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  1. Heya from southcoast

    Hmmmm hey there!!
  2. Other Hobbys

    Bumming, Pegging, Prostate massaging, Dogging, Willie watching, Bread leaving, Bug partying, Seagulling, Poo pigging, Water sports, You no the general perverse stuff that a sexually rampant heterosexual male loves!
  3. Yeah we know mate...wowwee
  4. Can I donate?

    Glad we have an expert on board like you Paul!
  5. Let’s be honest.

    I’m betting there’s lots of furlough fraud going on...
  6. Other Hobbys

    No Phil just no.
  7. Other Hobbys

    I is well cool!
  8. Other Hobbys

    Do you want to see what 3G of Tren looks like?
  9. Other Hobbys

    Playing the Oboe, neuroscience, speaking Cantonese, prostate massage, UK muscle and pegging.
  10. Just as all seems to be gloomy!

    Why’s that then Paul?
  11. DHB and Primo

    ???? Dafuq did I just read!! Ok bro thanks for the information.
  12. FREEDOM!!

    I hear they have loads of bumholes on T muscle?
  13. Just as all seems to be gloomy!

    Absolutely she’s a total scumbag but unfortunately the government have let far too many like her in and it’s too little too late!