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  1. Advice and Plan

    Hello,With the gyms reopening here as of April 12th I thought I would keep an online diary this time, and give a plan of what I want to do.Height = 5ft 8 / 173cmWeight = 93kg / 205lbs My BMI puts me in the clinically obese population apparently so I'm thinking I need to lose the stomach.Some photos of me attached. Some letting it all hang out, others "tensing" The goal is to build muscle and lose fat at the same time (I can hear the gasps and scoffs already).Perhaps losing the fat around the stomach and lower chest whilst maintaining (and defining) the muscle I have is also the way to go. For the first weeks back I'm to enjoy lifting weights again and going for a calories surplus of around 300. First week of May will be maintaining. Then onwards deficit of 10%. I have never in my life tried to lose weight or "cut". So this is all new to me. The programme I plan to follow is . . . I cannot find the link right now but when I do I will post it. It is a PPL programme. 2 Days on, 1 Day off, repeat. I will also do a 1km of Sprinting / jogging on the treadmill after. This will raise by 100m each week, slow and steady wins the race. Some questions for you; 1) How do you calculate calories used when lifting weights?2) Thoughts on my physique (I'm mentally prepared for a pasting here)3) What would you do?
  2. 4 days a week Upper/Lower body split

    I did the PHUL programme for a while and had positive results. Tried PHAT but didn't have the discipline to keep with it. Personal favourite is PPL, 2 days on 1 day off
  3. I think uploading a photo will make it easier for people to offer an opinion and advice. I'll be making a similar post soon and have the photos ready to go!
  4. Hello - I'm new here

    Hello everyone, You are all looking very well! Looking forward to April 12th, and also to hearing your advice.