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  1. You won £10 Million. What would you do?

    Really not a lot, I know it sounds like bullshit, but I genuinely don't care too much for money. Some things are a given, pay mine, and a select few's debts. I'd set my kids up in businesses, I think this would be far beneficial than just giving them a wad of cash. Vengeance - There are a couple of companies I would put out of business by helping their competitors out. Yes, I am that petty. Also a few losers I would entertain myself by paying them to punch each other, or themselves in the face. I'd help out a few dog charities. That's about it, other than that, it would be nice just having a "magic pot" for next time I read about a kid with cancer that needs £300k worth of foreign treatment.
  2. derek chauvin Is going...

    Yeah, On YouTube there are some scary videos of what happens when Police try to immobilise by "shooting for the legs" as numpties often think would be better off doing than aiming for the torso... Usually ending up with a civilian or an officer dead or injured. I note a lot of people are crying "why didn't he tase her?" too (distance too great, unlikely to stop the stabbing in time, and only one shot at doing so) Next some idiot will probably ask why he didn't just restrain he by kneeling on her neck for 9 minutes ...
  3. derek chauvin Is going...

    I saw this latest shooting was reported on our news too, simply as "US Police shoot a 16 year old Girl dead" Absolutely no mention of her knife, or Stabby behaviour, the closest I heard to the truth was "she was holding a knife" at the end of the piece. Nothing remotely resembling "Police shoot Girl trying who was trying to Stab another Woman" The Copper in this case is a life saving hero, and should be reported as such.
  4. You all know this guy

    I have more respect for people curling in the squat rack than those quarter squatting with knee wraps and belts on, putting no effort in whatsoever. At least the curlers are doing something constructive. Actually, my pet peeve is people mistaking a Power Rack for a Squat rack, and then crying because people are doing stuff other than squats in it.
  5. derek chauvin Is going...

    Can you define what you mean by Institutional racism as it applies to this case? Call me crazy, but I distinctly remember this very trial concluded that Mr Chauvin as an individual chose to murder Mr Floyd, based on the premise that Mr Chauvin's actions and methods were not sanctioned by the "institution" (in this case Minneapolis Police Dept) Surely it has to be one or the other?
  6. derek chauvin Is going...

    Anyway.... Now it's all over, can anyone explain to me what the hell any of it has to do with Racism? I don't recall skin colour or race being brought up at all during the trial,... Yet somehow the media seem to think that is all it about.
  7. derek chauvin Is going...

    Are we still about Floyd and Chauvin? That's so last week... Black America has a new hero now. All this poor girl was doing was trying to Stab her friend in the throat, while her friend kicked some woman In the head, when the white supremacist dutti Babylon turned up and executed her Clearly racial murder once again. Had the Police stayed away, it would have been just yet another double black on black murder, and no one cares about that... But instead we end up with another horrific white on black Police execution. Black lives matter you know. (Not the girl in pink, or the one on the ground though, obviously)
  8. Females gym clothing

    Oh Absolutely, and I would say for one minute it's OK to 'carry on' when a lady makes it clear she isn't up for it,. But honestly, WHO actually asks for consent proactively? Maybe they do now, but I don't think anyone ever did (again, not talking about rapey situations, I am talking about general courtship) before the last decade or so. In most encounters I recall, making a formal request for consent before doing anything would probably have killed the mood somewhat.
  9. Females gym clothing

    The whole 'consent' thing is the bit I find weird. Hands up anyone born before 2000 who EVER formally discussed consent before sex? That's not to suggest we were all rapey, The whole way relationships worked was boundary pushing (from both sides) until you were either rejected or got lucky, and most of the thrill was on the chase, for both parties. Bloody glad I am not growing up in this bullshit now, I really worry for my Son and lads his age.
  10. a great Briton

  11. a great Briton

    Did you see this guy get ganged up on, patronised and shouted down by the GMB crew (Both presenters, the two resident leftist guests they have on daily, and Dr Hillary) this morning? Pretty disgusting stuff, but not surprising. As it happens I agree with them, rather than him, but that isnt the point. He has his opinion and he gave it as his reason for Kicking Sir Kier out of his pub... Quite why this warranted them ganging up on him in such a way, I don't understand.
  12. derek chauvin Is going...

    This is another great example of how the media has narrated this. Most people think this is true (that Floyd wet himself) anyone who watched the trial in full know that this wasn't even seriously suggested by the prosecution, but the facts don't matter when you have a narrative to push. I bet if you questioned the public, something like 90% would tell you that's what happened.
  13. Rate these chocolate bars

    Sorry to go off topic a bit, but as this is a muscle forum I reckon Protein bars must be fair game? I know it wasn't the idea of the thread, but some of the Battle bite bars are amazing. They are my Chocolate bar of choice now even though they aren't proper chocolate.
  14. I actually showed that second video to a mate, he said "Wow, thats bad... But Trump did need to go though" I asked why, and he started reeling off things he'd seen on the news, the usual stuff about calling all Mexicans rapists, Calling White Supremcists "fine people" and other stuff the news channels deliberately reported out of context. Oh the irony.