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  1. First few cycles were oral only. Great gains. Nip got a bit sharper too tho. So wish I'd done some AI as well lol
  2. Rohm test e

    Prob fine bro. Loads of these rohm treads lately about packaging. No complaints though. Just make sure you come back and let us no if it is s**t
  3. Ferring Pharmaceuticals Methandienone

    Bro if it's free just munch it up. You weight will shoot up in a week if it's dbol
  4. 300mg primo worth it

    Rather use more test. Save the money for food . make better gains if I can eat
  5. 2 bottles of sarms

    Sarms are just like vegan meat. If you to scared to use steroids use rhe fake s**t instead
  6. aromasin vs arimidex

    Pharma aromasin keeps my baps under control adex good to but find aroma easier to dose
  7. Sarms so popular on forum s. Just take bit of test bro. Won't affect health much. and way better gainz than s**t sarms
  8. Best cutting compound?

    Winny + keto
  9. Dilema

    Treadmill. Low carb. Winny + clen
  10. March Danabol DS: Fake or Real?

    I d use it . No way you won't be able to tell if it working or not with dbol
  11. Sort of beginner cycle

    More test and. Maybe add a mild oral like var. Get nice strength and basically no sides with var
  12. Hcg nolva

    250mg sustanon always sorts my pecker out. Why punish yourself. BeINg natty s**t anyway
  13. Turinabol thoughts

    Used tbol. Not long ago and had to stop. Worse back pumps ever! I did a mix of stallion pharm which I think was bunk because when I switched to the nexus my back pumps went mad. Used 100mg. Winny much better though
  14. Old triumph

    Be fine Bro. I used some renvex couple months back. Proper vintage s**t! . still alive and lab wasn't even good when it was in date
  15. British dragon pharma vials 1ml

    Lot of food will help