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  1. Newham, Stonebridge Tottenham all really safe places lol
  2. You should’ve gone to Harlesden which was such a lovely place it was the gun crime capital of the UK with rival Yardie gangs fighting over the crack business before our government said let’s knock it all down and regenerate the area because it’s out of control.
  3. Been in Madam Jo Jo’s many times I actually stole a whole fruit bowl from cafe bohem and stuffed it in my pants for a laugh then got in with no questions asked!
  4. Mostly yes...certain areas no.
  5. Like Honduras yes...we know but to completely blanket the whole of the nation with everywhere is perfectly safe is dumb.
  6. We made lots of money mate no f**ks given.
  7. Text book view lol based on stats.
  8. Well...it’s an issue to the families of the dead.
  9. Why the emphasis on shooting?
  10. As a whole no but in concentrated areas yes.
  11. If you live a law abiding life yes...but if you sell crack and a rival crack dealer catches you on their territory then it’s highly likely those stats are miles away from the truth
  12. I know a guy who just got sent down recently for one in your area.
  13. f**k me not the Barns....
  14. Exactly that! Tower Hamlets is rife with it! Kids driving round in brand new RS3s all shotting.