tingling ball sack

    I am mate yes. Like a dog with two tails. Gym at 6:30 then jiu-jitsu afterwards..can't wait. Enjoy!!
  10. aromasin vs arimidex

    Few too many rums today with the kids speaking my ears off. Other way around haha
  11. aromasin vs arimidex

    Average doses are very individual. Aromasin is potent stuff and easy to overdo it. Which takes time to recover. Arimidex I personally prefer as it's easier to recover if you overdo it. Generally try something like 0.125mg twice weekly if experiencing sides and go from there. Personally on 500mg. I wouldn't use an AI unless acne went crazy or some other undesirable side. Some of us are lucky enough to not aromatise much
  12. Trt blood results

    I'm using the same mate. I need 180 to achieve 28 nmol and 120 pmol estrogen. Feeling good. Just be mindful with aromasin. It takes a long time to come back. I prefer keeping arimidex on hand as even if you overdo it. It's not long before you bounce back.
  13. Hcg nolva

    Recovery without a proper PCT is gonna be a struggle.. once you jump start the boys you'll be on the road to recovery hopefully
  14. Hcg nolva

    Libido has alot of factors to be fair. But having good Testosterone/Estrogen balance definitely helps. Yeah in regards to your blood work. If your nuts basically aren't producing yet you can try PCT to restart naturally first. You'll know by LH/FSH and Testosterone levels currently. Then run PCT and retest.
  15. Hcg nolva

    Hi man. I would get blood work done first yes. As much as you can on NHS and failing that get it done with medichecks or similar. LH/FSH/Testosterone/SHBG/Albumin/Estrogen are the basics. Based on these I would then decide whether you can recover naturally first? Nolva/HCG for a few weeks and retest.. you might find you can return to pre cycle levels Failing all this. The easy way out is TRT. You can absolutely start at 100mg a week. Ideally split into two injections (Monday/Thursday) for example. Retest bloods in 4 to 6 weeks and adjust from there. This will of course shut down LH/FSH entirely so you will no longer produce your own. After 6 weeks if your lowest point (blood work on day of injection before injecting) is moderate you can increase dosage to 125mg a week and go from there. Rinse repeat until you fine what works best for you. You can continue with HCG alongside TRT to maintain testicle size and help with sex drive etc. It also boosts your natural production a little. Both of these are life long to be honest so that's why I'd try natural first where possible!