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  1. Heya from southcoast

    That was a long post haha, but anyway welcome and I hope you manage to reach your fitness goals
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  3. Conjugate training

    What do you guys think about conjugate for natural athletes? I think it looks like it could be a very effective training style for natural trainees to gain as much strength and muscle as possible. A quick explanation would be it puts large emphasis on training for: Strength, Speed, hypertrophy, speed and agility. You have two maximum effort days a week one for upper body and one for lower body. With the maximum effort your working towards a one rep max. So in other words training for maximum strength. Then you have two dynamic effort days one for upper body and one for lower body. This is where you lift a weight as fast and as explosively as you can with light to moderately heavy weight. Then you have the repetition method which emphasises on hypertrophy and you use this to bring up any weak or lagging muscle parts by doing 10-20 reps. Now I might not be right with my explanation so if anybody wants to know more then I suggest checking out Jason blaha on YouTube he explains it very well in his videos. I think I’ve posted this in the wrong forum, if I have then my bad I’ve just recently joined the forum today.
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