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    IceQueen123 got a reaction from ElChapo in Anavar/Clen cycle on prep for female   
    so I’m looking to run my first clen/Anavar cycle on prep. I’m looking to do a 5 or even an 8 week cycle, not sure what is best so looking for a little bit of guidance, I have checked out Swole Trolls thread about running your first AAS cycle and it’s mostly, if not all, aimed at men and doesn’t answer some questions I do have. 
    I am currently sitting at 10, 12 and 13 weeks out. And I’m sitting at around 18% body fat, My question is, when would be the best time to finish the cycle?  Carry it on till after shows or taper of to finish a week out? And how long to run it for ideally? 
    A lot of the info out there is for men, rather than females so just looking to find out some info from experience or maybe knowledge, or even what your partners do would be very helpful.
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    IceQueen123 got a reaction from Youdontknowme in New New New   
    Completely new female here, been reading and trying to decipher the forum for a while to figure out the good from the bad.
    Will be starting my competition season in less than 3 months so kinda buzzing; especially since it’s 2 weeks until gyms re-open
    hope everyone is having a swole day ☺️