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  1. The Journey to low BF%

    Thursday 8am gmt in priority box
  2. The Journey to low BF%

    Well, No bloods today Tomorrow I hope....(If medichecks does them on Saturday, If anyone knows)
  3. Tren cough

    I've never really got it bad bad, But had some Nexus today and f**k me, I genuinely thought that was my time
  4. The Journey to low BF%

    Bloods sent off yesterday and hoping to get results today. Very curious on e2, shbg and prolactin. In regards with my new coach he has started me on other compounds and dropping some. I won't go into detail currently but feeling good, some shots I took today with some poor lighting. Weights this week - Monday: unknown Tuesday: 174.8 Wednesday: 174 Thursday: 172.4 Friday: 173.3
  5. Progress so far!

    I wish I had the confidence to take my top off at the gym, Soon as I think I don't look good the Hoodie goes back on and the vest goes into hiding lol
  6. Calories too high?

    Calories in mean nothing in perspective. It's how much you burn. You want to bulk, so 200-500 calories above what you burn is the aim. If your active and go to gym a lot you are probably burning 4k. If not so active about 2.5k. Work out maintenance and go from there. P. S. Way too much test
  7. I love a beer, like really love a beer. I find when I drink, if I were to drink (3-4 leffe or Stella) it adds about 4lbs to my body weight for the next 4 days and bloats me. Not too sure on hormonal aspect or just because I'm lower body fat it really cripples me. I'd also like to know more about subject
  8. The Journey to low BF%

    Bloods being done tonmorrow from medichecks, thanks to their discount yesterday. Woke up today 174.4lbs. Doing morning cardio fastest and cardio at gym also.
  9. Roid Rage Realisation

    I don't find I ever get RR. But I feel like I've lost all feelings/personality to friends/girlfriend and get annoyed very easily. But she does just annoy me.
  10. Bulk or cut? Pics

    Maintenance calories
  11. Bulk or cut? Pics

    15% your having to pull fat down to see abs
  12. The Journey to low BF%

    Well here's a weekly update- Weight going through the week- 29/04 - 174.2lbs 30/04 - 175lbs 01/05 - Unknown (Day after cheat) 02/05 - Unknown 03/05 - 175lbs when waking - 174.2lbs after fastest cardio Plan - The reason some of the days are unknown is because I've taken on a "Coach" as such to help me to my desired goal, And was recommended to have a cheat over weekend which I had on the Friday I believe. I've also been told to eat around 50g more carbs than I have been eating and to mix in lots of spinach and leafs in my leisure which does make me and I'm sure all quite bloated. I'm really happy with the plan so far, It involves almost 90% more cardio than I have been doing. Currently waking up around 6-6:30am, I live in a block of flats so my fastest cardio is running up and down the stairs for 20 mins. Nice and local and a good form of cardio if you ask me. Have clen before the fastest cardio and black coffee, Which I absolutely hate but still have as it does help with my appetite when I still and craving to eat as soon as I'm up. I'm trying to eat every 2-3hr with a good amount of protien and carbs per meal. And then more cardio after gym on the treadmill. Looking forward for the coming weeks to come!
  13. Advice needed

    Would you be using it for any muscle gain or purely for chest hair? I've always been pretty hairless on my chest. It's down to genetics IMHO. And I've tried my fair share of stuff.
  14. The Journey to low BF%

    Cheers mate, I've taken on a PT, With help with diet and training to help me get to my desired goal. So eating a bit more than I was, Roughly 240p/240c/40f on training days and slightly less on rest days. I was dropping weight quiet fast so defo more calories needed. Feeling very full on current diet but that is down to consuming spinach in my spare time haha. Is it bad to mix?
  15. Jimmy’s Journal

    Can't go wrong. Just gotta do the veggies in the oven and your having the best meal ever