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  1. Tren cough

    All I ever see is people talking about the negatives of tren yet everyone seems to be using it - it must be one hell of a drug
  2. quickiest way to lose 15kg (doesn't have to be natural)

    Yeah, I mean you can. You can also not be a racist trollop and be disrespectful about the people who are cooking you food you absolute cockwomble. You're either a troll or a moron
  3. quickiest way to lose 15kg (doesn't have to be natural)

    It doesn't work like that, pal. You can treadmill all day but if you eat more than you burn you won't lose weight. Weight lifting doesn't burn many calories - i tend to assume 300kcal for 1 hour upperbody session and 450kcal for 1 hour lower body session but YMMV based on volume, intensity etc. Lifting weights builds muscle which increases metabolism so long term helps with fat loss but muscle takes a while to build. Stop looking for a quick solution - take the time to get this right; 4 months isn't even that long a period of time. But you need your diet to be in check.
  4. quickiest way to lose 15kg (doesn't have to be natural)

    It don't work like that mate - even with all the drugs in the world you can only burn so much fat in a given amount of time. Fat is a s**t fuel source for the body; the body primarily uses it at rest and to supplement glycogen when working. Fat cannot be turned to glycogen but protien can which is why if deficit is too great you will just burn muscle. Additionally if you depend too heavily on drugs to achieve the fat loss you haven't addressed the underlying factors that caused the gain - you havent developed good habits so the fat will just come back. Do it right and you'll get good results that will last.
  5. has anyone thought about suicide?

    Mate. I've seen enough of your posts now to know what your problem is; you want everything quick and easy - you don't wanna work for it. Sorry pal, anything worth having in this world takes work and time. Nout worth achieving happens overnight. You wanna lose weight - eat less, eat better and move more and the weight will come off - but its gonna take months, not days. Learn to cook. Eat your vitamins and say your prayers. You want a career; pick an area your interested in, research it and get on an apprenticeship scheme - there's f**k tonnes of apprenticeships out there now. Only person holding you back is you. Put some fu**ing graft in and in 12 months s**t will look a lot better- stop expecting results overnight.
  6. quickiest way to lose 15kg (doesn't have to be natural)

    Jesus christ - eat less, run more. Id rather run a fu**ing marathon everyday than take DNP. Speaking of which - losing lots of weight like 15kg is a marathon - you wanna do that over 20-30 weeks. Doing it "quickly" will be water & muscle loss and you'll rebound back to the weight quickly. Thar sort of weight doesn't come on quick, it ain't coming off quick either. Learn to cook, track your macros, make your cardio count. Use the same principles with cardio as you do with weights; progressive overload. run faster or run further each week.
  7. Uptonogood's big anabolic adventure

    Still felt a bit meh this morning - just wasn't feeling my cardio and had to grind it out. Wondered if I'm under eating so took in an extra 200kcal today. Back & shoulder session went well, got into that. Had a bit of energy left at the end so did a quick 30 minute hill jog on treadmill to make up for s**t cardio this morning
  8. Ostarine is meant to be good for joints/tendons but then again so is just using them (motion is the lotion, baby). Only thing to he wary of with ostarine is it will supress you, it won't (or is unlikely) shut you down completely but it will lower Testosterone. Maybe wanna consider that at your ripe old age as you may not recover as well.
  9. Uptonogood's big anabolic adventure

    Forgot to update yesterday which was leg power. Squats at 115kg was still pretty easy but the hack squats where a challenge on set 2 - I still got the 10 reps but man those last 2... jeesh. Today did 10 miles on treadmill in 90 minutes - wasn't really feeling it if I'm honest but grind em out. Sometimes you just gotta push through! Need to look at diet in a bit more detail - think I need to accommodate more fats and maybe ease up on the fibre a bit if only for my friends/colleagues sake
  10. What would you spend 1400kcals on

    Rojan josh and all the naan breads!
  11. Favourite Music Artist / Genre

    I fu**ing love music. Punk/ska/reggae are my mainstays but also like motown, blues and a bit of 80s commercial rock. Favourite artists are harder to narrow down; jaya the cat are frequently on my playlists and I try and see them atleast once a year. Leftover crack are another favourite of mine along with dead Kennedys and bad brains.
  12. Headaches on testosterone

    I got exertion headaches when I did an lgd cycle - they only kicked in when I lifted heavy but they was fu**ing brutal - like a migraine at the front of my head. I used tadalafil ED and that put an end to them.
  13. Uptonogood's big anabolic adventure

    Yeah good shout - ill do that
  14. Uptonogood's big anabolic adventure

    Yesterday was a rest day - yeah; that didn't happen. Work s**t - ended up covering nearly 25miles over the course of the day according to fitbit. fu**ing love working in construction/engineering... Today was Bank Holiday Monday though- much better day. Woke up late (6am) and hit the gym for 90 minutes cross trainer. Went back at 3pm for upper body power. Was a wierd session; early on strength was up, weights felt light but fatigue hit hard towards the end. Ill put it down to running around like a bastard yesterday. Stopped taking mk677 & cardarine today - gonna let them clear from system for week before starting test cycle
  15. Pregnant on finasteride

    Might aswell give up on the fin now- nothings gonna prevent hair coming out once fatherhood hits!